Crazy for Flowers

 Filling the house with flowers is one of summer's pleasures. I went a little crazy this morning. Phlox and coneflower mix with lemon balm and mint on the dining room table. 

My back garden is not manicured and perfect. Far from it - it's a little wild and full with some plants crowding others. I'm always cutting back.

Hydrangeas in a thrifted silver pitcher on the mantel. Can you find the visitor in this photo? Hint, she's on the left.

I've been thinking lately that I've moved away from the original focus of my blog - sharing my creative efforts using fabric, paper and thread. However, I was very surprised (and honoured) to see my blog included in Mersad Donko's list of 10 Wildlife Blogs You Need to Follow. Here's today's wildlife - a little lady bug. I carried the vase outside and let her loose. Check out Mersad's list - he has some wonderful blogs there.

Pink hydrangea and phlox on the piano. 

Sometimes vases and plant pots, especially the ceramic ones can weep a little. After numerous moldy spots, I finally realized that a small cork coaster set underneath the pot will prevent any more moisture that can ruin wood finishes.

Hydrangeas (can you tell that I love them) on the kitchen table.

Phlox, hydrangea and lemon balm on the table outside under the gazebo. This was definitely the year to get the gazebo - it's been hot and we enjoy sitting outside in the evening after the sun begins to slip behind the hills. The shade is welcome even late in the day.

And the kitchen windowsill. I like to keep herbs there, ready for clipping. Today it's lavender for decoration and mint for whatever. See that peach there? There are more of them ripening on the windowsill - BC peaches, earlier than I can ever remember. 

Any flowers in your house today? I'd love to see them.


  1. How lovely to see your little ladybird! My hydrangeas ae just beginning to come out and are the usual mixtures of blues, violet and pink. So pretty.
    My house is mostly full of roses at the minute,swathed in glorious alchemilla which always takes a bouquet up a few levels!

  2. Love all your flowers, as far as I'm concerned you can never have too many flowers in vases or what ever you choose to put them in.

  3. Lovely flowers. Thanks for the tip on using the cork coaster. Lovely flowers you cut to enjoy inside. I need to bring some hydrangea blooms inside. Right now I have hydrangeas and lavender blooming and of course my blueberries are out of control. I'm so looking forward to a cool down tomorrow and into the weekend...

  4. Your hydrangeas are such a rich color of purple or violet. You arrange your flowers nicely. I have none in the house at the moment, which is unusual for summer--it's just so so hot and dry nothing is doing really well.

  5. What an honor to be on the list of nature blogs. I enjoyed seeing lots of my favorite blogs! No fresh flowers here this week. Sweet hugs, Diane

  6. Replies
    1. We'll see if that holds.

      Congrats on the honor of being chosen! I never think to tie a blogger down to one or two things. I like whatever you're doing. I know that you are interested in many things. I don't have as many flowers in the house as you do! Seeing your bouquets makes me want to do better.

  7. I have no fresh flowers in my house this evening, as I just removed my wilting hydrangeas from the pitcher this morning. I'll pick a fresh bouquet of something by Friday when we expect some guests. Your cheerful dining room arrangement as well as the clusters of hydrangeas are lovely!!

    How nice to be honored with a blog recommendation! I have always said that you are an artist with your lens.

  8. You have peaches already? Incredible (and very yummy)! Loved your flower arrangements today--beautiful. I second the idea of a gazebo...what a hot summer it's been already.
    Blessings, Aimee
    PS: Congrats on the recommendation--pretty neat!

  9. Floral bliss, Lorrie! : )

  10. Wonderful flowers and little visitors, Lorrie! Your hydrangeas are lovely and the white phlox goes so well with them. Who could resist lavender and mint and peaches... nobody!
    It must be lovely to sit in your garden in the evening when it's getting cooler and there are lovely scents in the air.
    Happy Thursday!

  11. Good Morning and congratulations on being included on the list of nature blogs! As for me, I enjoy your blog just as it is, inspiring, informative, warm, beautiful photos and more. These photos and glorious flowers ( ladybug included) are lovely and delightful! I barely dare to dream of what a Blessed joy it is to have these in abundance in your garden.
    Have a lovely day,

  12. That was nice of Mersad to include you in his list, I know a number of the bloggers. Fresh flowers in the house are a nice way to bring the beauty of our efforts in the garden indoors, aren't they? I just emptied out some blue and green mason jars that held store bought carnations but as the flowers in my gardens progress, some of them will come in for bouquets.
    An awesome capture of the ladybug and with my new appreciation for driftwood, I was eyeing up the piece beside the vase. :-)

  13. I love, love, love what you've done with your flowers! So beautiful!


  14. You are so lucky to live in an area where flowers are so lovely. I usually have flowers in the house in summer too. I bring them in as a reward to myself after doing the mundane jobs of cleaning, etc.! Hydrangeas are my favorite, but this year I have to depend on "limelight" as the winter was too harsh on the Endless Summer so no blooms. Of course everything blooms much later here.

  15. Beautiful! Isn't it nice to be able to go out to the garden and choose blooms to bring in? I'm smiling at your wildlife photo for today. :)

  16. Lovely. My hydrangea bush won't bloom for ages yet so i can enjoy yours :)

  17. Lovely. My hydrangea bush won't bloom for ages yet so i can enjoy yours :)

  18. Lorrie, your flowers and flower arranging are spectacular! Having fresh flowers in the house really makes me feel good; I need to do it more often.

  19. Loved the photos - the flower arrangements are wonderful! Congrats on being listed as one of the top 10 nature blogs - I agree with the selection.

  20. Thanks for the visits and comments on my renewed blog. It's been a pleasant surprise to realize that someone has visited after my long hiatus.
    Your flowers and more specifically, your photos are gorgeous. I don't have any in my house at the moment, but maybe tomorrow I'll cut some roses. Thanks for the reminder!

  21. I love your hydrangeas and the other flowers as well. I love the piece of gnarly driftwood next to the silver water pitcher! I have a bouquet of grocery store flowers on the dining table and I just cut a bloom from our new rose bush and put it in a rose bowl. The is the first rose bush we've had in over 30 years. The first couple we bought way back then didn't survive and I just never bothered again. I hope this one survives! Now, I'll pop over and visit Mersad. That is an honour for you! ;)

  22. Thanks for reminding me to bring my flowers indoors! I rarely do that, though I should. Your hydrangeas look spectacular and I love that first centerpiece. So pretty!

  23. Love your pretty flowers and the cute ladybug. Congras on being featured on Mersad's blog.
    Sadly we can't have flowers inside much as our cats tend to eat them or knock the vases over. So many flowers are poisionous to cats so I just enjoy mine outside.

  24. Love your flowers. Just a simple bowl with three roses and in the kitchen a blue bottle with a daisy in it.

  25. Love your fresh cut flower bouquets!

  26. So many lovely posts here, Lorrie, but I'm starting with this one after falling in love with your flower arrangements. I love the lushness of them an you must have a lush garden to be so generous with your arrangements. I love that you mixed herbs in with them. I've never thought of doing that.


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