Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Rosy Days

My floribunda rosebush is blooming. I wondered if it would. Last fall I moved it to a new place, from the front garden, to make room for an expanded driveway, to the back garden. I'm so happy it survived the move. These blooms were at the center of the plant and I just poked my camera in, snapped, and hoped for the best.

I'm in no way a rose expert, but the author of Hostess of the Humble Bungalow has written a wonderful little primer post on the care of roses. Hers are stunning.

A couple of weeks ago, Heather of Inspire Me Heather held a garden party. Just look at the her beautiful yard! She set up a very cozy party space under a tree. Pondside was there, and Sheila from Sheila Zeller Interiors, as well as Janice from Real Food Made Easy. It was fun to meet some new bloggers (and visit again with Pondside). Heather served some delicious nibbles and provided the recipes for all of them. She even had prizes at the end and I came home with the paper globe lanterns you see in the photo. 

Tomorrow I'm at school again. Actually, I'll be at the hospital, not the school. But it's a school program. I'll tell you more about it in my next post. 

Wishing you a rosy very-nearly-summer day.


  1. A garden fun! Today was definitely a rosy-nearly-summer day. Thank-you.

  2. That was a fun evening, wasn't it?
    I have roses at Pondside, but it's not really the right place for them, as no one spot gets adequate sunshine.

  3. I love the colour of your rose Lorrie - it looks very happy in it's new corner of your garden!
    What a beautiful venue for a bloggy garden party - I can just imagine the chit chat.
    Thank you for the links - I'll pop over and say hello.

  4. As soon as I saw the photo, I recognised Pondside!! How perfect to have a garden party in lovely weather.

  5. A sweet garden much fun :)
    Hugs x

  6. Only once have I been to a true garden party. It was just lovely. Most of the time, it's so hot by the time that garden time rolls around that we bring the party inside instead. That looks just wonderful. (And meeting fellow bloggers is something I have yet to do!)

    So glad the transplanted roses survived and bloomed.

  7. Gardeners should take time to party, to share their garden. Want a lovely lawn and a perfect place to enjoy the beauty. And I am quite scared to move roses. Yours is beautiful.

  8. Lovely that your rose survived the move and is blooming so beautifully too.
    The garden party looks like great fun. I'll have to visit the links now.
    Relieved to know that you are going to the hospital for educational purposes only :).

  9. Your rose is a lovely deep shade and I like how you have captured the light on the petals in your photo.
    The showy pavement series of roses have a rose quite similar to this one which I planted at the front of the bungalow by the driveway and it is growing like a hedge now!
    The party looks like fun

  10. A nice garden party in such a pretty setting.

  11. A Garden Party that you've not told about until now? You have the best restraint.

    Thank you for the link. That was such very good information that I had to pin it. I have often wondered the things that she answered. And I'm saving my banana peels today!

  12. Just visited a rose garden yesterday with the Small One (granddaughter #2). It was such a delight walking through the many kinds of roses and breathing in all that fragrance!
    Will take a look at all the links when I get a chance--I could always use more info on how to care for roses!

  13. Beautiful rose! I love floribundas! And the garden party looks fun! Really like the sofa on the lawn!

  14. I'm glad your roses survived in their new spot. They are lovely. And how lovely to have a garden party with other bloggers. I love the paper lanterns and lucky you to win them! My niece and her hubby were just visiting your beautiful island. They've been on a cross Canada trip for 2 weeks and making lots of stops at family and friends along the way. I hope you have a beautiful weekend.

  15. Oh, a garden party sounds delightful!
    (And now you have my curiosity at the hospital...)

  16. Anonymous11:07 PM

    Your roses are so pretty and I appreciate the link to the info.
    The garden party looks like so much fun!

  17. Beautiful rose! The wild roses are blooming here but our garden roses aren't even contemplating it yet. The garden party looks lovely, how wonderful to be able to meet your blogging friends in person!

  18. How fun. It is wonderful to meet other bloggers!! Clarice


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