Wednesday, July 01, 2015

Canada Day Visitors

Tiger Swallowtails love the butterfly bush. They come singly or in pairs to drink the sweet nectar. I sit on the deck with my camera, waiting. Many shots and just a few are worth keeping. Love digital photography.

But the butterflies were not the only visitors on this Canada Day. 

The grandchildren and their parents joined us for dinner on the deck. I could have plunked myself in the pool to cool off, but the water in it was very warm. We're having a heat wave. See how dry and brown the grass already is? 

It's hard to get photos of children wearing hats who are most intent on whatever they are engaged in. 

Steak on the grill, potato salad, edamame/apple salad, beet/orange salad, and a blueberry tart for dessert. Everyone contributed and it was easy going. Too hot to fuss. What doesn't get done in the morning around here lately just doesn't get done. 

So. Happy Birthday, Canada. I'm very pleased to be a citizen.


  1. So much fun the grandkids are having! :)

  2. Canada is lucky to have you, Lorrie!
    Your pic are the essence is summer...and the butterfly shot is a beauty.
    We are having a heatwave too, I don't mind a bit!! But there are some for whom I feel really sorry, such as lorry drivers stacked up along the motorway to Dover in their cabs because Calais is closed.
    I shall sniff my roses, make ice cream and be grateful.
    Happy days to you!

  3. Sorry for my typing errors - I have a new tablet type screen, just getting used to it ^^

  4. It's so nice to celebrate with family. Your heat sounds like ours last week. It's dropped to the high 80s and low 90s here which surprisingly feels good after last week!

  5. Lovely photos, as always! The photo of the children enjoying their pool is full of happiness and action, and your watering can looks wonderful with the flowers.
    Belated Happy Canada Day!

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    1. Trying very hard to get a comment to stick...

      So glad that you had a good family day celebrating your country. The children do not seem to mind that it was a hot, hot, hot day. The energy and enthusiasm of the young!

      Still praying for some gentle rains to fall and cool the land. Wish I could share some of ours.

  7. The story of my life lately is "what doesn't get done in the morning, doesn't get done"!

    I'm glad you had a wonderful family day together to celebrate.

  8. True, isn't it: If it doesn't get done in the morning" -- Otherwise it's just Too Darn Hot!
    Looks as if you had a sweet family-centered Canada Day. And I love your catch of the swallowtail -- Up our way, at least, they've been much more plentiful than I've ever seen before.

  9. The heat is the same here and I am not accomplishing much. Today I will be playing in the little pool with my one grandson. Cute picture of your little ones at play. Love the swallowtail photo too. You barbecue salads particularly sounded delicious.

  10. Happy Canada Day....I've read about your heat wave. This summer everyone's weather is topsy-turvy!

  11. Happy Canada Day....I've read about your heat wave. This summer everyone's weather is topsy-turvy!

  12. Sounds like the perfect way to spend Canada Day! Stay cool. :)

  13. You have the nicest kind of visitors. Your Canada Day meal sounds just right and the salads sound very interesting. Love when everybody contributes and all can enjoy a relaxed time together.
    Hope your heatwave doesn't last too much longer. Ours has finally broken and it is so nice to be outside once again.

  14. Happy Canada Day to you!

    Sounds like a fun time, heat and all.


  15. HapPy Canada Day from another citizen! I celebrated with TeaTIme

  16. Gorgeous photos! The butterflies are still making themselves scarce around these parts :( I hope you enjoyed your Canada Day festivities!

  17. Happy Canada Day. Hope you had a great day despite the heat. Our lawn is turning brown too.

  18. I am a bit late as you can see, but Happy Canada Day to my beautiful northern neighbor and its people! Love your new header and the photo of the butterfly! My hubby and I have noticed that there seems to be more of them this year--maybe our warmer temps??? I love to watch them too:)
    Blessings, Aimee


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