Friday, March 27, 2015

Five on Friday

First off - thanks to all who identified this flower in a recent post as a bromeliad. Thanks to the internet I did a search and discovered it's an Aechmea Fasciata Bromeliad. So striking.

Last night's late dinner can be blamed on the sunshine. It beguiled me into working in the garden until 6 pm when my husband arrived home. He's very easy going that way and ended up trimming the grass edges while I cooked dinner and after eating he mowed the lawn.

I wonder if we'll get cherries this year? We had a lovely bunch last year and I netted the tree so the birds wouldn't get them, but we waited too long and something else crawled in and took them. 

I was so happy to see these tiny lilac buds forming. Spring is galloping in at a furious pace. My rose bushes didn't get pruned this year and I noticed a few tiny buds forming on the mongrel variety we have out front. Roses? Already?

Rosemary bushes like our climate. They grow and grow and grow. I trimmed this one back, leaving lots of flowers for the bees. 

My partner for the magazine swap was Maggie of Normandy Life. She sent me the two issues above - one a French magazine that shows lovely homes and interiors, and a Vintage Etiquette magazine. I'm having fun reading about the mores of society throughout the 20th century. Rules have changed but not this most basic one: "It is not birth that matters so much as treating all with a kindly heart."

Today's plans include house puttering, grocery shopping, and thinking about school - classes begin on Monday and I will be teaching for at least another month.

May you be treated kindly and treat others equally so.


  1. Hi

    Nice to begin all comments this way, actually. =D

    Blogging buddies are the best. Someone always knows something more (in my case, a lot more) than we do. I was recently given a vintage magazine on fashion. I spent a very pleasant time reading it so I am sure that you are enjoying your gifts.

  2. I love those vintage magazines. What fun to get those!
    Your garden pictures are just wonderful. I am so jealous that you are so far into spring...we are still well below freezing here..ugh
    Not funny but I wonder if what snuck up under the netting and got your cherries was a neighbor ? lol xo Diana

  3. Oh the spring flowers - I think our weather has been delightful - though sometimes a little rainy - but that's ok - better than snow. Your magazines look like such fun.

  4. Lovely photos...can use some pretty flowers after this never ending winter.

  5. I like your words of wisdom at the end. I may want to pass them along! lol And everything is green and lush here after a little shower today. I love this time of year! Happy weekend sweet friend. Hugs, Diane

  6. You are so lucky to be working in the garden. My time will come :) Your month of teaching will go by quickly.

  7. I thought that first one looked like a paper cut out...that is really an amazing bloom!

  8. We left the lovely +20 warmth yesterday and flew to Edmonton. It's not spring here yet, but the day has been pretty warm. No flowers, no blooms, but I know they're waiting for me at home! I hope you have a good weekend of puttering and gardening.

  9. Ah spring! Your photos are so lovely! The cherry is very pretty - I hope you get some this year!

    Back when we belonged to a homeschool co-op I often taught a "manners class." It was fun and the key to good manners is to think of others before ourselves.

    Have a great weekend!

  10. Glad you are feeling well enough to be back to teaching. Mowing grass after a late dinner--reminds me that you are way farther north than we are. Even with the time change we still are dark or almost by 7:30.

  11. Ahh a bromeliad. Dear's mother used to grow them in her patio in Southern California. Such an interesting plant. Have a wonderful weekend!

  12. beautiful photos ... it's lovely to see the garden so far on :)

  13. Glad you now know the name of the lovely bloom! I just learned something new here today...that rosemary blooms. I have had rosemary in my herb garden for years and don't recall it ever blooming. Hmmm.

  14. We are in a bit of shock over you mowing the lawn...there are still some patches of snow in the shade for the houses by the creek...the crocus are just starting to show. Different worlds...I love your lilacs but mine will show up later, that's life.


  15. Such lovely sunny pictures....I sometimes get carried away gardening too, it is so absorbing!
    Everything is looking so fresh and beautiful there, Lorrie.
    Happy weekend.
    Helen xox

  16. I do hope that you find me at the bottom of the list. I a have very slow in reading and commenting. Your spring garden si a few weeks ahead of ours. Everything is still in wake-up mode; stil, there is plenty of work to to be doing. By the way, what grade to do you teach? Have a wonderful week.

  17. I have one of the Aechmea Fasciata Bromeliads that I got for Mother's Day last year and so far, keeping it alive. All of my Spring flowers should be blooming soon, and I so look forward to seeing some of the same kind of beauty that you have shared~

  18. Some lovely spring blooms Lorrie. We have so much blossom at the moment and the scent is quite overpowering. I can't wait to cut and bring them in the house next week xx

  19. Such a good idea to swap magazines! You received two beautiful ones.

    Lovely photo's of your spring garden!

    Wishing you a Happy Easter!

    Madelief x

  20. Great things! Good to know what the plant is too!! xx

  21. Lorrie,
    Spectacular gardening photos and you are blessed with such a selection of species to grow.
    I will be anxious to see how the cherries do, one of my very favorite fruits.
    Enjoy your week, it sounds so full and rewarding.

  22. Vintage books on etiquette are so funny to read.You sure have a beautiful, bountiful garden. Enjoy the longer days. Best wishes, Tammy


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