Postcards from the Road: Little Things

The grand vistas of jagged mountains and massive glaciers are only a part of the wonders of the Canadian Rockies. Looking down from time to time reveals delicate flowers growing in harsh conditions. Above is Fireweed, with snow-covered mountains in the background.

This plant, whose name I am going to have to research, grows on a moraine - the gravel piles left behind by receding glaciers. How anything grows on them is amazing. This plant carpets the ground beside Sunwapta Lake, formed by the retreat of the Athabasca Glacier.

Indian Paintbrush is a cheerful sight beside hiking trails and in alpine meadows.

This delicate columbine nods gently beside Lake Agnes, where we hiked yesterday. It was the only patch of them I've seen so far.

Here we send our greetings from a rock in the Bow River near Banff. A kind Australian tourist took the photo for us. Wish you were all here!


  1. Such beautiful scenery. I wish I had been that Australian tourist.

  2. Exquisite scenery and I like the way you softened those mountains with flowers in focus and mountains not so. Wonderful photo of the two of you. The tourist did a great job and you smiled so happily. The color of that water is amazing.

  3. Beautiful! We wish we could all be there too.

  4. It all looks beautiful. That fireweed is everywhere here at the moment too - we call it rosebay willowherb and I passed carpets of it yesterday growing along the sides of the railway en route for London - not as scenic as where you found yours though!

  5. Beautiful scenery and the flowers are amazing.

  6. Hi there, I am loving your postcards.

    Fireweed grows all over my home state of Alaska, but it also grows here in Switzerland in mountain areas. And just last week my husband and I were visiting Scotland for the first time and, you guessed it, Fireweed were all over the hills there too. I think its so beautiful.

    thanks for sharing your photos.

  7. wow so beautiful x

  8. Lovely pics of beautiful scenery and the wildflowers are gorgeous. The fireweed is the first plant to come back in burned landscapes, so very tenacious but apparently invasive in the home environment - so although pretty I won't be planting any, just enjoying it from afar!!!!

    Such a nice pic of you two perched on the rock............can see you are enjoying lovely weather for viewing this magnificent area.........wish I was there too!!

    Stay safe and have fun. Lorrie, as always, love reading your comments and thank you for taking time to leave them when you are traveling.
    Hugs - Mary

  9. I have just caught up on your travels. The scenery is absolutely gorgeous. The mountains and beautiful color of the water are swoon worthy. You have captured it all so well in your photos.
    Enjoy the rest of your trip and thanks for sharing it with us.

  10. Glad you are capturing all the beauty around you...

  11. Fabulous photos - what a nice trip. I've heard it said of fireweed that it got its name because it is one of the first plants to appear after there has been a forest fire (and of course it comes after logging too - it seems to like the barren spots)

  12. Such beautiful photos of have me wishing for another trip to the Canadian Rockies again! Love the last photo--cute!

  13. The photographs are all just gorgeous. Wish I was there too.
    What a nice photo of you and your husband too.

  14. You have captured the beauty of the mountains so well in your postcards! Thanks for sharing! How did you get to that little rock ? your feet don't even look wet!!

  15. Lorrie, I've enjoyed your photos of your vacation in the Rockies. Such beautiful flowers and scenery. We just got to Calgary yesterday from Chilliwack and enjoy a trip to Whistler and beyond following the scary highway along the Fraser River Valley. The mountain ranges are so beautiful and the glacial lakes and rivers so green. Blessings, Pam

  16. Haha, cute pic of you two! I have taken a raft trip on that river. It has a gorgeous setting!


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