Friday, September 11, 2009

It's Pen to Paper

I have kept a journal for many years. It's not a diary of my daily deeds, or of what's going on in my world. I don't feel compelled to write everyday. Sometimes I write just a few lines, sometimes I write pages. I find writing very cathartic - it's my go-to place when I am confused, frustrated or pensive. I usually come away from writing feeling calmer and more directed in my thoughts.

I recently took some books out of the library on book binding. And as a beginning project I hand stitched this little journal. The covers are pieces of thin chipboard that were saved from something. I glued on a scrap of paper, stamped a couple of leaves and found the word to glue onto the front cover.
I hand stitched the binding using linen thread. I made three signatures of four sheets each - a combination of drawing paper and some other paper I had lying around. The entire project took a very short time and I'm pretty pleased with it for a first effort. I'd like to make some using old book covers now. I like the look of the exposed stitching, and I love the fact that the book lies flat - great for drawing and collaging. I think there will be more handmade journals in my future.

What about you? Do you confide your thoughts to a journal? Do you collect quotations and poems? What do you collect them in?
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  1. Love that! I love to write also. I have always written in journals of all shapes and size.

  2. I try/tried to write in a journal..have difficulty with painting/collages seem to be my the book you made...we were in Victoria the last few days..take care..

  3. Lorrie, I wish we lived closer..... if I hung around you a little bit, I know I'd be doing more creative things. I used to do all kinds of things, but it kinda slipped away after the trauma of dealing some family and personal illness a few years back.

    I used to be a member of the Calligraphic Society in Edmonton and always enjoyed the wonderful creativity housed in the binding included.

    So glad you shared.....

  4. Hello Lorrie,

    I actually do not keep a personal journal. But I do keep a garden journal.

    Yours looks fabulous!

    ~ Gabriela ~

  5. Oh, this journal is so lovely !! I would do things like that when I was younger : I kept all sorts of journals - that I've thrown away because they were about not-so-good times - and if I wasn't journalling I was penpalling, all over the world. I used to decorate Friendship Books and I loved that. Now I miss this a little, that's why I started blogging ! And I keep my gardening agenda and Dream book. The funny thing is, Elise is now doing the same ! I'm very proud and I encourage her.

  6. That looks fun ! I'll add it to my list of things I'll do .....or , to be more realistic , the things-I'd-love-to-do list .
    I've just read your last entry and I hope another job interview with a happier ending turns up for your husband soon . So much talent is just being wasted at the moment .

  7. I love this idea! I think you've inspired me to make a journal. I love quotes and have them written on little scraps of paper that get lost:( Have a nice week! Twyla

  8. Love your handmade journal, you did such a great job! I love making handmade books too and have kept a journal for 13 years now.

    Thank you for dropping in and for your sweet congrats on our new family member. I hope you have a wonderful week.


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