Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Going Home for Christmas

What defines home? There's the dictionary definition - where one lives - but there's a more abstract construct as well. Earlier this month my siblings and I, along with our spouses, gathered at my parents' house for an early Christmas dinner.

I've never lived in this house and have made my own home(s) in several places. But coming back to Mom and Dad's place has a sense of coming home, no matter how old I am, nor how established I am in my own life.

"What can I bring to help with the dinner?"

"Oh, nothing. Your father and I have it all under control."

 And so they did. While the snow fell outside, we were warm, enjoying turkey, stuffing, gravy, mashed potatoes, roast vegetables, salad, and trifle for dessert. 

These two. How I love them. How glad I am to go to their house. It's still home. There's a sense of letting go of care and basking in their love. Home is a place of acceptance. Of being known and loved. 

My mother sets a beautiful table. She made the quilted tablerunner as well. Each Wednesday my parents volunteer: my mother makes quilts for the MCC, and my father works in the thrift store warehouse.

 My mother's original set of china is Queen's Messenger, by Royal Albert. I've always loved the delicate colours.

And here we are: my parents, me, and my two siblings. At home. 

In a few days my parents will join Tim and me at our home for Christmas. And when my mother says, "What can I bring?", I say "Absolutely nothing. Just yourselves." 


  1. How very lovely, Lorrie. I am looking forward to a few days of my daughter and grandson coming 'home'.

  2. What a wonderful family photo! Your parents are such a handsome couple. You look very much like your beautiful mother and your siblings look very much like your handsome dad. Win-win all around!

    When I am asked what anyone can bring, I always say, "Whatever you would like." Sometimes I have not covered all bases as well as your parents do.

    Merry on!

  3. Family really is what matters most...and yours looks like a fine example of warmth, love and respect.
    All the best.

    Happy Holidays,

  4. Such a lovely post. That's all we can ever hope, that children will always want to come 'home' wherever it may be. It's lovely that your parents are still active. Have a lovely Christmas together. B x

  5. This is a lovely post, Lorrie! You have a wonderful family to celebrate with. I no longer have a home to go to with my parents unfortunately. My beloved Daddy passed many years ago and my mother sold the family home fifteen years ago. Now she is in a nursing home. It's very sad at times but this is my life at the moment. We make the best of it. Two of our children live away and will not be home for Christmas this year but one son is here on the Island and he is bringing his girlfriend for Christmas dinner so that will be nice. Family is everything! Enjoy your Christmas, Lorrie, and I wish you many lovely memories together as well as magical moments.

    Christmas blessings,

  6. You're all such a beautiful family and your parents sound like wonderful hosts to their beloved children. I think it's so important for siblings to be together and nothing blesses a mother's heart to see her children enjoying each other. I love your mother's china and her table and the wonderful meal were certainly an inspired labor of love.

    A blessed Christmas to each of you,

  7. Lovely, lovely, lovely
    A most perfect post for this special time of year.

    Wishing you, and yours a very Happy Christmas

    All the best Jan

  8. Anonymous2:21 PM

    Beautiful post. How wonderful that your mom and dad can still host a lovely meal for you all. Everything sounded and looked lovely. My Royal Albert China is similar to your mom's.

  9. What a lovely family photo. Wishing you and your family a very happy Christmas season.

  10. What a lovely table your mother put together. Oh I can see you look like your mom. What a wonderful photo of your family.

  11. What a beautiful family! She does set a great table. Absolutely lovely! Glad you are all able to get together. :) Kit

  12. Lorrie,

    This is wonderful! Your thoughts about your parents and their home are lovely. What a beautiful pair they are!

    I'm so glad you had that time with your brother, sister and parents! So special.

  13. Beautiful post Lorrie. Enjoy your time together!

  14. As Dorothy said "there's no place like home", wishing you all a wonderful Christmas from Normandy.

  15. No place like home, indeed! How blessed you are to have both your parents, and your siblings gather together for a beautiful sit down dinner, what a treat! What a gift! Love the picture of all of you together, beautiful! I love that Albert china that your mom set the table with, my mom has a whole set of it, and we have sat down to many dinners with that china. It is beloved to our family. The table runner is gorgeous. Your mother is very talented... runs in the family :) Merry Christmas to you Lorrie, may it be blessed and special in every way!

  16. Such a beautiful and uplifting post. Enjoy your Christmas together and best wishes for the New Year. Home is where the heart is...

  17. You are so blessed to still have your parents with you and 'home' to visit. They are a lovely looking couple. Wonderful family photos.

  18. I wrote a post similar to this a few years ago. About going home. I think it's where our parents are, not so much the house. And probably some familiar things that they have around the house helps it to feel like home as they may hold memories for us. There's nothing like going home to a home cooked meal by our moms! What a blessing you can still enjoy that!

  19. What a wonderful dinner! Your mother really sets a beautiful table...so pretty and elegant. You have a beautiful family! Sweet hugs, Diane

  20. Beautifully said, Lorrie. My parents are always thrilled to have my brother (who lives in Alberta) and I (who live 40 minutes away) "home for Christmas".

  21. Love this! I know the feeling that you describe ... I miss it now as it's still so new and old and slipped out of my life without really realizing it. I still have my mom. Thankful for that.

  22. You are so blessed they are still in your life. I never lived in the home my parents retired to. Yet when I went for a visit it indeed felt like home. There were so many family mementos that gave even their new home a history. You have a lovely family.

  23. What a lovely, lovely post. Your family is beautiful and so are your reminiscences about them. Wonderful that you are close enough to be in each other's homes on holidays now, as I know when you were on the mission field that was not possible. I am sure you appreciate the proximity all the more because of those years.

    Merry Christmas and blessings on the New Year,


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