Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Secrets and Blogger Woes

The title is more provocative than the post - but isn't that frequently the way with many news/magazine titles?

Secret is the name of the rose. Sweet fragrance that reminds me faintly of apples, showy blooms and watercolour-stained petals. Beautiful. 

As for the other - blogger woes - I have a question for you. But first an explanation. The comments for my blog go to an email account that I set up especially for blogging (a yahoo account). I read comments there. However, I've been checking my blog for comments lately and quite a number of comments are not making it to my email. So I've missed replying and visiting several blogs. Comments from Ann, Podso, Kitty, Snap, and Mrs. Rabe were the ones that didn't show up from my last post. Weird, eh? (said in my best Canadian accent)

I checked my Yahoo spam and other folders and the comments are nowhere to be found. Has anyone else noticed this issue? Do you read the comments on the blog, or through a forwarded email address? 


  1. Hi Lorrie, I read my blog comments via email and you know of course that I too have been having issues. I have no idea what is going on. In reaching out I have learned that many people are having difficulties as well. I am currently just rebuilding my blog in the hopes that whatever glitch has occurred will be eliminated. You may have also noticed that I reverted back to my blogger platform versus Google +. I'm just trying anything and everything to determine the culprit. As you were able to comment on my last post I am wondering if it my be Google +.

  2. I read my comments on the blog. I didn't even know about the email option. I guess I am waaaaay behind!...or just not paying enough attention. I haven't seen anything about this, but I have had trouble recently receiving notice of postings through freedburner - bloggers I follow post and I miss the posts.

  3. Anonymous1:50 AM

    I am having problems with blogger too.
    This is such a pretty rose. Thanks so much for sharing. I know the fragrance must be heavenly.
    Have a nice day

  4. Deanna (Mrs. Rabe) had the exact same problem recently! I check my comments by looking at the blog instead of an email so I can't answer for myself. (If I didn't check out my own blog, I wouldn't have any traffic at all. LOL)

  5. Gorgeous flowers, Lorrie!
    I get all my comments to my personal email account & have not noticed that any have not come through from the blog. I don't use Google+. Thanks for the heads-up. Guess I'd better go look on the actual postings to make sure. Doncha' just hate technology sometimes?

  6. My, the colouring on this rose is beautiful. I read comments through email as well and didn't realize there could be some missing. I have found a few in the spam file from time to time. Now I'll be checking, thanks for pointing this out.

  7. That is a gorgeous rose! I haven't really noticed any issues with comments but just now checked my comments and found two that didn't come into my email account. I read all my comments through email. I follow Maureen of It's All Connected and can't comment on her posts anymore as she's with Google+ and when I hit the comment box a new box comes up asking me to join Google+. I don't want to. I feel badly I can't comment on her posts anymore and I can't find an email address to write her about it. I wish they wouldn't change things so much as I'm getting too old to figure it all out! LOL

  8. Love your "secret," Lorrie! Makes me want to run out and buy this rose.

    For some inexplicable reason, I prefer to read comments that follow each post. I also receive email notification. Redundant systems help as I age! LOL.

    A visitor to my blog commented yesterday that I needed to turn off word verification so that more people would comment, but I believe that was simply removing the barrier (where you prove you're not a robot). Still, I'd check out your settings. I'm so new to blogging that I'm always searching for help on various questions that arise, so I'd try that too.


  9. It's almost impossible for me to comment here. I remember your saying how difficult it was at my place so valiantly I fight on...lost comments over and over to the point of rage and frustration. It should NOT be this difficult. Since I am having similar woes, it makes me wonder what's going on. No wonder blogging is slowing down with these frustrations. This is how I am trying to fight back. I write up my comment in an email and copy and paste it to the comment box. Sometimes it works.

    A rose that smells like an apple must be a very pleasant one indeed.

  10. Hi, Lorrie

    I may read comments on the blog, but definitely read and respond to them through email. Similar to Pamela`s comment, I can no longer comment on one blog (Ivy, Phyllis and Me) since it went to Google+; I`ve chosen to not set up an account.

    I`ll pay closer attention to ensure I`m not missing reading some comments. What a mystery!

    The roses are beautiful, by the way!


  11. What beautiful roses...I have my comments come to a email account. I have noticed that I am not able to comment on some blogs?? I agree with Vee that when blogging is frustrating, we tend to give up! I enjoy reading comments and see what others have to say....hope things straighten out soon!

  12. We discussed this on Deana's blog Creekside … she had missed many of my comments. I wonder if it's an aol thing (partly at least). The comments do make it to the blog at least. I also read mine by email and have found some gone missing. It's really frustrating. I should copy and paste this in an email to you!

  13. That has happened to me exactly the same Lorrie on my blogger. I have to go to my blog dashboard to moderate my comments - several do not come to my email account anymore either!

    That is a beautiful rose!


  14. Hi Lorrie, I love your rose, and can imagine how sweet the scent must be...your garden in the background is gorgeous.

    I have always read, and returned my comments through my email, it's a Gmail address, not a Yahoo. If it wasn't set up this way, I'm not sure that I would be able to keep up with comments, and visit bloggers on their blogs also.

    So far all of my comments have been emailed to me through this system that I have had as long as I blog...so I'm not much help there am I?

    Have you tried the Blogger forums, you can submit a question and there is usually someone who has the answer.

    That reminds me...I am going to post my email at the bottom of my post from now on, [ if I can remember, lol ] so it's easier for those who are not connected to G+ to leave a comment. I have had readers saying, and have problems with the comments box myself.

    I understand the thoughts of those above who don't like G+ but there are also those of us who do like it, and find it works well.

    Hope that you find a solution.


  15. I use gmail for the comments and have never missed one. I don't like yahoo because it always gets so clogged with spam - but gmail works great - and it is free.

    Love the coloring on the rose - and can almost smell it from here.

  16. Someone told me they had difficulty commenting on my blog if they had entered the blog through Bloglovin'. I wonder if that makes the difference for those bloggers' comments.

  17. I read comments on g-mail...and haven't noticed that any go missing. Love your 'secret'!

  18. Beautiful roses--I would love the fragrance you describe! I always moderate comments via my dashboard and never through e-mail. Have you contacted blogger? You probably already know, but there's a link to leave feedback through your dashboard page. You can also try googling the problem and see if you can find an article/forum where this issue has been addressed (the later has helped me a lot when I have had to deal with other blogger/computer/blog problems). Wishing you success in dealing with this frustration.

  19. I read the comments right on my blog and have noticed that Blogger has been very slow to respond lately.
    Often when typing a comment I hot publish and it disappears which I find annoying....hope that you can sort this glitch out soon.

  20. Hi Lorrie, I read them both ways...eventually. Usually first on my email ... my regular gmail account.
    I've just been frustrated with the spam that comes through (only to my email though) even with word verification.

  21. Hi Lorrie, I did find a tutorial that shows us how to use a limited Blogger profile, in other words I shouldn't be showing up as no reply any more...fingers crossed. If you get a chance will you try to reply to this email so I know if it worked.


  22. This is just a test Lorrie.

  23. Love the rose! I read comments that get forwarded to my email. No recent problems. Some blogs can be hard to comment on.... Not sure why. And I hate word verification. I've learned to not use certain words in my blog post titles to avoid drawing spam. Post titles show up in search engines. I had to change a post title once to stop all the shutter junk mail. Ha!

  24. Secret is the rose? How beautiful! And I hope those comments come through! EEEEE!

  25. What a gorgeous rose! I read my comments through email but I have a Gmail account for my blog comments. I suspect the problem may be Google+, it is very user unfriendly where Blogger is concerned (which makes no sense since they are both Google products??). I had my blog profile set to my Google+ profile for a while but I was having so many problems I reverted back to my old Blogger profile. No problems since then but who knows how long that will last!

  26. I have not noticed this particular issue and have not had it as far as I know but............?


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