Chocolate and Strawberries

I took a fruit plate to a potluck the other night. I should have ignored the pineapple, the grapes, the kiwi and the oranges - everyone only wanted the chocolate dipped strawberries. Mmm, so easy and good.
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  1. i would have eaten all of the fruit but the strawberries dipped in choc is a fave of mine too! i love that fruit presentation..very artistically prepared!

  2. Chocolate dipped strawberries... I probably would have gone for that too! YumYum!

  3. Yummy. Our media is reporting that people are buying far less Strawberries this summer here which is amazing when an English summer is so much about strawberries and cream. However we now get them all year round from places like California and even here they ae now grown in poly tunnels so they are not so flavoursome or juicy and also not so special. Not like the ones we used to be able topick directly from the farms.


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