Friday, June 13, 2014

Five on Friday

1.  A recent project - linen coasters with hexagons for a gift. These were fun to make. Hexies can be addicting. I have a growing basket of them that will one day, I hope, turn into a quilt or coverlet. The handwork is good for evenings, and I thought that they would be good to take on the boat, should I feel like doing something other than gazing at the scenery. 

2. Little Miss S celebrated her second birthday last weekend. Grandpa had fun blowing bubbles with her. Eagles eyes might note the life jacket sitting on the chair behind her. 

3. In preparation for future boat trips, Grandpa wanted the Little Misses to try on their life jackets. Miss A agreed with alacrity and then wouldn't take it off. She wore it throughout the party. Miss S on the other hand, wouldn't hear of trying it on. Perhaps she didn't want to cover up her party dress. 

4.  My last post referred to school and hospital. On Thursday I assisted other teachers in chaperoning Grade 10 students to the P.A.R.T.Y. program at Victoria General. PARTY stands for Prevent Alcohol and Risk-related Trauma in Youth. In small groups we made the rounds through the hospital, from a crashed car from a real incident to the ER trauma room where a fellow classmate with simulated injuries lay on a bed, blood and bandages on the floor, tubes everywhere, to the morgue and former autopsy room, to rehabilitation where several brain injured victims told their stories, and more. It was graphic and rather hard-hitting. We hope it saves lives and health as students think now about how to handle risky behaviour.


5.  My bedside posy. A white Bolero rose with a few sprigs of lavender and some lemon balm. Subtly fragrant, it will surely be a great inducement to sweet dreams. The idea came from Jooles of Sew Sweet Violet who is sharing a monthly bedside posy. I do love flowers in the bedroom. And the living room and kitchen and dining room. But I don't want to denude my rosebushes entirely. 

Plans for the weekend? We hope to take the family boating on Sunday for Father's Day, so I'm planning a picnic. How about you?


  1. I do like the idea of bedside posies. My peony star in full bloom now and have lit up the house with their sweetness. We will be working in the yard this week end, a never ending project. Have a wonderful time.

  2. We have two of our grands celebrating new years with a double party this weekend. I know ours aren't excited about life jackets--or wearing coats, for that matter. It has to be frigid out for them to even consider accepting a jacket. Hope you have a great day Sunday!

  3. Lovely bedside flowers!

    That program sounds good, hope it helps them to think wisely!

    Your grand girlies are darling. Aren't kids fun with their quirks about what they like and don't like?

    My sister in law loves hexies! She's made a lot of them too! I'll send her the link to come see yours!


  4. I think all young people should see just how terrible the results of drinking are.
    Your posy is just lovely.

  5. Looks like you had a fun birthday party. Lovely flowers in the last shot! Have a great weekend ahead.

    Mersad Donko Photography


  6. Oh I do hope that program helps teens to realize all that can happen. Yesterday, in Portsmouth, NH, two walkers in their sixties were hit from behind by A 17-year-old who was drunk after attending an all-night graduation party. Both women are fighting for their lives; the teen is sitting in a jail cell. Such decisions end lives or change them forever.

    On a sweeter note...the girls are so darling and each with a personality of her own. Sounds as if the new TWO is right on schedule.

    Your project looks like fun, but I can't imagine your needing to do anything more while on the boat. Relaxing, taking photos, making meals, watching the scenes go by sounds like enough to do.

  7. Your coasters are adorable! I just showed them to my daughter who has promised to teach me how to make hexies. Fun!

    So now my curiosity is assuaged...and it sounds like a wonderful reason to take school to the hospital. Young people often feel invincible (I did), and some hard reality may sharpen judgement.

    Enjoy your Father's Day picnic on the boat!

  8. I love your hexies that you're quilting, Lorrie. Sweet pics of the little Misses. The P.A.R.T.Y. program sounds like a really good thing for high school students. They are at that vulnerable age where they think they'll live forever and that 'it' can't happen to them. I hope they got the message presented. I love your bedside bouquet. It must smell wonderful. Happy sailing this weekend! We might see some sailboats while in St. Andrews on Sunday.

  9. A sweet bedside posy and sweet Little Misses. Love the life jacket fashion. Oh the hexies - such a wonderful gift.

    I hope some of the young people learned something - it is hard being a teen and all the pressures there are on them. That sounds like a great program.

  10. My goodness - a second birthday already!
    Flowers in the bedroom are a wonderful indulgence. I haven't made a bedroom bouquet in ages.
    Sunday? I think that our Lillypad and The Great Dane will go out together and I will stay home to enjoy preparing a summer supper. I've had a busy week and the thought of a quiet house to myself is particularly pleasing.

  11. They grow up so fast don't they?
    Your bedroom posy is lovely...and thank you for mentioning my blog yesterday as I have met a few new people stopping by my rose blog post.
    Our darling grand daughter turns four today!

  12. Love your hexie coasters and the rose is beautiful! You asked if I felt nostalgic when seeing the farmhouse and the answer is yes....we loved that home.

  13. Little Miss S is adorable, happy belated birthday to her x
    That sounds like a very worthwhile programme, I hope it sticks in their minds.
    I LOVE your bedside posy, it's such a treat isn't it? thanks for joining in!
    wishing you a happy weekend
    love Jooles x x x

  14. Love the hexagon coasters! What a sweet project!

    Have a lovely weekend!

  15. I hope the kids take to heart what they saw and heard at the PARTY Program. It is easy for the young to think they are invincible -- sadly they are not. Love your bedside flower--beautiful--as our the Little Misses!
    PS: No definite plans yet, but we expect company soon;)

  16. That is a rose to keep your dreams sweet...what a beauty.

    Sorry I haven't been by for a while...but I do so appreciate everyone's comments.


  17. Looks like you had a fun birthday party. Lovely flowers ...Have a great weekend xx

  18. Darling granddaughter - I want one . . . or two . . . and I don't care what sex.

    A tough field trip, but if it helps even one kid/family then it is worth it.

  19. I always love seeing your handwork Lorrie and your hexi coasters are gorgeous.
    That's a great way to work towards a quilt, making a few each evening, the pile soon grows!
    Oh the party, the girls are so sweet - I love how Miss A kept her life jacket on - Grandpa would have been tickled pink about that!
    Quite a daunting hospital visit, hopefully it will have a lasting effect and prevent alcohol and drug dependency later on.
    I love the little posy in your bedroom, what a heavenly rose!

  20. A worthwhile field trip, I would think! I'm smiling at your little Miss who refused to wear her lifejacket. At times there is no negotiating...she is just going on strike! Beautiful bedside posy!

  21. Oh the hexies are lovely :) That rose is exquisite and the girls are adorable :)

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