Tuesday, July 13, 2010

How to Eat a Cherry

The short, but oh, so sweet cherry season is here. Juicy and sweet, cherries are one of my favourite summer fruits. It's so hard to choose between cherries, strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, oh and peaches and apricots. I love them all and try to enjoy them when they are in season.

The best way to eat a cherry is, of course, fresh. I pop the cherry into my mouth, pull off the stem, bite down and let the juice explode into my mouth. Then I carefully chew around the pit, not wanting to break a tooth for the sake of the sweet goodness.

But there are other ways to eat cherries. Today has been cherry day here. I made cherry jam (wonderful for filling cakes and jelly rolls, or on toast or scones) and also Black Forest Cherry Sauce. These are put away in the cool room downstairs for a taste of summer when the days dull and rain falls.

The sauce is wonderful served on brownies, vanilla cupcakes or ice cream. Chocolate and cherries are a perfect match. You can find the recipe for Black Forest Cherry Sauce by clicking the link to my recipe blog.

For dessert this evening I tried a new recipe from Patricia Wells' The Provence Cookbook. Oh my, it was yummy! Individual cherry gratins, with almonds. I'll be making this one again.

How do you eat cherries?


  1. We've just polished off a bowl of cherries - here's my recipe!

    1 bowl of cherries
    cold running water
    Wash cherries in water

  2. I purchased my first quart of cheeries today and they are almost gone without doing anything but washing them....just pick at them and they are so good.....:-)Hugs

  3. It's the middle of winter here... but now you have me dreaming of summer...


  4. I've only recently learned to like cherries in any form. What was the matter with me? Anyway, I'll be buying a bag and just popping them in one at a time being careful to avoid the pit.

  5. Here's a tale of how not to eat cherries. We moved from Oliver to Campbell River in July of 91. We had the movers carefully pack our canned cherries - perhaps 25 or 30 quart sealers. They unpacked them and lined them up on the garage shelves, We heard a huge crash and because our mops, brooms and dustpan couldn't be located the good news was I met our new neighbours on day one. More good news - the garage floor wasn't too badly stained. Lesson learned - always check to see if shelves are securely fastened on to the gyprock??? If so store only sleeping bags or egg cartons for recycling there...

  6. Beautiful post! Pondside and I have the same recipe!

  7. Aren't fresh cherries just the best? It wouldn't take me long to polish off your lovely row of cherries!


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