Thursday, October 19, 2017

October Cozy

A pale, lack-lustre sun is peeking through the clouds today, most welcome after some heavy rain. The morning is still rather dark and dreary, making candles seem like just the thing. Here's the view from my chair - with my slippers visible in the foreground. The fire (gas) just went out. Drat!

Here's a bit of what I've been reading. I finished Black Rabbit Hall last night and am so pleased that it had a happy ending. In Farleigh Field didn't disappoint. I chose How to Hygge from the library to read what all the hoopla about this "new" word was about. My son-in-law had read it (or one similar) and commented "that's what we already do." I agree. 

In Late Winter We Ate Pears was quickly paged through and is already back at the library. I spent more time with Clodagh's Irish Kitchen. I saw her on a television programme and was completely charmed by her accent. She has a series of short videos featuring seasonal recipes. You can access Clodagh's Youtube channel via this link.    

I've just begun Life of Elves and look forward to the Killara Farm book soon. 

I was going to write that autumn is a good season for reading, but then I realized that every season is good for reading. During the school year, I manage 4-6 books each month, and more during vacations. Do you enjoy reading?

The area where we live used to be a farm. I'm pretty certain that there was an orchard here, for here and there, a gnarled apple tree still stands. Most were cut down during subdivision development, I assume. There are also two quince trees, on private property. Several years ago, I picked one off the ground, not having a clue what it was. I kept waiting for it to ripen and soften; of course, it never did. I thought it was some sort of pear, and eventually threw it out. 

Then I read about quince! During a walk recently, I spied these two on the ground and picked them up. They've been on my kitchen windowsill for a week or so, and I think it's time to do something with them. I think I'll poach them. Do you cook with quince?

All the tomato plants have been pulled up and green tomatoes line the rest of the windowsill. I see this one is ripe and will be good in a tomato-avocado salad for dinner tonight.

The fire came on again as I write this post. Alas, it's time for me to leave it and head off to school. Although my classes are not until afternoon, I go in early to prep and mark. Today is The Great Shake-Out Drill - a region-wide earthquake drill. All schools take part, as do government facilities, hospitals, care homes, and more. So Tim will be involved, too. It's good to be prepared. I hope it's not pouring rain when we evacuate the school this morning. 


  1. In Late Winter we ate Pears caught my attention. I do love reading all years long. I would enjoy very much reading with that view, very hygge. Oh an orchard and old fruit tree. The very best.

  2. I love to read but of late I have been so busy I have been falling straight to sleep. I like to read for an hour or so before bed. I have never done anything with quince so look forward to see what you do with it.

  3. I do hope it wasn't raining when you had to evacuate the school this morning!
    These drills, fire drills etc. are an important part of school life ...

    Lovely photographs on your post and I do like to see the books you are reading.
    I'm reading an Historical novel set in the 1860's at the moment which I'm enjoying.

    Enjoy the rest of your week.

    All the best Jan

  4. Wonderful stack of titles to savour. . . "In Late Winter We Ate Pears" is particularly delectable although I wonder if I'm imagining from your post that the title might have exceeded the interest of the rest of the book? I'll be curious to know what you think about the Barbery. I've read Hedgehog a couple of times, loved it!, and read Rhapsody, but a review I read last year on Elves has put me off. . . I'd trust your judgment.

  5. I used to be such and avid reader, Lorrie, but since I found social media, it has decreased, which I am sad to admit. I saw a book on your shelf by Gladys Taber, she was one of my favorite authors.
    Thank you for visiting me, and for your lovely comment.

  6. Oh, those quince do look like pears. I don't think I'd have known what they were either. I have been loving the fresh pears at our local market, lately. And your stack of books looks like a feast for the imagination. I left a reply to your comment on my blog. Hope you got out of the drills without having rain!

  7. I love reading, but mainly do it at bedtime . . . there are so many things to do during my day that I wish for a 36 hour day once in a while, just to catch up, LOL Your living room looks so comfortable. I'm sure you enjoy that fireplace a lot this time of the year.

  8. So nice that you have time in the morning to relax, gather thoughts, and share with us. I am off to look for Clodagh!

    1. Oh...forgot...quince...let us know how the poaching goes. I have never tried any.

  9. I was a huge bookworm when I was a teenager. I still read now, but not as much as before. I think I read the same hygge book last summer. Hope that the drill went well!

  10. What a lovely Autumn feel to your home. The blustery rain is still hitting here, so I suspect it is still hitting you. We've had almost 4 inches of rain in the past few days - I love the sound of a good storm, so long as I get to stay indoors to enjoy it - and a good book. I'm always looking for a good book to add to my list - and several of the ones you featured look great. I'm also going to the link for the new-to-me cooking show on youtube, I get a lot of good ideas for seasonal cooking from youtube. I just quickly watched her recipe for cheesey cauliflower bake and have already added that to our Thanksgiving menu. Happy rest of the week, enjoy your fire.

  11. Lovely way to start a fall morning. I do like to read when I have a good stretch of uninterrupted time on my hands.

  12. Your room looks very comfortable and perfect for reading. I belong to a book club so we read a variety of books to discuss each month. I like "hygge" and yes, we've been practicing it before we knew what it was ...hah! The earthquake drill is a good idea. one never knows where one will hit. I experienced two in New York and one on San Francisco--minor ones, but still disturbing.

  13. It’s hard to think of you in an earthquake zone. I would definitely say you are a hygge person with all your lovely posts about homely things. It must be great not to have to rush into school early. B x

  14. It looks wonderfully cozy in your home. I read all year long as well as knit. I have never understood those who only knit or crochet in the cooler months. Have a good weekend.

  15. I would have no idea what to do with quince! Nor, would I have recognized what it was. I'm not sure why I feel the need to reveal how much I don't know, ha! The book on Hygge and your comments made me laugh because that has been my thoughts too.

  16. I see a Stillmeadow book there! I have most of her books and reread them constantly. What a great writer! We had our Shake Out drill on Wed. We are out of school for MEA this week. I crawled under my food table out in the lunch room and got a big laugh from the principal. We get quite a few earthquakes over here, so good to be prepared. Have a great weekend! :) Kit

  17. Love to see a stack of books with reviews...
    I have made note of those titles.
    I am devouring Glass Houses by Louise Penny.
    The sun has popped out here this afternoon and it looks lovely on the autumn leaves.

  18. Lorrie - it was a nice touch to include your slippers in the photo - makes me feel right at home! Thanks for the book tips - I just finished Wild by Cheryl Strayed and am going to the library over the weekend to pick up something new. I like reading, but it usually takes last place to many other activities such as blogging, crafts and outdoor fun.

  19. Your room is beautiful and looks so cozy and inviting...LOVE the vignette with the books and hydrangeas!

  20. So cozy!!! I will get back to reading soon, I hope.

  21. Even though the fire JUST went out, your surroundings emanate a feeling of warmth and coziness and comfort.

    I also had not heard of quince, until I came to live in Greece, and as I type, there is a platter full of the gnarly fruit on the kitchen counter. The Cretans like to make preserves with it, infused with ginger, lemon and cinnamon. Who knows? I might give it a try, after my fig jam debut!

    Happy weekend,

  22. I could spend a very happy afternoon with that pile of book. What an inviting reading corner you have.

  23. Forgive if this is a second comment but they keep disappearing on me--your blog and one other. I've not heard of quince and wonder what it tastes like. Your living room looks so cozy and the glimpse of your slippers makes it more so--hygge for sure!

  24. Thanks for your lovely photos. I'm reading presently : Delilah's Daughters by Angela Benson

    Happy you dropped by my blog today Lorrie

    much love...

  25. I always have a couple of books going on (usually a non-fiction and something light) -- and I always have. Before I retired I used to think about how wonderful it would be to have all day to read if I wanted to.... but I actually don't read as much now as I thought then that I would. I think blogging has replaced some of those hours (but I learn so much from this hobby as well!)

  26. In Late Winter We Ate Pears was the catchy title that made me read further in your post, only to find out that you didn't find that book so useful :-)

    I love pears and am glad we have winter types in the stores all season long!


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