Friday, February 26, 2021

Friday Five: Home and Garden


This morning I looked out of my bedroom window at 6:30 am to see the fat gold full moon shining over the Sooke Hills. Each day is a bit longer and a bit brighter. 

My seed order arrived recently. In a week or two I'll start some seeds indoors, but most will have to wait for a month or two before planting. I love looking at these packages of potential and I think about working the soil, and the warm days of summer to come. 

This week I pruned roses and then dug the last of the winter carrots and beets from the garden. Although the tops mostly disappeared, the vegetables are fresh and crisp. From the carrots I made a smooth ginger-flavoured soup with coconut milk and froze enough for three meals for the two of us. 

Quick pickled vegetables - here radishes, red onions, and carrots - add bright crispness to salads and sandwiches. A simple 1-1 vinegar water solution with a bit of sugar and salt is the base. I add peppercorns to the jars, the onions also have a clove of garlic, and the carrots are good with a sprig of fresh rosemary. A couple of days in the fridge and they are ready to go.

These two darlings have been staying with us for a few days while their house is being painted. We've all restricted our contacts and it's positively delightful (and delightfully chaotic) with a 20-month-old and a 3-month-old. There are have been songs and games, tower building and books, cuddles and giggles galore. 

I picked up these tulips at the grocery store this week. Our garden tulips are weeks and weeks away; they are just now poking sharp leaves up from the ground. Bright colours are mood-lifters as we wait for spring to arrive. 

February is almost over and March will follow. Will it come in like a lion or like a lamb? We'll have to wait and see. 

Our weekend involves family and more home keeping. A walk is planned, and there will be good food to enjoy, and the busyness of two little ones. I am grateful for the time I can spend with them, and that I can help out in small ways. 

What does your weekend look like? 


  1. If the current weather continues - at the moment it is perfect with blue skies, sunshine, and new flowers opening daily, then March will appear like a lamb.
    Iris and her sister look delightful little girls, and it is so lovely that you are all able to spend a few happy days together.

  2. Your soup and your pickled veggies sound wonderful. What beautiful littles you have there! Today we are having our new appliances delivered with the exception of the fridge which is backordered. Other than that no plans have been made for the weekend.

  3. The darlings are absolutely adorable. Grandmothers have important work to do in this world. It sounds like a busy, special time.

    Somehow I imagine that flowers are already blooming there. Guess that I am being unrealistic. Have a blessed March! 🪴

  4. What a wonderful time with the sweeties. Enjoy!

    I envy your signs of spring! We are weeks from such hope.

  5. What wonderful little additions to your home for a few days. Love the hair on both of cute! I can imagine the chaos of two little ones taking over your home, especially the one who is mobile! Enjoy your weekend.

  6. Good that you have had your family around, I can imagine all the fun times you’ve had. I’m seed planning too at the moment, hopefully some sewing in seed trays next week. I can’t wait. Those tulips are beautiful. Enjoy your weekend. B x

  7. Your soup sounds delicious wonderful! The seed packets are a welcome site spring is near.

  8. Hi dear Lorrie -
    Love that you get to enjoy the 'littles' while they are just that! Grow too quickly as we all know.
    Lovely tulips - I haven't discovered any fringed ones yet, but will keep on eye out as I love them.
    Soup is a daily thing here too - leek and potato yesterday, curried butternut squash today - and yes, addition of coconut milk is always a plus to the orange veggies I find.
    Impressed by your seed packets - they will keep you busy - told you retirement isn't for the lazy - makes us all even busier than ever!!!

    Happy weekend - Mary X

  9. Having those two little ones at your house sounds busy but still so much fun,.

  10. I have noticed recently that some English seed companies are producing beautifully decorated seed packets. They make one feel so enthusiastic about what might lie within!
    What fun to have two little people, keeping you busy no doubt.
    I wonder if we are finally out of Winter here, as the last two days have been glorious, sunny and warm-ish. I've managed to do some garden work, potted Dahlias, a bit of weeding etc. Our gardens are bright with Daffodils wherever you look. It's a lovely season.
    Enjoy your family weekend.

  11. What a joy to have the little ones under your roof! I'm sure it was a treat for them too. All of the food you cook has such beautiful colors, Lorrie. Those small jars of pickled vegetables are so pretty. I love something cold and tart and crunchy with a meal. We're in for a spell of heavy rain so our weekend will be spent indoors mostly. Maybe a few things will get checked off my honey-do list!

  12. Lorrie, it looks as though you are saying goodbye to February with a happy tone. Those little ones are adorable. Miss Blue Eyes looks quite happy at the piano. Perhaps, a budding star?
    I miss the large vegetable garden we had when we lived in VA. I canned, froze, pickled and preserved everything that was there. It was fun, and I was younger.

    We had a rather busy time this past week. But our greatest accomplishment was our COVID vaccine. Oh, happy day! So tomorrow is planned as a slow day.

    Have a great week, Lorrie.

  13. The Tulips are lovely and so are those adorable little ones!
    I will try making the pickled vegetables. It sounds very easy.

  14. I used to love going out to my garden to harvest a few carrots and kale in the dead of winter. - Margy

  15. I love to see those seed packets, it gives us hope for spring! And your soup and pickles sound amazing! You’ve been busy and what beautiful little ones! They are so cute! Nothing like the little ones to bring life to the home, keeps us on our toes, I had to go back and take another look, they are so cute,, beautiful babies!

  16. Oh those faces!! So beautiful, you are so lucky. Look at all your wonderful seeds. It looks like retirement is going well. 😊 Take care and have a great weekend. Kit

  17. Lovely little faces!
    I think I need to buy some seeds pretty soon. I like to have sweet peas in summer, they smell so nice!
    Today, we have our daughter and husband and we will have Birthday lunch together ans maybe a little walk.
    Have a good day.

  18. Dear Lorrie,
    Thanks for the reminder to order seeds. Your packets look like they have more than 20 seeds in them unlike seed packets we get from our seed companies. It is so interesting that you live north of us yet are able to harvest winter vegetables in February.

  19. Im sure that they are endless joy in your lives!!!!! I hope someday to be Grammy. They are adorable. All that hair on the baby reminds me of Allison. I am glad you told us you are being very careful. We have to be. While things are getting better here, in the USA, and more people are getting appointments to get their vaccines, we still must be vigilant.

  20. What darling girls! Our snow is finally mostly gone. I’ll have to take a look tomorrow and see if anything is poking up in the garden.

  21. What a joy to spend time with those two darlings, they are a delight. I am looking forward to getting together with family when we can. Spring is here and has given us a boost with a little sunshine.

  22. That sounds delightful, although I'm tired enough with a 13 and 10-year-old! Ah, two weeks off, though.

  23. How fun to be able to spend time with your darling grands.
    I am taking note of your simple method for the pickled vegetables. My favorite salad at Panera includes pickled red onions which add such interesting flavor.
    The seed packets and tulips give such hope for the upcoming spring season.

  24. Such lovely children! I'm looking forward to seed planting time too. Warmer days ahead, I think.

  25. Oh my goodness . . . those sweet little faces! I know your house is (was?) busy, but so happy! Grocery store tulips are just the thing for this time of year as we wait for spring color and warmth! Our March came in like a lion this morning: rainy, windy, and chilly. But we're finally expecting a string of sunny days in a row, so I'll not complain. (Too late. I should have said, "I'll stop complaining.")

  26. There was a walk in my weekend, which was oh so amazing. The sun just revives me. Then seeing the flowers beginning to bloom I am in full glee.
    How fun to have two little ones to play with at your house.
    Your soup and pickles sound wonderful. We did just find a couple potatoes when we planted some peas this past week. They were in our dinner last evening.
    What is it about seed packets that just makes the heart happy and so hopeful. I love it.

  27. Your grandkids are growing so quickly!

    March came arrived here as a lamb: some flurries here, but nothing that stuck around.

  28. You inspire me! I dug my garden carrots yesterday and now I know what to do them them. Carrot soup coming up! And seeds. I must get organized!

    Sweet, sweet grands!

  29. That soup and the pickled vegetables look so good! You accomplish much! I'm happy as well to be able to have the company of grands. Our youngest is four, so I'm over those days where they keep you extra busy. It goes so fast.

  30. Lorrie - your grands are adorable -- how precious to be able to spend time with them! Our weekend was a mixture of "work" and relaxing, and this week we have had a significant warming trend - made me want spring to arrive!!! We actually sat on the deck this afternoon and enjoyed an adult beverage!

  31. Your soup looks delicious.
    Your Grands are adorable, lovely times you are having with them.
    Beautiful tulips, a lovely Spring flower.

    My good wishes.

    All the best Jan

  32. 06:30! Aren't you tempted to stay in bed a bit longer now that you've retired? I'm sure the mornings are very chilly. The soup looks wonderful and the little darlings are very darling indeed.

  33. There’s nothing like being with the little ones to bring us such joy!! You have certainly been busy since your retirement and I’m sure that brings you happiness.


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