Thursday, September 24, 2015

Pattern and Design

Monday morning. Temperatures hover just above freezing. Then the sun comes out. A good day for visiting a farm in Alberta. Su

Sunlight plays through leaves and branches, casting shadows on the woodpile. I can't resist a well-stacked woodpile. All those shapes and textures form a beautiful pattern. 

This hen, along with her hen-mates, is truly free range. She clucks and runs hither and yon in utter randomness. Her beautiful feathers ruffle in the wind. The eggs she lays form part of our delicious brunch.

The old barn with a (relatively) new roof stands on the hill overlooking the farm like a protective watchman. Patterns here in the wood, some running vertically, others horizontally. Clouds form random and ever-changing designs in the sky.

A week or so before we left on our trip, our youngest daughter decided to join the family gathering. All our children would have liked to attend, but family and work commitments didn't allow it. Ashley flew from Vancouver, we from Victoria and we met in Calgary. 

Do you ever wonder anything about the clothes you wear? Who designed them? Who made them? How are they constructed? I never thought too much about such until the past few years. Ashley works as a pattern drafter for Kit and Ace, a new clothing company that is growing fast. She was recently featured in an interview and short video. I thought you might enjoy it, and you might think differently about your clothes after reading/watching it.

In a fun bit of serendipity, I'm meeting a retired pattern designer for tea this morning - I'll be sure to let you know all about it later.


  1. OMG Lorrie - how I LOVE this article/video with your beautiful Ashley. How proud you must be of her excelling in her chosen career - and yes, you and M will have a lot to talk about as she did the same work at Nike.
    Funnily, my mother trained as a pattern drafter in her London technical college - and then went on to become a Royal dressmaker - making clothing for our Queen's late mother, Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother married to King George VI. My mother was such a fabulous dressmaker/tailor and instilled a love of clothes and fashion in me at a very young age.

    I've replied to your comment and given you the link to the trip through France on Avalon Waterways.
    Thanks for the good wishes - will try to stay in touch length way!
    Hugs - Mary

  2. Anonymous9:50 AM

    What a well done video. Your daughter is lovely and so easy to listen to. You must be a proud mama! Have a good time at tea!

  3. I wonder if she designed the beautiful top she is wearing?

  4. I just watched the short video Lorrie! It's beautiful! What a talented and beautiful daughter you have.

    Have a lovely weekend ahead!

    Madelief x

  5. That was a fascinating video! Your daughter is one talented lady. I had no idea all that goes into designing clothing or creating a pattern.

    I know this: it is a huge challenge to find properly fitting clothing anywhere. I'd like to stop having clothing design being outsourced. John is always rumbling about how the Asians know nothing about the length of his arm. So he must buy shirts much too large in the body so he can get a sleeve to come to his wrist. I must say that I've been the happy recipient of many of those shirts...lots of aprons!

    That photograph of the wood pile is wonderful.

  6. I seem to be partial to wood piles all the different textures...beautiful photo as well as the others. Looks like a beautiful day as you visited this lovely farm. Great video of your talented must be very proud of her!

  7. An interesting post and I especially love the old barn and it's texture. Now I'm off to check out the video!

  8. I love to see a true free range chicken with eggs that taste like eggs. When I first started buying our eggs at a local farm I was warned they would taste different than the ones from the grocery store and they are so much better!
    Interesting video to help us understand the work behind a well made piece of clothing. I think everything I buy these days is from China, or Thailand etc. and they just don't understand the difference in our body makeup in North America.
    Thanks for sharing the video of your daughter Lorrie, I know you are proud of her and now all your blogging sisters are too. ♥

  9. My goodness, what a perfectly lovely and well made little video. Ashley is beautiful and her voice left me spellbound! She made me realize what an art there is to pattern making.

    I hope you have/had? a great time in Calgary. The hen is like 2 of ours!

  10. Beautiful. Your daughter! And what a talented gal. Did she make /design her own top? Enjoy your tea...and I'll be back to read about it later.

  11. Wonderful pictures!!

    Years ago when I was young, I worked in several different garment factories. From jeans, to dresses to childrens clothing.

  12. I am so glad that you shared the video featuring your beautiful daughter Ashley! It is obvious that she has passion for her work as a pattern designer. Wonderful that she could join you for this family event. And tea with another pattern designer? I'll be back to hear about it. :)

  13. Beautiful, peaceful farm photos Lorrie! I especially like the lighting on the stack of wood--so beautiful! Interesting video with your lovely daughter--enjoyed it:)

  14. Lovely pic of your daughter, Lorrie ~ I will be sure to watch that video clip. You must be so proud.

    Yes, you definitely captured the woodsy browns and rustic earthiness of early Autumn in your post.
    I love a good wood pile too! And so do thousands of tiny creatures for whom it is home, sweet home!
    Wishing you a happy week end to come.

  15. Anonymous4:35 AM

    Your daughter is a beautiful young lady. I have enough trouble sewing let alone even considering how one creates a pattern. Impressive skills. :-)

  16. Oh Lorrie...thank you for the link to your daughter's company! I loved seeing her work.
    I also LOVE the top she is wearing in your blog post. Any idea if it came from her company? I went to their website to shop & could not find it.

    She is beautiful & I see the very strong family resemblance. You have much to be proud of in this child.

  17. What gorgeous patterns and designs that you've share, Lorrie. My son has some of those free range chickens and they are a thing of beauty. Your Ashley is a beauty herself and now I'm off to watch the video.....

  18. The video was was wonderful, Lorrie! You must be so proud of your beautiful, and talented daughter. Thanks for sharing the video with us!

  19. Lorrie, I was so interested in listening to your daughter explain the process of pattern making. You must be so proud of your daughter. Thank you for sharing this with us. I have always been interested in fashion and am enjoying the fashion I see here as we wander along the streets of Italy.

  20. Beautiful post. And I will say that I am encouraged to see that pattern making and the designing of properly fitting clothes has not totally gone the way of the dodo bird. I lament at how so many clothes are made these days -- with cheap fabric and ill-fitting designs.

    So, yes, I am very excited to see this post and the video. And to think it's your beautiful daughter who is following her dream and bringing about lovely things for people to wear.

    Thanks so much for sharing this, Lorrie!

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  22. The art of designing clothes is so beyond me and that is why I appreciate those who have the talent and training to create well fitting clothes. For me a garment is often sold by the way it feels on me. I'm sure she has learned some things from you and you must be so proud of her!

  23. I just loved seeing the video and reading the article on your daughter and patternmaking. It is truly an art form, one that is near and dear to my heart. She will delight in this career choice for a long time.
    I was also swooning over your pattern photos of the stacked wood and the barn. Oh how I love such patterns that surround us. How wonderful for you to notice.
    It was pure delight to have tea with you just yesterday morning. I can't wait to have tea and a cookie soon and remember our special visit.

  24. Very interesting and something that I had never really thought about before. Your daughter is very lovely too~

  25. That was interesting and so nice to see your daughter featured in it. You must be very proud of Ashley. I've not heard of this clothing manufacturer so will have to watch for them.

  26. I enjoyed that video very much. What a gift to be able to craft a well fitting piece of clothing!


  27. A very interesting presentation of Ashley's beautifully tailored work, Lorrie! You must be very proud of your talented daughter, and she looks so much like you, it's unreal!



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