Thursday, August 09, 2018

August Break 7-9

August 7: Five Facts About Me

Oh dear. Do I go deep or shallow? Perhaps a mixture, I think, for this is supposed to be a "break." Here goes:

1. I am learning to be content. I'm more contented now than I was even 5 years ago. 

2. Blue and white will always be my favourite colour combination. 

3. I often push through fear to do the things I do. I've discovered that the worry often precedes the event/activity/project, and once I attend/set off/begin, the fears evaporate.

4. Being bored never happens. 

5. Curiosity often motivates me.

August 8: sky

Endlessly changeable and fascinating. 

August 9: happiness is...

Another tough one to nail down. Different things make me happy at different times. I think this is true for all people. It can be elusive, and like the sky, highly changeable. 

My family brings me great happiness. When they are doing well, I am happy. The converse is also true. 

I'm happy in my garden, even while pulling weeds. 

Teaching makes me happy. Interacting with teenagers can be challenging, but I find them fascinating and funny. Their lives are ahead of them and I'm happy to have a minuscule part in preparing them for adulthood. 

Reading. Hearing my grandchildren calling out "Nana." Cooking and eating. Laughing uproariously. Hugs. Playing jokes. Hiking. Holding hands. Sewing. Pink roses. Writing. Drawing. Being with friends. Sleeping. Swimming. A cold glass of water. Hydrangeas. The list could go on and on. 

The light is harsh in this photo - it's blazing hot outside today, but this "Secret" rosebush is outdoing itself in blossoms. I've clipped a few for the house and there are plenty left. It's one of the things making me happy today.


  1. I can empathise with much that you have written here Lorrie.
    Beautiful photo showing the droplets of rain on the blue petals - is it a Centaurea?

  2. I haven't visited for a while. I like the new look of your blog. I agree that pushing through fear and doing things we're afraid of can end up being very freeing. Wonderful to find yourself being more content as the years goes by. And yes, isn't it the "little things" (that are really big things) that make us the happiest? xo Deborah

  3. Lots of connections there. Your photos are beautiful, particularly the first one. Have a lovely weekend. B x

  4. A joy to visit and see the beautiful photos. I too have been more content as the years goes by and I can totally emphasise with some of your happy thoughts.

  5. Wonderful post and I can identify. Pushing through fear--you've expressed it well. I'm learning to do that more and more. Contentment and secure in God's promises paves the way for a bright future. Your last photo does look like heat! We are in the dog days here for sure... I sometimes wonder if it really is that much hotter, or we're just reaching our limit and ready for cooler days.

  6. Your first photo appears to be smiling. Wonderful post and photos

  7. Dear Lorrie,
    I love that you love teaching. Especially teenagers. You are playing a most important role in their young and impressionable lives.

  8. Being content is definitely a journey for me. Some days, one thing that goes wrong can put me in a serious funk, but I am getting better at consciously wrenching myself out of such a mood - after all, more things have gone right!!! I am NEVER bored - I usually find myself wishing for more time in the day … it is great that many things make you happy - I think that means you are likely to be happy most of the time! Enjoy your weekend.

  9. Such beautiful floral pictures! I tend to be a worrier so I can relate to fact #3.

  10. Love your August break. I have posted one or two, but just haven't kept up. It is fun though.

  11. A gorgeous post, Lorrie - exquisite photos and interesting reflections on life.

  12. I love how you have so eloquently shared your thoughts in this post. I found myself agreeing with so many of your heart whisperings.

  13. Another enjoyable read Lorrie … thank you.

    All the best Jan

  14. I loved finding out more about you, Lorrie, and seeing your beautiful photos. I'm a worrier, too, and like you, I'm affected by my family.

  15. Love your happiness list - we match in most things (I'm not a teacher so don't have that reference to happiness, but I do appreciate teachers who brave the world of teenagers to help guide them). One of life's pleasures is surely a glass of cool water.


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