Friday, August 22, 2014

Five on Friday

1.  It's been a week of getting things done. Feels good. Closets organized, carpets cleaned, and a little pre-fall gardening. 

2. There was a day spent with a friend, including two hours of walking which included views like the photo above. We've not had any significant rain for some time and the grasses are golden. So pretty against the blue.

3.  The tomatoes are ramping up their ripening - they need to be a part of almost every meal. Green beans and zucchini keep chugging along, too, along with the occasional cucumber. The heritage raspberries that produce in the fall are big and juicy although not quite as sweet as the summer crop.


4.  The new Louise Penny mystery will be out next week (Aug 26). I'm looking forward to reading devouring it. In preparation for the new book launch there's been a coordinated re-reading of her earlier novels, found here on Gamache Series. I wish I'd found it earlier. There are some wonderful essays by writers and editors as well as great discussions about the books.

5.  Today I'm planning to make some Honeyed Peach and Blueberry Compote. I'll let you know how that turns out. A little laundry, some cleaning and hopefully some time in the beautiful outdoors. That last photo - a harbinger of things to come. Nights are much cooler and noticeably shorter. Have you noticed it, too? Fall's coming. There. I said it. Guess I'm not in denial any longer.


  1. Beautiful photo of the view on your walk - stunning! Yes the days are definitely shorter and the evenings cooler now and there is already a feel of autumn in the air here too.

  2. What a beautiful leaf photo. There are red leaves on the sourwoods here already. I'm not quite ready for the new Inspector Gamache book but I am SO thrilled that a new one will be out soon. I'll click on that link! Enjoy your weekend! Hugs!

  3. Yes. There. I have agreed with you. I might feel sad except that I know we're going back to heat and humidity for the next week.

    Beautiful walk taken with a friend, if that photo is an indication.

    Wow! You've had a productive week! I felt good about digging up crabgrass until I read your list!

    Enjoy those tomatoes...

  4. That first photo is gorgeous- love the gold and blue together!
    I need to get out and check for more leaf changes:) I LOVE autumn--early autumn, but struggle yearly with the dark, rainy days that follow...

  5. I just finished a Beautiful Mystery and am waiting for How the Light Gets In from my hold at the library. I just might have to break down and buy the new one since I'll probably have to wait for ever to get on from the library...
    I feel like Gamache is my friend...
    Lovely photos of your five!

  6. Your week sounds wonderfully balanced to me, Lorrie. All of that organizing must feel great before the holiday season and all of it's busyness is upon us.
    Walking with a friend with that view in sight... sigh... a bit envious here.
    Interesting how the leaves all over are showing signs of fall, although our 96 degree temperature today made me think otherwise.
    Honeyed Peach and Blueberry Compote sounds delicious. It also sounds like a perfect late summer dessert.

  7. We're back to heat and humidity here though yes I have certainly noticed the shortening of days in regards to light

    Lovely round-up here :)

  8. Yes, the fall's coming. It's cooler now. 11'th was last hot day here, and the weather changed suddenly after that day.I started to look things ready for fall and I enjoy. Summer was the best ever!!!

  9. That's a beautiful walk, isn't it? I never tire of the blue sky, blue water and the changing colour of the trees and grasses.

  10. I've been mentioning the onset of Autumn as well, and now we've had heat and humidity too! Still cool nights and that is the true sign for me of the approaching seasonal change.

    You've had a good week. I'm not sure I've done anything productive, other than school with the kids.

    Happy Weekend!

  11. Yes, autumn is in the air. We, too, have had a productive week, punctuated with some carefree fun!
    Hmmm...I am wondering about that compote...sounds yummy.

  12. I will still deny for alittle longer. Last evening sat out amongst the trees sipping tea and noticing the coolness in the air and the sun setting earlier. Still many tomatoes and zucchini here in the garden, along with kale. Then the plums are beginning to ripen and hoping still that the figs will all ripen soon and not get devoured by the squirrels. Love the golden grass against the blue waters and sky.

  13. So I took a similar leaf photo. LOL. Yes there is the slightest hint of fall in the air in spite of our very hot weather. I love the striking blue of your first photo with the grass contrasted against it.

  14. Glad you had a good and productive week. And I'm very much looking forward to some cooler fall weather. I am not a fan of hot and humid summers!

  15. Oh that first shot is so pretty. You had a great view for your walk. We've had a few trees starting to change already too, so not ready for that. Hey I'm making Blackberry Peach Cobbler today. We must be in the baking mood.

  16. I'm back in my Louise Penny, working my way through the series and enjoying each book.

    Your salsa looks great!

  17. Fall...we don't see any of that in Florida...that is the one thing I really miss about living up North, the change as the seasons pretty!! Thanks for sharing!

  18. I wish Fall was coming. So hot and humid here, in a suffocating sort of way. How lovely to walk for 2 hours and have such lovely views. I've not walked since starting back to work a week ago. Have a super Sunday. Tammy

  19. It looks like you had a great week. We are just beginning to eat the little pear tomatoes - I'm so happy - the first time it has been warm enough, long enough for me to get some tomatoes (we live amongst trees).

    I've noticed the cooler evenings and shorter days - hasn't this been the most lovely summer? I don't want it to end - but I'm ready when the rains come - plenty of indoor projects to keep me busy.


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