Thursday, November 10, 2016

Friday Thoughts

November 11. Remembrance Day. A day to honour those who served and died for our freedoms. 

One of the highlights of our July trip to France and England was a day spent on the Normandy coast, visiting the landing sites of Canadian and British soldiers, and two of the Commonwealth graveyards. 

Here in Canada, we wear poppies on our lapels in remembrance of those who died. The wreath above, on a grave in France, is similar to ones that will be laid on cenotaphs throughout Canada. 

We will remember them.

Here in my garden at home, the dahlias continue to bloom. We've not had frost yet and I've not lifted the tubers. Some years I leave them in the ground. This might just be one of those years. 
Raindrops hang like tears trembling on an eyelash.

Last weekend we changed to Pacific Standard Time once again. Darkness closes in earlier. Rain falls. It's time to embrace coziness, or create that Danish word that is so popular these days - hygge. Here are five things I do to enjoy this season:

1. Sit by the fire. I'm not averse to sitting on the floor, but I saw these footstools? puffs? whatever? and thought they would make a good spot to perch and warm my back. I have to say that they work beautifully. In addition, the grandchildren love rolling them throughout the house, trying to stand and balance on them, and think them great toys.

2. Drink tea. Copious amounts. Chai with its warming spices is a favourite, along with Earl Grey and Orange Pekoe. A square of dark chocolate alongside just adds to the enjoyment.

3. Reading. I'm currently reading Donna Tartt's The Goldfinch and am getting quite interested in the story, but have had to stop because I've been writing report card comments. They are done now and I hope to get further into the story this weekend.

4. Get into the kitchen. Make soup. Bake. Breads, cookies, cakes, scones - the baking warms the kitchen and fills the house with good smells. I'll be baking some cupcakes tomorrow for a party on Sunday. 

5. Go for a walk. I bundle up against the wind and rain and enjoy braving the elements knowing that I'll return tea, a warm fire, an interesting book, and good food.

How do you cope as the earth tilts farther and farther away from the sun?  


  1. Five good aims for colder days. I think I'll join you!

  2. I had to look hygge up but I totally understand what it is and am glad it's becoming such a thing! I've always been for coziness. Your five ideas are perfect, I'm glad our weather finally changed just after the time changed. Now we feel more having those hot cups or tea or making soup. I love this time of year and don't mind more light earlier in the mornings too.

  3. Anonymous4:21 AM

    Nice remembrance today. :-) I buy more material and make sure I have along list of holds at the library. :-)

  4. Five excellent ideas for enjoying the current season. I need to get better at getting out there for a walk.
    I was instantly intrigued by your footstools. I have recently become glued to blogs from Norway and Sweden and have seen the same thing on many of them. I can see why the grandchildren would find them a whole lotta fun.
    I read The Goldfinch a while ago and am currently reading another of her books, The Little Friend. I am enjoying this one too.

  5. I loved the pouffe I can imagine the Grandchildren having great fun with them. This time of year I love to sit in front of the stove and watch the flickering flames and hot chocolate springs to mind.

  6. As we've known for quite some time, we share a lot in common Lorrie - I love all those things too.
    The pouffes are adorable - as is anything decorative from Scandinavia - they know how to bring cozy home!

    I'm remembering and thankful of so many on this special day.
    Hugs - Mary

  7. First love the footstools so much. Yes, a good book, tea, a cozy quilt are all quite comforting on a cold wintery day.

  8. We do so many of the same things to 'welcome' Winter, all things to promote warmth and cosiness.
    Your footstools remind me of sea urchins!

  9. What a beautiful and hyggelig post, Lorrie! You know how to enjoy every season. :)
    And that's why I don't think you need the Christmas stress relief tips of my today's post. Thank you for your comment and I'm sorry that since some of the texts are in English, the website translator doesn't seem to translate the posts into English.
    Wishing you a happy and warm weekend!

  10. I love coziness and comfort. I love those 'puff'! May have to look into some.

    Thankful for all who serve, and who've given their lives too.

  11. I love your "five" today, Lorrie. I am so grateful today for all that have served for us so that we can enjoy our Fall in a warm home that feels safe from the outside world. Blessings- xo Diana

  12. What a lovely tribute you have written for today. I love those puffs/cushions! What a fabulous idea and perfect for your room. Although it's fall, we have had hot, windy temps down here in southern California. I think later next week it's suppose to cool down a bit. I'm looking forward to winter and soup making and bread baking too. My best to you, Pat xx

  13. Anonymous4:41 PM

    It must have been amazing to be on the shores of Normandy. Our pastor was there this summer, too, with his family. Your five are a comforting five. Hope your weekend is filled with good things.

  14. I concur with #2 & #3!

    Now I wanna get ottomans for my fireplace too!

  15. Those puffs are fab. I always enjoy when the days turn cooler, somehow I always feel like there's more time in the winter.

  16. Love your footstool/pouffs! I've gone into winter mode over here now...fireplace on, and cozy blankets at the ready!

  17. Your life sounds very similar to mine with your five likes. Love chai tea and earl grey. I also love Lady Grey which is slightly more citrus. Do you have that in Canada? Today is very much a hygge day in this part of the world. Rainy dark skies. Time to light the fire and a few candles. Hope you have time to finish that book this weekend. B xx

  18. Lovely Remembrance Day photos. We have Veteran's Day on November 11th here in the states... such a great reminder of those who sacrifice daily so we can remain free. I LOVE the ottomans or puffs with the knitted covers. They look warm and cozy and fun! I can see why the grands view them as toys. :) Loved the dahlia photo... I certainly wish you COULD send some of your overabundance of rain down this way!


  19. Oh, and I meant to ask if you have tried Harney & Sons Hot Cinnamon Spice tea... it's another good one that warms your bones. So great this time of year.

  20. Gorgeous cosy post. I do lots of the same things as you do Lorrie. We also have one of those knitted effect footstools and my grandchildren use it in the same way yours do :) I am enjoying lighting the candles and the fire and doing some cosy crafting this weekend. Keep cosy!
    Helen xox

  21. I was ready for the time change, at least my body was. Now I can get up early again, get the dog walked and start my day. I've been working on Christmas cards and have a shopping bag of baking nuts, cherries and spices ready to go. The Christmas bazaars started last week and many organizations have a tea at their bazaar which I like.
    Love seeing your cozy fire and knowing there will be a fragrant chai in your mug.

  22. I do not like it getting dark so early. My body clock is out of balance. My husband used to go to bed at 9 every night, and now at 8:20 pm he is heading that way. I much prefer sunlight. Good thing I'm a morning person. I all things cozy at any time of the year and home sweet home is just about my favorite place to be. :) Have a good Sunday!

  23. I like that word! Everything you do, I do too. Only lately, coffee is my choice of drink. I get very homey and nest a lot. Today I am baking some pumpkin bread and will whip up some pork chops and apples. Have a lovely Sunday. :) Kit

  24. Back when I was still a member of the workforce I really used to hate November -- dark when I went to work, dark when I came home..... Now the early dark doesn't bother me because I can go outside during the daylight hours. (And of course, as a disclaimer -- outside play is more possible during the winter in Florida. But I'm loving the blessing of beautiful Autumn in the Pacific Northwest.)

  25. "We will remember them." Special words and I liked your photo's.

    It's always hard to get used to the dark evenings.
    I love getting inside after a walk and putting the kettle on ... a cup of tea is always welcome.

    All the best Jan

  26. My son visited the beaches of Normandy when he graduated from college. He always had an interest in D-Day and said the experiences of visiting the beaches and graveyards was very moving.

    Hygge is a fun word! It has been a very unseasonably warm autumn here in Colorado at 6,200 feet! We are still going out in short sleeves and no coat during the day. Everyone is eagerly waiting for snow! I've been making soups and stews but it really does not seem the weather for them as yet.

    Your fireside pouffs are pretty! I know my grandchildren would also love them!

  27. Those footstools look great! Did you make them? We also go for quick walks, even in the rain and love coming back to make coffee and a treat. I love the look of candles flickering when it gets dark so early.


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