Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Walk to Tod Inlet

Monday was a holiday here so Tim and I puttered in the morning. Although rain was predicted we drove to the Tod Gowlland Park for a short hike. Tod Inlet is a quiet place, full of peace and beauty. Well, other than for one mean dog that was off leash (against regulations), wouldn't listen to his owner, and came so close to me, growling menacingly, that Tim got between us until the owner finally came and dragged the dog away. 

Tod Inlet is directly behind the world famous Butchart Gardens, and was once the property of the Butchart family. From this inlet Portland Cement from the family's factory was shipped out. These pilings, perches now for gulls and cormorants, are all that's left of the docks. 

There are a few foundations on the grounds, mute witness to the people who once lived here and worked making Portland Cement.

Overlooking the water, sipping tea (in new stainless steel mugs that I got for Christmas for just these occasions), 

and nibbling on a square or two of dark chocolate - such delights. Those blue pads on the bench are one of my husband's brilliant ideas. They are cut from old sleeping mats. He keeps them in his backpack and they provide great protection from cold, wet, and/or hard places to sit. Just a little thing that makes life a teensy bit more luxurious.

Rediscovering these haunts of ours is a real delight - we've been away for two years, yet we are slipping back into life here quite easily.


  1. Hello Lorrie,

    It's great seeing you! And OMG...the landscape is amazing!


  2. Your pictures a beautiful. We have gray skies and patches of snow. Enjoy seeing your view on the world. Andrea

  3. I've been away from the computer mostly this past month and just did some catch up reading on your blog. You've made the move I see. Your life seems so peaceful even with all the upheaval. What a blessing. I got to visit Butchart Gardens in 1984 and was just amazed at them. How lovely this is where you live!!

  4. Such beautiful photos. I would love a walk there with you.

  5. Did I say, I adore Your blog?
    Well, even if I did, I will say it again ...I LOVE IT !
    Stay well Lorrie!

  6. Anonymous2:18 PM

    It is so pretty down there by the water and such a lovely walk too, isn't it? Your photos are beautiful and so are you!

  7. Glad that you are settling right back in. What an interesting location and that first photo is so intriguing with all the different textures.

    Guess what I learned today from a fellow blogger? That one should do a You Tube search on one's camera model and learn new things there. Much easier than trying to read the manual online. Ohhhhh, yes, I've tried it. The things I am learning! Just thought you'd like to know that there is quite a selection for us.

  8. What a sweet husband you have to make sure you have a soft dry spot to sit on. Love your photos, Lorrie. You always go on such interesting walks.

  9. That's a walk that I love when the wild sweet peas are blooming. I've been swimming down there too - it's a lovely spot.

  10. This looks like an interesting area to walk around and explore. The stainless steel mugs must keep your tea nice and warm while you sip it.

  11. It looks like the perfect place for a winter walk/picnic! Glad you are settling back into your old nieghbourhood.

    PS Love the idea of the portable seat cushions!

  12. Have you already unpacked everything?

    well done!

  13. Well, fancy that, I love nibbling on chocolate too!! Well, perhaps less nibbling and more gobbling!!

    I'm so glad you're settling back in so easily - here's to a marvellous 2012!


  14. First of all, Lorrie, your photos are fantastic! Each shot so amazing and appealing. I love the pop of the red berries in your first photo.
    What a hero of a husband you have to protect you from the growling dog. I am so thankful that neither one of you were hurt.
    And isn't your husband so clever! I love his idea about the mats. CLEVER, I tell you!
    It looks like your outing was a great day! You even took tea. AWESOME! Thanks for sharing it with us.
    Down Memory La La Lane

  15. Delightful indeed, Lorrie! It's been awhile since my Farmboy and I have gotten out for a hike/walk. I think it's about time. Thanks for the inspiration!

  16. Fabulous photo's, still enjoying the new camera I see.
    I hope that tea was hot, you do look a little cold, even with the special seat pad!

  17. Anonymous7:04 AM

    What an inspiration (and brilliant on the seat cushions)! Your photographs are truly beautiful!



  18. My favorite photo is the moss-covered pretty!
    Cool thermos!

  19. So glad you take walks and let us enjoy as well with your wonderful photos. I am curious about the pines in the photo with the pilings. Are they being attacked as so many are here by the pine sawyers?

  20. What lovely photos you take! And I loooove your husband's seat cushion idea.
    In the first picture, what is that tree with the whiskery bits on it? So interesting-looking...and begging the question, what are the whiskery bits a remnant of?

  21. Beautiful photos Lorrie and those foam pads are a great idea. Glad you are rediscovering your favorite haunts!

  22. Lorrie, these photos are simply breathtaking! Any one of them could be framed as high end art, truly. I love the reflections...AND the one with the dark chocolate, too! ;-) You look marvelous, Darlink! What a nice way to spend some time with your sweetie.


    ps Thanks for the onion soup recipe...I look forward to trying it soon, as it is one of DH's favorites.

  23. What a lovely way to spend the day! Such a lovely place. Kit

  24. What beautiful photographs, all of them and particularly the first two.


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