Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Rambling Thoughts on the Second Day after Christmas

A thin layer of ice lies along the far shore of Tod Inlet. Dull skies cast a monotone light over everything. Bits of snow remain in the woods and the path is icy with compact snow. Our boots crunch.

Early morning on Boxing Day (December 26). I awake around 8 am and my mind feels curiously blank. No mental list of tasks to accomplish. Nothing on the schedule. My head feels physically lighter, somehow, as if there is room inside my skull, and my brain can rattle around freely. 

The woods are infinite shades of green and brown. Tangles of moss creep along branches.

No lessons to plan. No student management issues to think about. No marking to do. (I worked very hard the last week before Christmas to get all the papers marked and back to students.)

Abandoned dock pilings, each with their scarf of emerald and cap of white, stand stoic in the cold. A family of placid ducks swims in and around the pilings. 

No meals to plan - there are plenty of leftovers in the fridge. In the morning I drank my tea and visited with our daughter and son-in-law (who foraged for their own breakfasts). I did make my bed. 

In a clearing, one small tree holds a few ornaments, placed there by an unnamed someone who likes to delight the passersby. A silver angel blows his horn announcing the good news of Christmas to all. 

We dropped off our daughter and son-in-law at his parents' place around noon, then stopped for a walk along Tod Inlet. 

The woods are quiet. Not silent. Quiet with soft plops of snow, delicate rustles of birds, and one loud crack of twigs that startle me.

I realize that it's been too long since I didn't have something demanding my attention. One of my classes has been extremely challenging to teach this semester. I look forward to the switch over, and new classes at the end of January. 

My camera doesn't want to focus on this single rose hip. Tim puts his gloved hand behind it, focus happens, he moves his hand and I snap the photo. Teamwork. 

We return home and I continue to do nothing. I read a little, write a blog post, drink tea, nibble on cookies. Not much conversation.

Moss against snow. How lovely it all is growing greenly. The world is awash with beauty. 

Today is Wednesday. Tim is back at work. There's still nothing in my brain. It feels delightful. I have a hankering for beef stew, so I'll go for a walk to the grocery store. There's a library book to return, too. That will make the walk a little longer. That's okay. I have time. 


  1. Lovely. I’m breathing in your cool green emptiness and imagining how beautiful your walk was. Those days straight after the hurly burly of Christmas are extra special I agree. Good to think you may have an easier term ahead. A bright start to the New Year. Enjoy your peaceful days. B x

  2. Isn't it wonderful? I'm becoming a big fan of this week in-between. Your team work photo is amazing! Good work!

  3. The down time between Christmas Day and New Year's is my favourite time of the year to be lazy!

  4. Yes, isn't it the best when you can switch off at last ???? I've been enjoying the holidays too. I had never been so tired in my whole carreer before Christmas.
    I hope you had a nice celebration, I'm only just catching up on blogs and everything.

  5. We are always on break this week between. I love it.

    Next week we have a daughters’ birthday and the next day our 30th anniversary.

    Savoring your words here and relaxing.

  6. "I have time." Those are lovely words, Lorrie! I'm so glad that you've had this time, this space for feeling as if there's room in your skull.

    It really is a luxury, isn't it? You've written about it so beautifully and your pictures of snow on that jade green moss adds to the sensory pleasure.

    A very happy New Year to you,

  7. I like your description of what's going on in your head after all the planning for Christmas is behind. I'm enjoying the fact that there are plenty of leftovers in the fridge.

  8. How wonderful to have special moments such as this. Loved all the pictures and the extra effort to capture the rose hip. Love days like you had.

  9. I love the mystery tree decorator! What a great and unique idea. I am enjoying idle brain moments, too! Soon enough the cacophony of elementary students returning to school will be among us!

  10. Beautiful photos, thrilled to hear you are able to have the idle brain moments.

  11. Perfect day. Beautiful photos.

  12. It sounds as if your head has been on overload and these days after Christmas are a pleasant way for you to have some soothing down time. The mind needs to rest...

    Oh I can not say how charmed I was by the ornament angel hanging unexpectedly from the forest tree. It truly did delight me.

    Hope that the beef stew is delicious!

  13. How wonderful and relaxing your day sounds. Great photos and I love the angel left in the tree. These days between Christmas and New year are wonderful for just ambling along not thinking beyond the next day, all too soon things get back to normal as we go back to our busy lives:)

  14. Simplicity. Your post is calming. The only green here is evergreens. We are under a small tiny blanket of snow. The lake looks so pretty with steam rising from it

  15. Ah! I can feel the peace and serenity. It's so nice to have nothing urgent to do except walk to the market for making beef stew. Such lovely photos of the still water and pretty mosses. What an unexpected delight to see the little angel hanging from the branch, too. xx Karen

  16. SO beautiful, I can almost feel the peace you experienced. I am working a few days this week although they seem to be full of changes and people canceling at the last minute. Enjoy your day.

  17. Happy Vacation!
    Your pictures are beautiful with the text. The dock pilings are a very interesting subject.

    Thank you for a year of wonderful blog reading and beautiful photographs!

  18. Such a lovely, soothing post, Lorrie. I am glad your head feels light and that you were able to take time to notice Mother Nature's blessings on your walk. x

  19. Your post conveys your peace. You have a great gift of writing. Happy New Year to you!!

  20. So lovely to see all the greens in your photographs.
    Carry on enjoying the Season and the holiday-time.

    All the best Jan


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