Sunday, April 19, 2015

A Evening Walk in the Woods

My husband and I often walk after dinner. In the winter months there isn't much to see, unlike now when the light lingers on and delight lurks around every corner. 

We walk along our neighbourhood streets then onto paths through green spaces. The distance is somewhere between a kilometre and a mile, we think. 

 At this time of year fawn lilies bloom, their shy faces pointing downwards. I crouch low and tilt my camera up to capture its delicate structure. Bluebells grow in clusters, always beautiful. I noticed this pink flower recently, but haven't been able to identify it. Do you know what it might be?

edited Monday evening: Thanks to Vee and Materfamilias for pointing me in the right direction - Lunaria or Money Plant it is. I now remember seeing the round "coins" in the same woods last fall. 

Through the woods and onto a quiet street. The tree above is full of white blossoms and one lone branch of pink.

Up and around through another wooded trail. I had tucked a plastic bag into my pocket hoping that the lilac bush was blooming. We clipped a few branches and they will grace the mantel for about a week, filling the air with sweetness.


  1. Lovely - our lilacs are not yet in bloom although we have had cherry blossoms and the apple tree is covered in tight pink buds.

  2. Your evening walk sounds lovely, we walk together with Fleur every morning around 10.00.
    We have several favourite walks, all of them down country lanes, and it's remarkable how the scenery changes from week to week.

  3. What a lovely evening walk! The path of the first photo is so beautiful and a little bit mysterious, just like a good path is supposed to be. :)
    Lilacs blooming already!? We don't see the buds of leaves yet...
    Thank you for the beautiful photos & Have a lovely new week!

  4. Magnificent images from your walk and home. Lovely to see signs of spring.

    Mersad Donko Photography

  5. A wonderful habit you and your husband have together -- and lovely sights along the way. How nice to see the lilacs in bloom!

  6. A lovely habit and such beautiful scenery. You are so lucky to have lilac in your area. It doesn't grow well here so we don't get to experience its beauty and fragrance.

  7. Could that pink tree be a crabapple??? Whatever the name, it is beautiful, as are all your other photos. Your spring is so far ahead of us. We just finally have hyacinth & tulips blooming...except something ate ALL my red tulips again this year. Grrrrrr!!! I didn't get out there with the 'Deer Off" soon enough. *sigh*
    Thanks for sharing your world, Lorrie.

  8. What a gift this evening walk was. Nature really has been putting on a show for you lately. I truly am enjoying all the images.

  9. Isn't it a joy to take those walks and discover the changing springtime. Looks like a beautiful place to walk.

  10. Ahhhh...the delights of spring! Your walk is beautiful!
    Our lilacs are not yet in bloom, but it won't be long. Ron loves lilacs, so he clips some and brings them in every year.

  11. Hello Lorrie, an evening walk sounds lovely in the spring time.. The flowers are beautiful. I am hoping my lilac blooms nicely this season.. Wonderful images! Enjoy your day and have a happy week ahead!

  12. Hi Lorrie, I am also enjoying a bouquet of lilac . . . there is no sweeter smell than lilacs in the springtime :)
    Your photos are beautiful and that fawn lily . . . oh, we do not get such loveliness living here in the dessert. The wild flowers of the dessert have to be strong to survive and if you pick them they are so full of tiny bugs that it isn't worth bringing them inside. I guess they provide a well waited for home for the dessert insects, LOL.

  13. Lorrie,
    So wonderful to see the Spring blooms! I love the wildflowers best.
    My hubby and I walk the wooded trails too, when the snow leaves them!
    I bet your home smells sweet from the fragrance of your lilacs.

  14. Oh I remember walks like that so many years ago now...perhaps that lone pik branch of blossoms was grafted on to the tree. The fragrance of lilacs is so lovely in the house. I think they would look lovely on your mantle.

  15. Lovely sights from your evening walk. That fawn lily is new to me and looks so graceful.

  16. Mmm. So pretty there Lorrie. Lilacs smell so wonderful. It'll be weeks before they bloom here.

  17. Hi~

    Third try...

    1. I just tested to see and off it went without sticking. I was here this morning with a suggestion for your pink four-petaled flower. Now I've forgotten...if it comes to me... Could it be Honesty aka money plant? Will look more closely at the leaf.

      It is lovely, I am certain, to walk a white-blossomed way. Hope that you see some sunshine, too.

  18. The pink blossom looks phlox-ish. Given what I can see of the leaves, if the blossom were purple, I'd guess it's a Lunaria (Silver Dollar plant) -- and I did some quick research to find that the blossoms of a Lunaria can be pink. Hard to tell from here, though. . .

  19. We like walking in the evening too. . . . . . . until the heat/humidity rises and the dreaded mosquitoes start to swarm, all in about another month or so!

    I'd give anything to be able to grow true lilacs here but they just won't survive this far south. The perfume is so lovely, and trees covered with those beautiful blossoms bring back fond memories both of England and New England - two places I've lived where lilacs were unbelievably gorgeous and thrived so well. Only place better for lilacs was Mackinac Island, Michigan - I thought I was in heaven!

    Happy week Lorrie - I'm busy organizing and packing as we leave soon!
    Hugs - Mary

  20. Such a beautiful time of year to walk. I love lilacs. So far my plant only has 2 blooms a year. I hope it flourishes in the future.

  21. I see you have some ideas for the pink flower. It's so dainty and pretty. And how nice to have a place to walk in the evenings. Enjoy your week sweet friend. Hugs, Diane

  22. What a lovely route to take for your evening walks, Lorrie. In the next few weeks, I believe you'll be seeing more pretties popping up around ever corner. Love lilacs, and our one remaining bush, (there were two), has just sprouted two clusters of little buds and flowers, whose scent is heavenly. I'm thrilled, as they don't thrive in our temperate climate. Hoping to take in more of their fragrance, along with my other spring favourite, the peony, this spring, as I'm due in Toronto early May!

    Have a wonderful week!


  23. Lorrie, I think taking walks any time is so rewarding and yes, like yourself Winter is rather stark compared to the beauty that abounds now and in coming months. Happy week~

  24. You have a nice route to walk after dinner and I've been thinking about lilacs with so many bloggers sharing them. They abundantly grow wild along one of the lines and I like to drive out and cut them for my vases but that won't be until next month some time.

  25. Lovely flowers Lorrie, isn't it a beautiful time of year? The lilacs are sure early though, maybe a long hot Summer is on it's way??

  26. Beautiful place to walk....peace way to end a spring day.

  27. Such pretty flowers - what a lovely walk. I like the tree with two color blossoms.

  28. A lovely walk and the lilacs....can't wait for mine to bloom here though I think I'll be covering it with a blanket tonight or tomorrow night as we are to get freezing temps again.

  29. Oh I'm envious Lorrie - what wonderful Lilac photos - thank you!
    I'm imagining their delicate fragrance too!
    My daughter has several in her garden in France, sadly they will have finished by the time we visit this year.
    We can't grow them in Auckland as our Winter's just aren't cold enough.
    It sounds like an enjoyable walk at the end of the day!


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