Thoughts from the Garden

"In all things of nature,
there is something of the marvelous"

So said Aristotle all those years ago. The mosaic above was created last February, and I really can't better it. The protecting curve of petal, the cluster of stamens, the colours - all speak to me of the intent and design of God, the Creator.

Last year's spring growth was early according to the photos I looked at. This winter has been unusually cold for an unusually long time. Today, with temperatures around 6 Celsius, we dig some digging and looking. I transplanted the snowdrops; Tim did the heavy digging for moving a Portuguese Laurel from a pot to the ground, and for transplanting a small hydrangea bush. A few bulbs are poking up through the ground. 

In a sheltered corner this juxtaposition of life and death caught my eye. The empty shell of a poppy flower gone to seed, but underneath, springing up from the soil, new growth hints of the showy beauty to come when the poppies flutter their petals and flirt with the wind.

Here, too, a green budding hydrangea seems to look up at last year's papery blossom as perhaps my grandchildren look at me, recognizable, but oh, so different. 

I bought my first ever pair of Wellies! They are Joules Wellies from the UK and I love them! They are comfortable and squelch satisfyingly in the mud, and then wash off so easily. Much better than old runners. And the polka dots just make me smile.


  1. Your pictures are so lovely...and those boots are fun!
    Did you order them online?

  2. I love that spring is coming for you in your neck of the woods, Lorrie. Patiently waiting here!

    Love your wellies. They really are indispensable.

    Jane x

  3. It must seem strange not to have fluttering daffodils and stately tulips in your gardens at the end of February, thanks to the cold and snow the Westcoast has experienced this winter.
    We are probably at least 4- 6 weeks to seeing green sprouts in the gardens in Ontario

  4. Love the Wellies my daughter has the very same pair. Spring has hit here with beautiful shows of snowdrops and a lot of the spring bulbs are starting to emerge through the wet soil. Mother Nature at her finest, it seems that the window sills are all bare I usually have seed trays all over at this time of year. Beautiful photos.

  5. Love the poppy shell! I would snip that off and display it indoors. My mom used to always buy us new wellies in the spring. Always black and very shiny! I loved getting a new pair. You look quite stylish out in the garden now ;)

  6. boots! How wonderful! You'll want to wear them all the time! Beautiful little bud waiting to open! Hugs

  7. Ahhh spring. We are having snow over here - again. I'm just a tiny bit weary of the snow. My new hydrangea (lace cap) is living in the house until things warm up a bit. I hope last year's hydrangea has survived all this cold. My daffodils are just above the ground now but the ones down by the lake are showing buds. Love the photos, especially the one of the spent poppy - fantastic. Happy boots!

  8. I did some planting today as our Spring is early this year. Love those wellies.

  9. OK, so please explain to me why you have never owned a pair of wellies before? Is it not a thing in Canada? I can't remember my children, my husband or myself ever not owning wellies - they were compulsory for walking out in snowy weather, and you have lots of that. This is a very thought-provoking (existential?) post even without the wellies. Thank you. x

  10. Always wonderful photography and the wellies are terrific! I am very excited to report that my daffodils are up about six inches. They grow next to the foundation and under a wave of snow.

  11. I want WELLIES!!!!

  12. Your third photo is amazing with the truth it speaks. I like your new header--I think you have a fresh look there, right? And the mosaic is kind of breathtaking in its beauty! Have a good week!

  13. I'm loving your new wellies, Lorrie! Polkadots never go out of style!

  14. I can hardly wait until I can get into my garden. Sometimes I find skeletonized leaves that look pretty interesting.
    The polka dot wellies are very nice. I tried on my daughter's and couldn't get them off - they suction right to your leg and foot. Any problem with yours?

  15. I enjoyed your images and your thoughts from the garden this evening. Our Creator speaks through His creation!

    Love your cute Wellies!

  16. LOVE the wellies! The photos are hope-inspiring! Life renewal that comes with spring sprouts and buds always brings with it renewed hope. Beautiful.


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