Monday, March 05, 2012

Seven Pleasures of Almost Spring

Last night the rained poured down. This morning was grizzly grey. But around 10 am or so, the wind blew away all the clouds and the sunshine poured in through the windows! It's almost spring!

If it's almost spring where you are, or not quite, here are a few ways that I like to celebrate and encourage the season:

Revel in the sight of green shoots poking up through brown dirt

Get my gardening tools in order

Hold my face up to the sunshine and feel its faint warmth

Buy a bunch of tulips or daffodils

Pay attention to the lengthening days and the clear quality of light

Play suitable music - I've been listening to Vivaldi's Spring, found on Youtube if you don't have a CD or other means of listening

Open a window wide and let the wind blow out all the winter doldrums 
(Only for a short time - it's still chilly around here)

Last week a parcel arrived from Italy. Not for me, I'm just the receiver and keeper. But our daughter had me open the box while she watched via Skype. I pulled out some of their winter clothes and then the jug pictured above, made and purchased in the town of Tropea where they spent a month. Isn't it cheerful? Alas, a plate also sent in the package didn't fare so well.

Alas, a plate also sent in the parcel didn't fare so well. But Ashley says she can use the pieces in a mosaic sometime, so I'm saving them in a basket for her. They are bright and cheery. Our travelers are now in Istanbul and having a great time. She showed me some fabrics she bought in the Grand Bazaar - for ME! 

What are you enjoying on these "almost spring" days?


  1. Amazing how pretty that last photo is, even of broken pottery! So colorful and bright -- and bearing hope of better things to come when it is repurposed!

  2. One of the things I like about your blog is the way you pay attention to nature...and find the beauty in your surroundings.

  3. That would have been fun to see each other on Skype while you opened Ashley's box, but how disappointing to see the broken bowl...Ashley sounds like an optimist. I will look forward to seeing more of your spring photos as the green shoots emerge from the ground. Happy Spring, Lorrie!

  4. I resisted the tulips at the grocery store today....waiting til next week. Yours are beautiful. And I wish I had some broken pottery from years past.... never throw away!!! Happy spring!

  5. Isn't it beautiful today? I've come home from work early so that I can get out into the sunshine - and the wind!

  6. Very lovely! I have traveler's too! My oldest girl just returned from Costa Rica and my youngest girl is in Orlando right now. I can't wait to see what she brings home! Kit

  7. I'm so jealous of that photography that I'm in danger of sinning. Exquisite! Wonderful things in the mail, even if they're not really for you??? Oh you must be eager to welcome the travelers home if fabric is coming along with them. How much longer?

  8. Your tulip photos are just lovely . . . as I walked by the tubs of colorful bunches just a few hours ago, I heard your voice urging me to splurge. Maybe next time.
    Fabric from afar, what a treat to look forward to, but of course it will pale in comparison to having your kids home safe and sound.

  9. And then we had 5 mins of snow! Did it miss you?
    I've just caught with your postings after a week of visitors and day trips. Such a joy to come here for a visit. Enjoying almost spring here too!

  10. Hail and snow interfered with my spring enthusiasm here today -- but I got it back with a bouquet of tulips! I love those pieces of broken pottery (my fingers first typed "poetry" -- which the broken pottery really is, no?)

  11. Ici, on se repose. Nous sommes en vacances et il faut récupérer, il a fait très froid pendant longtemps.
    Nous avions quelques jours très printanniers, donc une sortie au jardin était de rigueur... quel bonheur !!! Malheureusement, le froid est revenu et nous restons à l'intérieur bien au chaud. Mais patience, bientôt...

  12. That's a glorious bouquet of tulips! There's something so "hopeful" about spring flowers. They lighten my heart.

  13. I can't wait for spring to get here. I was taking pictures of my daffodils today. I love the color of your tulips.


  14. Cold and wet here just now but I think Spring is on it's way. We really need the rain here in the South East as we are in serious drought after a few very dry winters.

    The tulips are beautiful and obviously your daughter is following in your footsteps in planning to use the broken plate as a craft project.

  15. Ahh, Vivaldi... my favorite springtime music!

  16. Sunshine and music and treats in the mail...enough to brighten anyone's day!

  17. These are gorgeous...... we are looking forward to Spring, but it's been so mild here this winter, that it's not urgent. We're certainly happy for the smells and sounds that remind us it's coming, even to Alberta in the northerly parts!


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