Monday, August 11, 2014

Back to Everyday Life

Real life isn't always filled with pretty sights. Here's a photo of my basement freezer/pantry room. I've dilly dallied and avoided cleaning out the freezer, something I like to do BEFORE the current crop of berries and produce begins. Delaying just made the job a wee bit more difficult as I had to deal with the packages of this year's blueberries, strawberries, raspberries and rhubarb.

I took everything out, filled the coolers, filled boxes and covered them with quilts to keep them cold while the ice in the freezer thawed. While sitting here at my computer earlier, I heard a rather loud commotion and realized the ice had fallen to the bottom of the freezer. Time to get the towels, the soapy water and bend down, waaaay down. It seemed deeper this year.

Everything's back with the fresher things at the bottom and the others at the top where they'll get used up first. 

Three bags of cranberries didn't make it back into the freezer. They've been converted into cranberry sauce, something we enjoy all year round. 

Wild sweet peas made a little table decoration on the boat over the weekend. I picked another bouquet and it's sitting on my dining room table.

Something not so nice happened last week on the boat. I set my camera on a little shelf, under a window. In the morning there was a lot of dew on the outside of the boat and a little leak in the window seal - just a little one - but it dripped on my trusty Nikon. I fear the camera is now toast. We let it dry out and it will turn on but nothing else works. On the advice of a camera salesman, I'll be taking it into a camera store tomorrow. It might be that the cost of repair will not be worth it. We'll see. I've been using my IPhone camera instead. It's just not the same. I miss my camera.


  1. You'd be surprised what they might be able to do! I sent my Canon away for repair...cost around $100 and came back good as new and clean. I am sorry about this mishap, though your iPhone takes great photos.

    What a good job you got done today. It must be a good feeling to have the oldest things fronted!

  2. Oh no, I hope the camera can be fixed without a large cost. Either that or you're due for a new one?
    It's a good feeling when you get something organized but don't feel bad, we all procrastinate over summer.
    The sweet pea bouquet is pretty and I'll bet it smells wonderful.

  3. So sorry about your camera Lorrie. I use and love my Nikon too. Did you take out the memory card and battery to dry it out? I read somewhere that one should do that if it gets condensation in it.
    Now on to more positive things--I love your sweet pea bouquet! And the freezer? Well you're reminding me of another chore I need to get done before autumn:)

  4. Sad! I would miss my camera too. I have a freezer like that and probably should had defrosted it, but didn't. Next year for sure.

  5. Oh no!! That is a tragedy! I hope you have a solution soon!

    It is sometimes a challenge to return to everyday life after a lovely departure. And there you go and jump right back in with a big task and had yourself a productive day! Good for you!

  6. Hi, I adore your blog and love the header! I do hope your camera is not toast. Thanks for stopping by Behind the Garden Gate, I'll stop by and visit you again.

  7. So sorry to hear about your camera. I hope it's an easy fix. Great job on that freezer!!

  8. I am sorry about your camera! Hopefully it will be repairable!

    Those are lovely sweet peas.

    Our downstairs freezer (an upright) is in need of a defrosting and cleaning out! I dread it! But yes, it must be done and soon!


  9. Sounds like what happened to my camera once it took the dip in the Caribbean Sea! I have it sort of working but often it takes pictures when it wants to. Hope you have better luck. Darlene

  10. You did a great job defrosting the freezer, we love cranberry jelly too, especially with brie on a baguette.
    Hope you get your camera fixed.

  11. Haha, you are showing photos of "my" life as it is just now :-)

  12. Hope you can get your camera fixed - what a shame if not. Love the posy of sweet peas. It's amazing what you find in the freezer when you clear it all out isn't it?!

  13. Such a shame about the camera. These mishaps happen so easily don't they? Such bounty in your freezer !!

  14. I chose an upright freezer when we came back to UK, and it is easier to cope with...but not nearly so much room. Like you, I'm putting this year's produce in now.
    So sorry about the camera and hope it can be repaired.

  15. Love your posts Laurie,so filled with beauty and grace.
    Hope you camera can be fixed without to much cost.

  16. Oh I hope that you can get it repaired!! Meaning for a good price versus having to purchase a new one!

  17. I am sorry about your camera..
    Hopefully it get fixed soon..
    hugs x

  18. I've been doing lots of cleaning since returning from the States. So sorry to hear about your camera. I took my big Canon with me to Colorado but didn't use it at all. So much easier to just whip out my iPhone and snap away. I use it exclusively now, except when I want to get distant shots of birds or the moon. :) Have a terrific Tuesday. Tammy

  19. What a brave soul to post the darker side of life. You give us courage to tackle our own ugly corners, we all have them. Pretty peas. Hope your camera is ok, but you end up buying a new one.

  20. This post reminds me (unfortunately) that I need to wash out my refrigerator. It's a task that I keep putting off.

    Double gosh darn about the camera! I can recommend the BEST place to send your camera in for repair, if you are interested. I can also recommend the best internet businesses to purchase a new or used camera. Just zip me an email.

  21. I hope your camera can be fixed. You take the best photos! Sweet hugs, Diane

  22. hello lorrie,
    so sorry to hear about your camera!
    hope you get your camera fixed.
    the jam looks good. You did a great job defrosting the freezer.
    love the sweat pea bouquet.
    have a nice week,

  23. Hi Lorrie,

    So sorry to hear about your camera!Hope it can be saved without too much expense. Your sweet pea bouquet is adorable; I think I'd be staring at that instead of sinking into that freezer! But, you have so many goodies to store, so it's a good thing you got to it!

    Have a wonderful week!


  24. You inspire me....just yesterday I went to 'dig' in my freezer and realized once again that I need to do exactly what you just did. Fall is coming...but I think I'll need to get cracking before then.
    Sorry about your camera Lori!

  25. Oh that is so sad about your camera...augh...I totally understand.

    Have you tried putting it in a container of rice for awhile, it's supposed to work very well. Minute rice I think? But be careful that it doesn't get too much dust in it, maybe wrap it in a silk hankie or something.


  26. I always dread the freezer clean job. I am so sorry to hear about your camera. That is tough.

  27. Here's hoping the camera folk can work a miracle on your beloved camera.

    Must be the season for cleaning out closets and freezers and such. Sure feels good, doesn't it!

    And I love freshly made cranberry sauce.

  28. The dreaded freezer clean out, ours is way overdue as well! Beautiful sweet peas and so sorry about your camera, hope that it won't cost much to fix and get it back good as new.

  29. Sorry to hear about your camera, Lorrie. Praying for a little miracle with the camera techs. Good job on the freezer ordeal. One final note . . . it has been way too long since I have buried my face in a bouquet of fresh sweet peas.

  30. I can almost smell the sweet peas from here! So pretty.

    Don't remind me of freezers that need to be defrosted and cleaned! Oye.

    So sorry about your camera!

  31. I hope you can get it fixed! I have such a desire for a nice camera that I would be heartbroken if I did have one and something happened to it.

    I'll try not to envy your freezer since the best we've got here is part of the old refrigerator that lives in the garage. Of course, I'm sure that if I DID have one mine would stay a hot mess.

  32. I did clean and organize the freezer before spring - but it is already full full full. I got a lug of apricots to make jam - I might have to use some of them up to make room for the blackberries. Ohh the sweet peas are so wonderful. I have one wild sweet pea that planted itself in my new Snowball bush - it bloomed today - I am going to let it go to see and save the seeds - I love the wild sweet peas.

    I do hope your camera can be saved - I have my trusty little pink canon- dropped it in a bowl of ice water when I was blanching peaches. I scooped it up - dried it as well as I could and then turned it on - put it in a bag of rice and sealed it up - in a week the battery was long dead - but the camera worked again - I was very lucky. I have my big camera for scenery and long shots - but love the little pink canon for close ups, table settings and flowers.

  33. Those deep freezers are a pain to clean out but they sure work well! I know because we switched to a stand up one.
    I'm sorry about your camera!


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