Waning August

I went into Michael's today for a couple of things for school and was appalled to see not only fall decor items (I'm still in summer mode), but Christmas items, too! Waaaay too early.

The hydrangeas are fading, but continue to produce a few new mopheads of intense colour. They have been most reliable during this summer of intense heat and no rain.

We visited Hatley Castle Gardens over the weekend. I love the Italian Garden with the clipped boxwood hedges, the cool pergola, and the wide flower beds. 

Purple heliotrope smells like vanilla and babies to me. I think it looks wonderful here with the light grey artemisia. 

We're experiencing another intense heat wave these days and gardens everywhere are suffering. Lawns are crispy and brown unless heavily watered. 

I picked a bouquet of this and that from our garden - vibrant colours that stand up to the sun's heat. Dahlias, rudbeckias, blue salvia and oregano in flower. 

Our Akane (also known as Tokyo Rose) apples are ready for harvest. Unfortunately, the worms got to many of them. There are still plenty for applesauce, and for an apple pastry that disappeared in a real hurry. I hope to make another one once the temperatures cool down a little. 

Teachers are back to school this week, prepping classrooms, holding department meetings and gearing up for the students next week. It seems that we just ended school, and here we are again. I'm kind of excited to get started! 

Are you looking forward to September and cooler weather? 


  1. I so enjoyed your pictures, Lorrie _ so much color!

    I can understand your excitement to get back to school. New beginnings are always welcome. My daughter started back last week and with purpose, she sounds very happy!


  2. I can understand your dismay at Christmas items on sale already, I am only just beginning to think about Autumn. However for those of us that craft, we do need some items early so I do understand. How wonderful that you are excited to get back to school, it makes for a great teacher and rubs off onto the pupils. I have two Grandchildren that are starting school next week, they are beyond excited. Beautiful pictures, a joy to see the hydrangea.

  3. September comes too quickly for those involved in school. School is in full swing here and the traffic has noticeable increased because of it. I'm looking forward to volunteering in my GD's class again--we advanced together to grade three!

  4. I like to hang on to the summer as long as possible, but I am not strong enough to hold her back - an Indian Summer is a possible bonus and I am ever hopeful.
    I saw Christmas cards in one of the charity shops yesterday too!!!

  5. Beautiful photographs

    I noticed waiting to check out at the grocery store, a feeling like its almost Halloween there's so much candy. Then I saw the Halloween pumpkin faces on the display boxes.

  6. No, I'm not wanting to hurry August out of the way or summer just yet, even if Autumn is a favourite season. (It seems almost a crime to hasten Christmas when it's still flipflop weather.) Your photos are a joy to behold. Love, love that one with the burst of purple heliotrope against that silver cloud. I can only imagine the wondrous vanilla (yes, and baby) scent that drifts up.

    Wishing you a wonderful rest of the day...

  7. Definitely looking forward to cooler weather. The garden at Hatley Castle is gorgeous. Stay cool!

  8. Hatley Castle Gardens look fabulous and I loved all of your photographs.
    I do enjoy the Autumn season, but feel the year is just going by much too quickly!

    All the best Jan

  9. Yes, cooler weather is being looked forward to here. Isn't it amazing the colors in the garden seem to get more intense as we head toward fall? And apples are amazing along with other fruit this time of year. Our pesky raccoons have been taking big bites our of our plums this year, so only able to rescue about half the smaller than usual crop. The castle garden is amazing. How I would love seeing that in person if I come to Victoria again.

  10. Gorgeous flowers! I can't believe that September is only 2 sleeps away. Say it ain't so! While you're in the midst of a heat wave, we're experiencing a drop of temperature here and there has no shortage of rain!

  11. Wonderful flowers - the heliotrope and artemisia are such a striking combination. I am so looking forward to cooler weather and a bit of rain! Baking with apples is one of the best things about fall. Summer does go by fast, especially for students and teachers! Wishing you a fantastic school year ahead. xx Karen

  12. When summer ends I still feel as though I am waiting for it to start so I cannot bear to think about autumn yet, let alone Christmas! Beautiful photos and lovely summer moments!

  13. Summer goes by quickly for sure. - I am though looking forward to cooler days as we've had a hot & dry summer.

  14. I *am* in a hurry for autumn, but I don't like to see the commercial world greedily rushing the year along. Love visiting gardens with you here, your photography is outstanding.

  15. Hydrangeas are my favorite flower! What big beautiful blooms. I'm anxious for it to cool enough for us to start hiking again! Hugs!

  16. Would have liked to have been one of those who made the apple pastry disappear... and now I am hungry!! Beautiful photos of the garden. :)

  17. I dont know if that comment went through. I wasnt finished. Looking forward to my husbandgetting a new bike, a mountain bike, my fall KAL with Dee's blog, the knitter hunks and chicks votes, campfires,leaves turning amazing colors, my daughter coming to visit. Seeing how horses behave in cooler weather. The benefit for the Barns 5k in October

  18. Oh that garden is so lovely! Yes, I am definitely wanting cooler weather and we need rain so badly. Every morning I check the weather forecast and it is always the same, in the 90's and sunny. Plus we have all the smoke from the Lolo Peak fire. Argh! :) Kit


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