Beside the Pond

The prairies are beautiful, in a very different way from our rocky island. This afternoon I took a walk around the ponds close to my mother-in-law's condo building. 

The poplar trees chattered to each other softly in the wind. How I love those rustling leaves. 

Several families of ducks drowsed on the pond, their heads tucked into their feathery breasts. 

I leaned my arms on the wooden bridge railing and watched for a long time, letting the sun soak into my back. Occasionally this particular duck splashed and stretched his wings, perhaps tired of napping.

Cattails lined the edge of the pond, providing shelter for dragonflies, ducks, and other hidden creatures.

This trio sailed by as I once again began my walk. Perhaps they, like me, were beginning to think about dinner.

Thank you for all your kind words, thoughts, and prayers for my mother-in-law. When we arrived four days ago, she couldn't get out of bed without assistance, but is now walking (with a walker), climbing stairs, getting to the bathroom, and becoming more independent each day. 

Crows are, to me, the quintessential bird of the prairies. They fly in great swarms, especially before storms, of which we've had a couple - great bursts of lightning and crashes of thunder that shook the house. 

We'll soon be heading back towards the mountains, away from the prairies. I've noticed a slight tinge of the season to come in the trees and air here. It's still lovely and warm, but the greens are dulling a little. How are you feeling about the ending of summer?


  1. Glad to hear your Mother in Law is on the mend. Such beautiful photos. I am saddened this year by the end of summer fast approaching as here the Summer started so late. Still time marches on.

  2. Your MiL's progress sounds to be in the right direction - it is very difficult when relatives get older and become infirm through health or accidents.
    The seasonal wheel keeps on turning and although it make me feel sad to a certain extent I also look forward with anticipation to what lies ahead.

  3. Glad your mother in law is improving!

    I am looking foward to the season change. We've been hot and humid here and I look forward to open windows and fresh air, changing leaf colors, and the beautiful autumn sky.

  4. Oh that is good news! One can't keep a good woman down. Many blessings, comforts, and strengths for her as she navigates her way back to good health.

    Your photography is always beautiful. I had to grin about the crows...they are ever present in my backyard. I think they are all over the place.

  5. I'm so glad to read your MILove is making such great progress! I hate the thought of getting old & falling so it encourages me that one can bounce back so quickly.
    The pondside ponderings have me dreaming of cooler hours...maybe next week

  6. Glad to hear that your MIL is on the road to recovery. I have mixed feelings about the end of summer. I like the longer days and slower pace of summer, but I'm looking forward to the cozy sweaters and pumpkin everything!

  7. Ah...such beauty and serenity in these calming scenes, Lorrie! Your words so very descriptive...I almost felt like I was there! So glad to hear your MIL is improving!

  8. Anonymous7:48 AM

    That's good news about your mother in law. Lovely walk photos!

  9. So glad to hear your MIL is doing so much better. That is good news.

    Had to smile about the quintessential crows ... we have a small family that use our feeders to help themselves. At first Momma was feeding the two young, and now they have to take turns at the tray feeder -- three on there is one too many. They are fun to watch.

    Your photos, as always, are beautiful and descriptive.

    Wishing you a pleasant day.

  10. Prayers for your Mother-in-law's health

    Beautiful and thoughtful post
    The pond is peaceful and fun to look at. It makes me want a bag of stuff to feed the ducks.

  11. Lorrie, glad your MIL has improved. This beautiful post has felt like a much-needed mini-vacation to me today. Thank you!

  12. That's wonderful news about your mother-in-law, Lorrie! And she also lives in a lovely area.

    We love crows! Never had them at all before but the stand of pines in our back yard here are full of them and they entertain us with their cawing. And seeing the ducks in the water above reminded me of my trip to the doctor's office early this week. We had to wait to park for a big family of Canadian geese to finish walking past our parking space. So strange for us to see that!

    Safe trip home and my best to your husband's mother,

  13. Good to hear that your MIL's health is improving.
    Love those cat tails...
    the Canadian geese have been flying overhead in their V formations honking loudly...this always signals that fall is not too far off.

  14. So happy to know she is doing so much better - hope her recovery continues and she will soon be good as new.

    Lovely pond pix - ducks have a good life when they have a beautiful pond nearby.
    Still triple digits here so unbearably hot! Hopefully some rain coming in perhaps tomorrow and over the weekend, we really need it. Everything is looking sad in the gardens and I can see some trees are dropping leaves already.
    Roll on Autumn - my favorite season.

    Take care, travel home safely.
    Mary x

  15. I am so glad to hear that she's improving and that you found space and time to enjoy the surroundings

  16. Good news about your mother in law. You had a nice walk - beautiful scenery. I don't want summer to end - ever. It is my absolute favorite season and when the days begin to shorten, especially in August - I am sad. Especially when our days don't begin to warm up until a month and a half after the first day of summer when the days are long and we could enjoy the warm evenings. I may be the only person in the world who doesn't care for Autumn - just skip it - get to the holidays and then on to the longer days. The maples are turning so you'll see more color when you get home.

  17. Water's edge always makes a walk interesting and more fun. You may linger longer and not get the cardio going, but there is something to be said for lingering longer. So glad to hear that your mother-in-law is recovering. Time, patience, and love go a long way. Will you be teaching soon? Kids here are wandering back to school. Great photos.

  18. Hi Lorrie,
    so pleased to know that MIL's health is improving and that you'll be heading home again soon. Since it was crows nesting in our chimney that caused the fire here back in April I'm sure you'll understand that they are not my favourite creatures! Autumn is certainly creeping ever nearer, we're having thunderstorms at night and there's a chill in the air every morning when we wake.
    bon weekend

  19. It sounds as though your MIL is gradually improving, excellent news ~ you and your hubby will be relieved!
    What peaceful, serene surroundings.
    I am okay about the end of summer, after all we still have beautiful September and (parts of!) October still to enjoy...Hopefully some lovely golden days :)

  20. Anonymous4:32 PM

    Lorrie, I am glad to hear that your MIL's health is a bit better. And I haven't noticed autumn approaching quite yet. It is still very warm and summery in the woods. You have given me hope though!

  21. Wonderful news on your mother-in-law's recovery process.
    The pictures from your walk are so pretty and gave me such a sense of peace as I viewed them.
    I am looking forward to feeling a hint of fall in the air. It has been so hot and so humid here. Can't wait to get outside again.

  22. I like autumn so the ending of summer doesn’t worry me overly. It’s the thought of dark winter afternoons which makes me shiver already.

    Your photographs still look very much like summer pictures, very beautiful indeed.


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