Bright and Cold

When our temperatures hover around freezing here in the temperate rainforest, we call it cold. Those in more northerly regions scoff. Cold is a relative term. 

Spring is en route, but winter continues to hold sway. Frosty nights are followed by bright sunny days. It's enough for flowers to appear, such as the Henderson Shooting Stars above. The glow of colour in the background is a naturalized lawn of crocuses and shooting stars.

The crocuses are just beginning to open, tentatively unfurling a petal or two. 

In the late afternoon, a gnarled Garry Oak stands out against the clear sky. 

We walked quickly, for we had dressed according to the sunshine, not the temperature. Brrr. It was good to come indoors to the blast of warmth. 

Our Valentine celebration was a simple affair at home, made special by the effort of setting a table with a vintage tablecloth given to my in-laws on their wedding day 63 years ago today. China, crystal, and linen lift a meal to a celebration. 

Tonight we lingered over dessert (chocolate souffle cakes), tea, and candlelight, chatting together about the years we've spent together. No regrets at all about choosing each other.

One more bit of green - I do love moss. Happy Valentine's Day to each of my readers.  


  1. It sounds like a lovely way to spend Valentine's Day!

  2. Your table looks lovely. The early flowers always seem special. Today was a beautiful day.

  3. Your gentle posts so often soothe me and remind me of quiet, sweet
    delights. I don’t yet feel like going for a walk on the cusp of spring, and
    perhaps not for weeks yet, but I felt the yearning rising as I read this. It is
    wonderful that you and your Beloved walk together and enjoy your days in
    easy companionship. Your Valentine table was beautiful.

  4. Sounds like a lovely way to celebrate Valentine's Day. Your table looks so pretty and the food has my mouth watering. The shooting star is a sweet little flower. So nice to see the early signs of spring in your area.

  5. Lovely table, and heartfelt words. I like the look of a naturalized lawn. Ours here in the country is full of wild violets, and plantain, and other things. I like it very much.

  6. Chocolate mousse cake, looks delicious. Would you like to post the recipe?

  7. Your Valentine's table looked so lovely as well as the salad and dessert...sounds like a sweet evening! Those were some gorgeous belly shots of the beautiful blooms and the moss. Speaking od moss, that is basically what our front/back yard is made up of...there are only tiny patches of grass to mow but if it wasn't for this lovely moss, we'd be sitting on red clay. I love it when we have a good rain and the moss looks like bright green velvet. :)

  8. Sound like a the perfect Valentine’s Day .. and brisk walk, Spring flowers and an intimate table setting ( Sigh) for two ... I must admit that I really did want to sit down at you table to enjoy that delicious peach salad and chocolate dessert.. both, just happen to be my favourites( ha ha) I really miss Vanc. and all the lovely spring crocus...Thanks for the lovely memories and peaceful teatime.

  9. Such a lovely way to enjoy Valentine's Day. Beautiful table!

  10. Sounds like a perfect way to celebrate Valentine's Day with candlelight table, to enioy a deicious dinner and lingering over dessert and tea with someone you love.
    Lovely to see the signs of spring on the Island.

  11. Sounds wonderful, a very beautiful table setting. Loved the table linen, I bet that would have some stories to tell.

  12. Beautiful purple flowers against the green. Perfect. Your valentines table look perfect too. Glad you had a lovely meal. B x

  13. I've been doing a little catch up on your most recent posts. Oh my, they have been balm for the soul and such beauty for the eye. Your Valentine's table setting created such a pretty spot for a lovely evening together.

    Wishing you a beautiful day...
    Brenda xox

  14. Your table looks lovely and the menu delicious...perfect for a week night Valentine celebration.

  15. Such a pretty table and I love that you used your inlaws' wedding gift on the table. Like your initials by your places too!

  16. A quiet meal at home with the one you love ... aren't we blessed? Even more so since you don't have regrets (LOL).

    I too like the "T" and "L" to mark your places, and the cut-out candle holders.

    I can tell the days are lengthening, although we added 3 inches to our blanket of white yesterday! I am counting on your photos to be reassured that spring will arrive!

  17. The pretty flowers are just what I needed to see on this rainy day. I thought I saw online that Vancouver received some snow this week? I loved that your Valentine Dinner included your beautiful RA Lavender Rose china!

  18. Often blogging tends to focus on the photography, with the narrative often after the fact, but I most enjoy and appreciate beautifully written prose, and I enjoyed this post very much for your exquisite narrative.

  19. What a lovely way to honor your family's love. The tablecloth is a great treasure .

  20. Your Valentine's Day sounds so special. Yes, the blue skies can be deceiving. That first picture is just stunning, the colors are so beautiful. Oh nature does delight us.

  21. What a special thing to do for your Valentine's supper by using the vintage tablecloth given to your in-laws on their wedding day 63 years ago to the day.
    I have the impression that Spring in your corner of the world is at a similar stage to ours.

  22. le jardin se réveille doucement
    pour le mien c'est des héllébores et des jacinthes
    bientôt des jonquilles
    et une belle table avec plein de bonnes choses à croquer


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