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She's Home

Our daughter arrived home from Africa via London this evening. She's tucked up in her own bed and I've peeked in a couple of times just to see her lying there. She had a wonderful trip. I made this welcome sign this afternoon, inspired by others I've seen in blogland.

Postal Goodies from Germany

I won a drawing over at Sheree's Alchemy. The parcel arrived with enticing German postage stamps. International postage is so exotic. I opened the outer envelope to find...

a beautifully wrapped package tied up with a chocolate brown ribbon. And when I opened that...

I saw two pieces of lovely Amy Butler fabric. Thank you, Sheree. Now, what to make...?

Rolls and Rolls

While in Avignon on our vacation, I found this store. Wow, so many ribbons and trims. The shelves you see in the picture slide sideways to reveal even more treasure behind. I bought just one kind of trim because I was overwhelmed with all the choices.

What's your favourite thing to do with ribbon and trim?