Monday, March 19, 2012

Simple Spring #1: Apple Blossoms

"I'm afraid to speak or move for fear that all this wonderful beauty will just vanish...
like a broken silence."
L. M. Montgomery


  1. Aaaaah!! Nothing beats the beauty of Spring blossoms, and these words are perfect for your photo Lorrie.

    I posted on my bursting blossoms too - they are early after the mild weather and I'm sad I might miss the peak color in the color whilst away again!

    Enjoy each lovely day dear.
    Hugs - Mary

  2. Spring blossoms,,,,lucky you! We are having some dreary spring weather here, with wind and snow..uggh You have a great week!!

  3. completely lovely.

  4. You made me go and peek at my apple tree...nothing yet but oh how I look forward to those beautiful blossoms!

  5. Glorious spring blossoms!

  6. Oh my, don't I relate as well to the LMM thought you share. It fits perfectly with your apple blossom photo... now that's a glimpse of heaven!

  7. I love the photo and the quotation...enjoy your trip - but you're already there aren't you?

  8. What a delightful duo the poem & the photo are.
    Love it!


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