Monday, April 23, 2012

This, That, and Other Things

Our weather has been absolutely stunning! Warm, sunny days that fairly beg me to be outside. Friday and Saturday were spent digging, weeding and mulching. The yard, neglected by the renters for two years, needs some serious attention. Once I'd pulled all the weeds and invasive plants from the above patch, I planted some herbs and plunked my Japanese fishing ball in the middle. The irises were there already and should bloom in another month or 6 weeks. 

Sunday afternoon began with little on the schedule. Then our neighbour called saying that she had tickets to the opera, had fallen ill, and would Tim and I like them. After a short consultation we said, "yes!" We had never been to the opera. It was interesting and beautiful. The opera was Maria Stuarda, based on the life of Mary Stuart, Queen of Scots. The composer took great liberties with history to come up with a most dramatic plot. We probably won't be purchasing season's tickets to the opera, but we enjoyed the experience.

Little Miss spent a little time with us. I took this photo because she is wearing the same bib her father once wore - a handmade gift from a good friend. Travis is our second child, hence the #2. Little Miss enjoyed chasing her ball out in the yard after lunch and before her nap. 

Do tulip bulbs migrate? A few tulips came up in the garden where I don't remember planting any. Maybe the squirrels moved them for me. They are pretty wherever they choose to bloom.

Soon the lilacs will be in full bloom, too. I can hardly wait to sniff their fragrance.

The winner of the note card giveaway is Andi of Andi's English Attic

This week I'm the school librarian. Being around all those books is giving me lots and lots of ideas of what to read. I'm making a list. Next week I'm teaching and invigilating AP exams. So blogging will be a little slow. But I'll be here and there in blogland, seeing what everyone is up to. 


  1. I am SO thrilled to be the winner of your giveaway. It's made my day! :D

    I planted iris bulbs this spring. They are little green straws poking through at the moment. xx

  2. I love this time of year! We've been weeding and mulching too - preparing the vegetable gardens. I can't wait to get some planting done. We have had beautiful weather lately as well. It was 91 degrees here last Monday but it was lightly snowing this Monday - go figure! I guess the planting must wait just a bit longer.

    Have a great day!


  3. What a sweet little miss. Nice to see history repeat in the bib! :-) What a beautiful shade of pink that tulip is. Enjoy the library this week!

  4. Your granddaughter is beautiful Lorrie. I only been to the opera once and quite enjoyed it, would not get seasons ticket as well. Hope you enjoy being the school librarian next week:)

  5. Lorrie,
    I think my plants are shivering today! Congratulations to Andi on winning your beautiful French-themed note cards.

  6. Hello - you have all our good weather :(

    But our lilacs are out already!

    Lovely to pop in and see how you are doing. It seems we're both too busy to blog a lot at the moment.

  7. Sure enjoy keeping up with Little Miss. What a cutie.

  8. Thanks Lorrie. I feel like we sat down for a cuppa and had a lovely little chat. Enjoy the week!

  9. Now being the librarian sounds like such good fun. I don't know about tulips migrating... Little Miss #1 looks very cute wearing Little Master's #2 bib.

  10. You've taught me a new word: invigilating. I've done that myself, without knowing it!

  11. I used to run the school library when I was teaching, and loved having time to be amongst the books.
    It must be so good to get back into your garden again.

  12. Hi Lorrie,

    Your garden is sooo pretty! I especially love the pink tulips. And Little Miss is precious. :) Our son is 21 now, but I still remember those sweet baby and toddler days. I noticed you live in Vancouver, and I've always wanted to visit British Columbia; it looks like such a lovely and interesting area.

    Thank you for visiting my blog and for your kind comments. I'm very excited about our kitchen and so ready for it to be finished. Have a great week!

    Denise at Forest Manor

  13. Taking a few minutes to catch up with my favourite blogs and just wanted to say how much I enjoyed seeing what's going on in your part of the world. Little Miss is really growing up now!
    Will you share your book list, please Teach?

  14. So glad you enjoyed the opera -- I've never seen that one. We were at Vancouver Opera's Aida on Saturday.

    Your lilac seems to be a week or two ahead of mine -- I always find it tough to go away at this time of the gardening year, as there's always something wonderful I'll miss -- lilacs this year, sadly. Your garden looks charming.

  15. Perhaps Donizetti was a bit ambitious as a first opera experience. Do try again. How about Puccini? He is full of wonderful tunes, which you will all have heard before.

    The libretto of Maria Stuarda is based on Schiller's Maria Stuart; no great dramatist is ever very accurate to the historical original. You'll have to forgive them.


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