Brown Paper Packages

Simplicity. Why is that word so appealing? It brings to my mind an image of peace. I let life get so complicated. And when busyness piles up, I am reluctant to let things go. I want to do it all - not out of a sense of duty, but because I enjoy so much. But this year, I've realized that some things had to go if I was to have a truly meaningful Christmas. I have made no gifts, my Christmas card list was cut to less than 25, I have baked fewer cookies and my house is decorated more simply. And it's good. I know that I will not always be so busy (my teaching stint ends February 1) and that I will be able to resume doing other things I love.

Last night I finished up my gift wrapping. I love pretty wrapping papers, but I think they are rather wasteful. Some years the wastefulness wins and I purchase gorgeous papers that get thrown away, and other years, like this one, I use what I have. A pretty tag and simple gold elastic cord finishes off my gifts this year.

Tags were made from scraps leftover from scrapbooking - pretty papers and old music sheets. I love this one with Schumann's winter song title.

Don't forget to stop by tomorrow for the Holiday Home Tour hosted by Tracey.
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  1. your packages may be simple - but they look beautiful!

    I'd much rather receive a gift wrapped like yours - where time and thought has been put into the packaging, then some expensive store-bought gift wrap.

    One yr I did something similar...(but mine were not as lovely as yours)...and on the packages I wrote "brown paper packages ties up with string" (from the Sound of Music).

    I love creative gift wrapping and tags.


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