Thursday, July 29, 2010

Old Window Frames

Shortly after we got married the idea of using an old window frame for a mirror became popular. My husband's grandparents had lived on a farm back in the bush and the farm was still in the family. One Saturday we drove out to Willow River and poked about the old homestead and the farm. In an old shed we found this window frame and I immediately thought it would make a great mirror. We brought it home, Tim firmed up the joints, we ordered a mirror and it's hung on the wall for years.

Since moving I haven't hung too many things on the walls because we're in the midst of renovations. I sort of dusted off the mirror and propped it for this photo. Then it's back down to the basement until we get some more renos done.

I was quite tickled to find that the old window frame idea is once again (or still) popular. Here are some ideas of what I've seen lately in blogland. As the saying goes, what goes around comes around.

Single Photograph Frame

Black and White Multiple Pane Frame (scroll down through the post)

As an art piece by Teresa Sheeley

Outrageous Ideas including garden dividers, trellis, windscreen

Jewelry Holder, Drying Rack on Old House web

Our daughter and her fiancé drove up last night for an all-too-short visit to do a walk through of the wedding itinerary. It's all coming together very nicely. I made these peach and blueberry parfaits for dessert. Mmmm, cool vanilla custard, sweet juicy peaches and blueberries that pop with goodness. I used my good friend Lynn's recipe, found her on daughter's blog, here.


  1. That's so true! Everything is going to come around again. That's just what my grandmother told me when she heard me singing a new song as a teen. "Oh that song is as old as the hills." The song? Winchester Cathedral ♪

    That dessert looks too pretty to eat!

  2. So interesting - The Great Dane has a collection of windows out in the shed. He's always meant to make a greenhouse out of the windows, but perhaps there's a better use.

  3. Enjoyable posting. I like how your window mirror photo gives us glimpses into other corners of your new home.

    And those peach parfaits look amazing! How refreshing on a hot summery day.

  4. Well, you live and learn, as the saying goes.
    I have a few mirrors with unusual frames, but these were made by artists. One papier mache frame is still intact, it's the mirror inside that's broken and I have no idea how it could be repaired.

    Those puddings look gorgeous, just as well I can't eat them, my waistband would not thank me.

  5. I have always loved repurposed window frames and yours is all the more lovely because of its family history. And those peach blueberry parfaits not only look delicious but they oh so pretty!


  6. Great idea, the mirror.

    I'll have the pics up from the photo shoot of my latest skirt on Monday. The previous post is the tute on how to make it. See you then.


  7. Hi,
    I am a fellow blogger from Victoria. I also love old windows. I recently took a trip to Edmonton and picked up an old farm window. I actually brought it home on the plane with me!
    Great blog, I am your newest follower.
    Check out my blog if you have a chance.


  8. Lorrie: I'm so glad that you stopped by. I came over to say "hello" and have been enjoying some of your posts. That is a tasty-looking dessert! I see that your daughter is getting married in September. Our youngest son was married last September. It was so much fun--the engagement, the planning, the parties and, or course, the actual event. I know you'll enjoy it all.


  9. Hi Lorrie

    I have this same mirror! My mom bought it in the early 80's and now i just painted it white and destressed it for my son's room.
    It looks great!


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