Monday, July 27, 2015

Preserving Summer

The lovely scent of rain-washed air blew in the window early Friday morning. Throughout the weekend, rain fell in fits and starts.
"Welcome, welcome," said the earth. 
"Ahhh," breathed the plants. 
"Relief," sighed the forest.

And the rest of us didn't mind at all. 

It was a good day to preserve summer. Chop a few apricots.

Combine them with some sugar in a deep pot. Stir and let them meld together while you...

run out to the herb patch to clip some rosemary, not even minding that you can feel your hair gaining volume and frizzing in the damp air.

 The piney smell of rosemary rises to your nostrils as you chop it finely, then...

add it to the apricots and sugar. The mixture bubbles for 15 to 20 minutes while you stand and stir, thinking of summer and winter and the sweetness of apricots combines with the pungency of rosemary and it's all you can do not to eat the mixture by the spoonful.

You think of melting Brie and cheese scones and perhaps a glaze for chicken and your mouth waters. You fill the hot jars with the hot jam and set on the hot lids and screw them down firmly. Later, the pop, pop, pop of sealing lids assures you that when you open the jar in the cold grey of November, summer will rise again.


  1. No...I would be eating it before it could get near the jar!

  2. That looks so good and just today I purchased some Angelcots/white apricots and I am going to have one this evening, after dinner. I love anything to do with apricots~

  3. Replies
    1. What a delicious-sounding combination of flavors...yummy!

  4. Oh yes, those pots will bring a ray of sunshine to the winter months!
    How delicious!
    I'm glad you got rain at last : ) And glad that the earth wasa glad!

  5. Rosemary with apricots...I like the sound of this combo. I agree, in the cold and grey days of November it will be nice to have a taste of summer again.

  6. Just delightful, this post! And yes, wasn't that rain refreshing. Wish we could have had another day or two...

  7. Sometimes a post just mesmerizes me with it's beauty. This one did just that for me today.
    I could just about feel the softness of those apricot skins, smell the scent of the rosemary and taste the goodness of that jam. Yes, how heavenly it will all be when November rolls around.

  8. Your writing makes it all come alive! You and Cheryl are "on the same page" today!

  9. I can just taste it all, Lorrie. And it's not just food, it is summer I'm tasting through your writing, and I hear the blessed rain outside as well as smelling its scent.

    If only my rosemary would thrive as yours has!

  10. Oh, I love the sound of this---rosemary and something sweet. I have rosemary in my herb garden and I really need to start using it. Do you have the measurements for the amount of sugar and apricots?

    I saw your comment on Dewena's blog and I thought I would visit. I'm glad I found your blog---I joined up. Her post on busyness was spot on. I get accused of sounding busy all the time but I write very tongue-in-cheek and definitely have a lot of time to do NOTHNG!!

    I hope you're off to a good week on beautiful Vancouver Island, which I was lucky enough to visit once!

    Jane x

  11. I never would have thought of apricots and rosemary! Sounds great though, especially on a cheese scone! xx

  12. This was the most pleasing recipe presentation I have seen. Your apricot preserves look fabulous. Have not thought of adding rosemary. Will have to try it. Thanks for sharing.

  13. You and Cheryl are both canning these days! I'm always so impressed...

  14. Mmmm... looks and sounds delicious. Rosemary + apricots? A wonderful idea that I will have to try, thanks Lorrie!

  15. Your beautiful images have got me craving cheese scones topped with your yummy apricot jam!

  16. Lorrie, I would never have thought to add rosemary to apricots - sounds really wonderful! I have the rosemary must go hunt down some apricots now!

    BTW, glad to see Jane (Blondie) from Chicago has found you. We are good blogging friends and have met in person, twice in Asheville, NC, and once here in Raleigh, NC. Jane writes the funniest blog and will have you laughing out loud - hope you will stop by and get to know her!

    Hugs - Mary

  17. That sounds really good, and I am not fond of apricots. It does seem as if it would be wonderful with those scones and the chicken too!

    Glad you have some rain!


  18. Ahhhhhhhhhh summer. Hasn't the air been clear and beautiful today?

  19. And now you have my mouth watering too! Preserving summer is the best idea.

  20. What a lovely way of telling your canning story! I love the idea of "preserving summer."

    Yes, we were definitely on the same page yesterday. And I believe that it was you who recommended Food in Jars here on your blog. I have so enjoyed that book!

  21. Now it's my turn to drool! =)

  22. Oh my goodness! That does sound like summer. I can imagine it is delicious!

  23. Yummmmeeee. Our little bargain apricot trees are doing very well. Two for the price of one at the end of the season last summer. But alas, no fruit for we had such a cold, crummy spring. I was surprised that they made it through the winter unlike the new cherry trees. The preserves look so pretty in jars, don't they. I, too, love to hear the pop. The sound of success. Winter will be good. Have a fab week.


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