Saturday, June 19, 2010

I'm on Vacation!

Well, I'm sort of on vacation. I wrote my last exam for this term on Thursday afternoon and came home wondering what to do next. It's not that I don't have scads of projects or things to do. But after finishing something major, there's an empty lull in which it takes time to get going again. I found the same thing when I was teaching. The first few days after the end of the school year left me wandering around the house aimlessly.
I came home from writing my exam and starting cleaning the house. It's been a bit of hit and miss around here lately, and with the construction going on, cleaning is somewhat pointless. Bathrooms still need to be scrubbed and things put away. Vacuuming and dusting always make a house look cared for. So, I went to sleep in a clean and tidy house.

Yesterday, I baked and did laundry. Some wonderful baguettes (1/2 size). The fresh bread fragrance is irresistible to me, hence the crusty end missing on one baguette. Then a poppy seed loaf, and finally, some lemon bars. That and the laundry was all done before noon!

I took a few books out of the library since I plan to read for pleasure this summer, although I have some Can Lit to read for a course. And of course, sewing, gardening, trying new recipes, renovating and wedding preparations will fill my days.

Ahhh, it's a good start to summer. Now, if only the weather would warm up a little!


Vee said...

Looks as if you soon figured out what to do with yourself. I'm so glad the exam is behind you. Ha! There'd be more than a crust gone on that baguette if it were here! I bought a raisin cinnamon loaf at the bakery just yesterday. Gone today. Have a marvelous summer no matter what you decide to do. It's fun knowing that you'll keep us informed.

Friko said...

So, I take it you won't be bored, then?
All that before noon? I don't get up until after 8 am!

It's the other end of the day which sees me active.

I read your tea table post too, a very lovely reminder of the old story. All that tea table needs is some of your cakes.

Brenda Leyland said...

Sounds like fun...........I know you'll enjoy!

glor said...

I can almost smell the fresh bread. Mmmmm, all looks so, so good.

glor said...

I can almost smell the fresh bread. Mmmmm, all looks so, so good.

Judy ~ My Front Porch said...

A clean house...smelling of fresh baking...with the exams behind's all good! You may just have to wait a wee bit longer for the summer weather to arrive though.

Pondside said...

A clean house is like announcing a new start - and a vacation like you're about to have is truly a new start! I hope you enjoy every minute of it!