Thursday, February 19, 2009

Pretty in Pink

Tulips! One of my favourite spring flowers. These are from the store as no tulips are in bloom here. I bought these for our Valentine table last week and they've brightened my spirits with their cheery pink and yellow and green sweetness.

I've had a productive week so far - finished two novels, one in French and one in English, submitted a French essay and also a translation exercise. I was feeling so pleased with myself and envisioned getting lots more done today. 11:00 am appointment that took until 1:30 broke up my day. I did a little studying this morning but this afternoon has been MOST unproductive. And the sun shining through my living room window makes me just want to curl up like a kitten there and soak it all in.

Maybe I'll take some reading material down to the spot of warmth and accomplish two things at once!
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Brenda Leyland said...

Gorgeous..... I had a tulip posy on my own blog banner until recently. They are such spritely flowers, a real harbinger of spring!

I found your site from the Inscribe Blog. I LOVED your posting on Reflecting. (I left a comment there too).