Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Glimpses from the First Day of Winter

There's not much winter happening outside around here. Our beautiful snow has melted and the temperatures feel positively balmy. Relatively speaking. 

How are you doing? Are you almost ready for the big day(s)? The angels on the armoire look ready to burst into "Joy to the World."

Here's a picture, taken in the dark hours of early morning. We're turning now, slowly, imperceptibly, but irrevocably, towards the light. The focus is on the garland, stars and ornament hanging from the chandelier above the dining room table.

Another view, with the focus on the china hutch. There's nothing like taking photos to make one realize that there are a few pieces missing here, probably in the dishwasher. 

Notice the crowded scene on the bottom? I artistically arrange the nativity set to fill the space. But a six-year-old grand thinks that everyone wants to get close to Baby Jesus and she rearranges my set(s) to reflect that. Would that we all crowd around Jesus, not only at Christmas.

Do you have your breakfast plans sorted? I made these Breakfast Strudels, a tradition in our family since 2004, and tucked them into the freezer to pull out on Christmas morning. They are creamy packets of scrambled egg in a cheesy sauce. Click on the link for the recipe.

Are there enough sweets at your place? Nah, didn't think so. I made a batch of Peanut Butter Squares, reminiscent of those infamous peanut butter cups. They went together fast!

Today is a quieter day. I have some hand sewing to do and plan to put on the last episode of the newest Gilmore Girls while I stitch away. Some last minute wrapping, then a house cleaning. What are your plans? 


  1. Oh I love how your granddaughter thinks! I have rejected so many Nativity scenes, including the Christmas postage stamp, because the closeness is missing. I do not believe that Mary and Joseph were aloof. They did not tower above the child. I see them very cozily together just as your granddaughter does.

    Your plans are coming together so well!

  2. It is certainly all coming together over at your house. I am ready so taking it easy for a few days. I love the way your Grandaughter rearranged the Nativity. Wishing you a wonderful Christmas.

  3. What a lovely scene. Beautiful decorations for this shortest day. I too have finished wrapping and now a quick clean, food shopping and then baking. Lots of Christmas music, log fires and candles. Bliss. I will investigate your recipes. Thank you B x

  4. Such great thoughts starting with your granddaughter! I'm going to think about how to share that!

    Your strudel and your peanut butter bars look great!

  5. How sweet of your granddaughter, Lorrie, of placing all the pieces close to baby Jesus! What a touching story.
    Your chandelier looks lovely, too. Those breakfast strudels look yummy, and yes please, I'll take a peanut butter square!
    I read your post on going home to your parents' house, and my heart was touched again. Seeing their sweet faces and then all of you, was so heartwarming. Merry Christmas blessings to you and your family.

  6. Such beautiful winter delights Lorrie! I adore your pearl garland on the chandy. Have a wonderful holiday and a truly healthy and Happy New Year!

  7. The wisdom of the young! Our manger scene gets rearranged with a lot more thought than grandma has put into it! I really should try the Gilmore girls sometime, everyone it seems but me, has seen it. I think a new series is coming?

  8. I'd really like to try to make the egg dish...I was going to say breakfast studle but I forgot how to spell it! lol I like the idea of freezing them. Enjoy your week! Sweet hugs, Diane (and now I'll go back and see how to spell e g g s! haha)

  9. Anonymous6:57 PM

    I love it when "littles" rearrange things to their imaginations. Too sweet. Breakfast strudels sound fabulous! I think I am mostly ready here. I did the majority of shopping today for our meals with just a few more things needed to finish things off. There are never a shortage of sweets around Christmas so that's the least of my worries. Blessings...

  10. All is looking lovely and tasty at your house on this first day of winter.
    So sweet how your granddaughter rearranges the nativity.
    I like the sounds of your breakfast dish and also the fact that it freezes well. I must check that link.
    I'll also check the peanut butter bars. I have made what we call "Buckeye Balls" which are a peanut butter based center rolled into a ball and dipped in melted chocolate. Your look much less time consuming.

  11. What a sweet reason to rearrange the nativity scene! We always keep baby Jesus somewhere safe and then bring Him out on Christmas morning and put Him in the scene and sing Happy Birthday.
    I love your hutch, and the pearl garland. Very pretty.
    Have a very Merry Christmas Lorrie. Blessings, Deborah

  12. So many lovely Christmas vignettes in your home -- each of these photos would make a lovely card!

  13. Wishing you a very Merry Christmas Lorrie, Hope you have a wonderful 2017!

  14. I love that they are clustered around Jesus.
    We will have oatmeal and fresh fruit, plus a stollen for Christmas morning. Tonight we attend the annual Christmas concert, which always brings the spirit of Christmas into my heart and soul.

  15. Lovely cosy pictures, Lorrie. You always make such tasty treats that I would love to try! Love how your little grand daughter rearranged the nativity sweet. Wishing you and your family a very Merry Christmas.
    Helen xox

  16. Lovely Christmas vignettes. I'm officially on Christmas vacation. Hurray!

  17. P.S. I don't have Netflix so I have to rely on the kindness of my friends to watch the GG reboot. So far, I've seen "Winter".

  18. I like how your grandchild arranged the scene on your buffet. Wishing you God's blessing in your preparations and family time.


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