Wednesday, April 11, 2012

An April Poem and a Pillow

Did you know it's National Poetry Month in the USA? I did not until I read Vee's post about it. She asked her readers to share their favourite poem. So, being neighbourly and all, I thought that it would be appropriate for this Canadian to share.

These lines are extracted from Al Purdy's poem On the Flood Plain. You can do a search to read the entire poem, which, I will warn you, contains one word that might be offensive to some.

"Whatever I have not discovered and enjoyed
is still waiting for me
and there will be time
but now these floating stars on the freezing lake
and music fills the darkness
holds me there listening
--it's a matter of separating these instants from others
that have no significance
so that they keep reflecting each other
a way to live and contain eternity
in which the moment is altered and expanded
my consciousness hung like a great silver metronome
suspended between stars
on the dark lake
and time pours itself into my cupped hands shimmering"

These lines remind me to live each day to the full, to pay attention to the moments. 

On a completely different topic, I finished a sewing project the other day.

Many years ago I made a watercolour quilt, and ordered 2-inch squares from Keepsake Quilting. I also cut a large number of squares from fabric I had on hand. When the quilt was complete, I had quite a few squares left over. At some point in the past I stitched them all into 4-patch blocks. Those blocks have accompanied me on a number of moves. I was never willing to get rid of them.

This week, while unpacking my fabric boxes, I ran across them again and decided, "enough!" Do something with them or throw them out. This pillow top is the result - sort of bright and cottagey for spring/summer. Of course, today, when I decided to photograph it, it's raining.  But the pillow brightens things up.

Stumbles and Stitches, a blog written by two crafty friends, is hosting a "Feather Your Nest" contest this month. There's still lots of time to enter and create something. Clicking on the button link in the sidebar will take you directly to the pertinent post.

So, two questions for you - 

1.  What is your favourite poem?
2. Are you working on any creative project at the moment? 

Do share.



  1. Hello Lorrie. I, too, just posted a poem, thanks to Vee's reminder. What I realize about poetry is that it needs to be read several times, absorbed and read again. I like yours and will continue to read it throughout my day.

    I embroidered a small wall hanging for Wiley who doesn't appreciate it now, but when I'm gone, my hope is that she'll get a sense of the love I put into her little gifts.

    We visited her in Dallas this past weekend and the smiles she brought us were worth the 734 miles to drive there!

  2. You may have shared this before because I remember the imagery and would not otherwise. I agree with Cheryl...a poem must be read and reread to glean all the little delights. Then we could all do the "scientific" things like measuring meter and looking at rhyme scheme for even further meaning. Personally, I like the poems that do not have to be dived...small mind mine. Just because a poem means something on the face of it doesn't mean that it is not profoundly thought provoking as I found the one that Cheryl posted just a bit ago.

    Do it or toss it! That should be my motto. I'm in a slump with doing anything, including blogging.

  3. Dear Lorrie,

    I love the poem you shared and I will look Purdy up. Thanks a zillion for introducing me to his works.

    Lovely pillow. You are blessed with many talents and passions.

    I really loved what you wrote about sharing your life with birds. So heartfelt and perfect.

    Spring joys,

    Sharon Lovejoy Writes from Sunflower House and a Little Green Island

  4. Pillows and poems...perfect combo on an April day. The pillow spells spring...very pretty!

  5. I enjoyed my visit today .. enjoyed the poem and the photos.... the pillow is pretty and I love old spools! Wondering why we like those close up pics of everyday objects so much.

  6. Popped over after seeing your stunning piece for the Feather your Nest comp. What a lovely blog!!!

    Love Sarah
    Sew now we are four

  7. Love your ultimatum! Your pillow is lovely. My favourite poem is any poem that is read allowed to me. As for craft projects I've been thinking about hauling out the sewing machine my daughter left behind and altering some men's long sleeve shirts into something different.

  8. Pretty pillow! It's a poem written in fabric with thread... interlocking special memories... that the owner can easily read.

  9. I'm working on a lap quilt for an elderly friend. When we lived in the Okanagan she and her husband were next door grandparents to our children. It's almost done so maybe i'll find my box of small squares and sew them into fours and see if there's enough for a pillow like yours. It really is pretty! I enjoyed reading your favourite poem but one doesn't spring to mind now - i can't sleep and it's 4 am...Have a good week Lorrie!

  10. I adore the works of Emily Dickenson and Robert Frost. They always speak to me.

    Your pillow is gorgeous! I can see the love.

  11. I've got too many favourite poems to begin to list them here, but right now I'm working my way through Ann Scowcroft's collection The Truth About Houses and finding much to love. She's a Canadian poet, published by Brick books.
    As for creative endeavours, you know I'm having huge fun with the idea of making an illustrated journal . . . just got back from buying art supplies!

  12. Such a pretty pillow- love the combination of colors. It's almost like a watercolor work of art!
    I'm working on an altered book. As for poems, I love Emily Dickinson. Patsy from

  13. That is a lovely cushion cover.

  14. I love your pretty cushion. (Thats what we call them in New Zealand) I'm enjoying your blog.
    Cheers, Joan.


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