Friday, December 16, 2016

A Winter's Tale

Once upon a time, in the land of Silvertray, three white houses, each with a red roof, stood in the forest. 

One fat snowflake fell,

then another and another until cold, white snowflakes covered the ground. 

The three white houses looked at each other and admired how beautiful they were with their curved windows, their heart cut outs and their shiny red roofs.

"But," said the first white house, "we were made to be lived in, and there's no one here."
"We need someone to turn on our lights. What can we do?" said the second white house.
"Let's advertise," said the third white house.

So the three houses sent an advertisement to, that said:

"Three cozy houses in a forest need someone to live in them. Must like winter." 

 Then they waited. Still the cold snow fell until drifts of white completely buried the forest floor.

And the three white houses were lonely. They wondered if anyone would ever come to live in them.

One day the first little house heard a squeaking noise and saw a tiny black nose peek up from under the snow. The second little house saw another tiny black nose peek up from under the snow. Then the third little house saw another tiny black nose pop up from under the snow.

The three white houses watched as the three tiny black noses twitched and wriggled. Snow flew up into the air as tiny little feet kicked and kicked until three tiny brown mice popped out on top of the snow.   

"What beautiful houses," said the first tiny brown mouse, whose name was Alexander. He wore a red bow tie.
"They look so cozy," said the second tiny brown mouse, whose name was Natalia, who had a blue ribbon around her neck.
"I wonder who lives in them," said the third tiny brown mouse, whose name was Victoria. She wore two minty green ribbons around her ears.

The three white houses with red roofs were so excited that they almost burst their doors.

"NOBODY lives here," they said all together.
"Would you like to live in us?" said the first white house.
"Please open my door," said the second white house.
"You can turn on my lights," said the third white house.

"REALLY?" said Alexander, Natalia, and Victoria. 

"YES, indeed," said the three white houses with red roofs.

Alexander moved into the first white house. He had brought his red wagon with him and he used it to haul logs from the forest.

Natalia moved into the second white house. She brought her polar bear snow globe to shake when she wanted to see snow fall.

Victoria moved into the third white house. She brought her sled with her and all the mice took turns pulling each other around in the snow.

And so the three white houses sighed with contentment. 
"We're so happy to have someone to live in us," they said.

Alexander, Natalia, and Victoria played in the snowy forest every day. When night time came and they got cold, they each went into their own white house with a red roof, turned on the lights, and spent a cozy night.

The End

This Christmas Tale was inspired by three metal houses recently purchased. I thought to create a scene for the coffee table that the grandchildren can play with. It was such fun to come up with the ideas and the props. 

I'm linking to Five on Friday, hosted by Amy of Love Made My Home. For the Five item tie-in here are 5 things I'm thankful for today:
1. School is out for 2 weeks.
2. The Christmas tree is up and twinkles merrily.
3. School is out for 2 weeks.
4. The sun is shining. I don't mind these chillier temperatures when it's so bright outside. (by chillier I mean just below freezing - not so very chilly by some standards, but rare enough here)
5. School is out for 2 weeks. Don't get me wrong. I love teaching, I love the students, but it's been a trying few months in some areas and I'm glad for a break. 


  1. This is inspirational.
    What a joy your photo's and words are.

    I loved it!

    All the best Jan

  2. Anonymous4:46 PM

    Wonderful Once upon a time you shared. Yeah for school being out for 2 weeks. Enjoy your weekend. Enjoyed reading your thankfuls!

  3. Your adorable tale put a smile on my face. If I were a mouse, I would move into the white house!

    I'm also counting down the days to my vacation (3 days left!). Have a fun and relaxing 2-week holiday break!

  4. Quite entrancing! I want to live in one.

  5. What a delightful story. It reminds me of the scene in Miss Potter where she tells the winter story. The houses are very sweet and so are the mice! Can I play with them too? Enjoy your weekend...and the 2 weeks to come! Hugs, Diane

  6. I see that there are no concerns about scale there either! Sweet story and I know that the grands will enjoy hearing it and adding to it, too. Have a marvelous break from school. From now on, vacations come a bit more regularly through to school year's end and summer vacation.

  7. Oh, I loved that delightful tale of three little houses and three little mouses. I just know your grands will be loving this to play with. And dream up their own little stories for Grandma.

    Enjoy your weekend. The countdown begins in earnest now.


  8. What a sweet idea, Lorrie! Your houses are so cute, and those mice are ADORABLE!! This is a great little (interactive) vignette for your grandchildren to enjoy. :) It looks like your Christmas preparations are going well; thanks for sharing and have a wonderful weekend.


    Denise at Forest Manor

  9. What a sweet story - you should do more pictures and make a storybook for your grandkids - it was such fun to follow the story. Love love love the mice - did you make them? We have had a lot of snow - and it is still here - the temperatures are not getting above freezer over here either - but I hear we have some temperatures in the 40s coming early next week - maybe we can all thaw out then.

  10. This is should be a children's book! I just love the sweet houses and little mice!

    Jane x

  11. I'm smiling this morning as I read your lovely post. Smiling for lots of reasons. The knowledge of how it feels on the first day of holiday after a hectic term teaching. The knowledge that I've just read a beautiful story by a clever lady. Have a lovely holiday and say hi to your mice friends. Stay cosy. B xx

  12. Lorrie it was a delight to visit today. I loved the houses and their setting and as the story unfurled those little mice were a dream. A great post.

  13. Oh what a lovely story you've created Lorrie. Just adorable. You could publish it I'm sure. I love the little red houses and the sweet mice. Enjoy your break from teaching and have a wonderful Christmas with your family and grandchildren.

  14. What a darling little snowy village for your wee ones to enjoy! They'll be at eye level, peeking in the windows, I'm sure. Very creative way to make some special memories!!

  15. What a sweet story, Lorrie! Your little village and new occupants will certainly have a Merry Christmas. I hope we hear more about them in the future. :)

  16. What a sweet five, love, love, love the mice. Enjoy your 2 weeks, as a retired teacher I know how you feel.

  17. Oh, how lovel!. What a wonderful, festive tale. I love your red roofed houses and little brown mice:)

  18. Lorrie, you creative gal you! What a wonderful Grandmother your grans have been gifted with. I hope you get to enjoy them playing with and hearing the story over and over this Christmas season. (You've done such a beautiful job with this.)

  19. Love, love your story! How very fun! Enjoy playing with your grandchildren. Oh and especially enjoy the 2 weeks of no school. Merry Christmas to you!

  20. Cute. Cute. Cute. Cute. Cute. And enjoy a good rest over your weeks off.

  21. Very cute! Your grandkids will love it!

    And hey Lorrie? School is out for two weeks!

  22. A wonderful story! A delight for the grandkids for sure! Your little house scene is darling. Enjoyed it very much :)

  23. Happy School Break, Lorrie! I remember how I loved my job as a teaching assistant, but also loved the vacations from being one :) Thanks for sharing your sweet story.

  24. Such a lovely fun post!! A great story and a very lovely decoration for your home too! I love that in your list of five things school is out featured three times! I hope you enjoy the break, it is well deserved I am sure. Happy Christmas!

  25. What a lovely post and the mice are so nice and the little houses too !

  26. I love your little story and those cute little mice! :) I work in a school myself and I know the feeling. Alas this year, we do not get this whole week off, just Friday. But at least I will have all of next week off to relax and recharge. :) Have a very lovely week! Kit

  27. This was just delightful! :) In every way !

  28. What a delightful Christmas tale!!
    (I am glad that school is out for two weeks!) :)

  29. What a wonderful story, Lorrie! First I thought I can't stop smiling, but then I was already laughing out loud. I hope you will tell the winter's tale to your grandchildren as well. They are going to love it.
    May you have a splendid Christmas filled with twinkle and cheer!

  30. This is the best story I have read in a long time. HUgs and thank you.

  31. I spy a children's book being born! Seriously, this was wonderful. :)


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