Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Late Summer Musings

The rhythm of my years has been governed by the start and end of school for a very long time. My own schooling, followed by a few years off, then the schooling of our children, and my return to teaching have ingrained in me the thought of new beginnings come September.

However, before a beginning there must be an end, and so, to end the carefree days of summer, we took a short boating trip last weekend. After anchoring our boat in Annette Inlet on Friday evening, we ate a simple supper of soup and salad, read our books, and soaked in the peace and quiet. Later, I awoke in the darkness of early morning to hear the lovely soft sound of raindrops on the roof. Light rain fell for several hours and the clouds remained grey all day. 

After lunch, the rain eased up and we went exploring. I've long admired kingfishers and have despaired of capturing them with my camera. They are jittery birds who dart from perch to perch with a sharp chit-chit-chit to evade anyone coming close. I was thrilled when this handsome fellow remained in place long enough for me to get a few photos.

We walked through an abandoned orchard, now part of a provincial park, where apple and plum trees were loaded with almost-ripe fruit. This pretty doe stood under an apple tree, perhaps waiting for fruit to fall. Although the flies were terrible if one stood still, they didn't bite, but were highly annoying.

Cloudy skies mingled with remnants of wildfire smoke lent a melancholy air to the atmosphere. Grey skies, grey water. Landscape photos were not at all satisfactory, so I focused on the details. The golden grass speaks more of autumn than summer.

The path wound around the head of a small bay out along a narrow peninsula, through damp forests to rocky outcroppings covered with dry grass and weathered wood.

The trail to the light beacon is an old sheep trail, and I believe that sheep still travel it occasionally today. This bit of sheep's wool caught in a branch lends credence to that idea.

False dandelion seeds, perhaps a cat's ear, are ready to abandon the stem and sail away. 

Maple leaf samaras, called helicopters by children and adults alike, are almost ready to twirl downwards. 

Back at the meadow and abandoned orchard dozens of hawthorne trees are showing off their red berries. We were there once, in the spring, when every tree danced with pale pink flowers where bees were having a party. Here is the result of that party - food for birds for the winter. 

As the season changes, so does my schedule. No more days of getting up with several choices of what to do, or the choice of doing nothing much. I started back to work on Monday although the students don't return until after the Labour Day weekend. It's busy and exciting as we prepare for students next week, and I'm glad we had this quiet weekend beforehand.

Does the end of summer spell a change in schedule for you? 


  1. A lovely evocative post with beautiful photos. Like you September has always been a time of change for me. Cooler days mean more invigorating pursuits. We’ll be returning from Northumberland at the weekend and then time for a spot of decorating before more travel. B x

  2. You've taken some beautiful photos...very artsy! LOVE the trail taken under the bough of that big tree. And yes, seasons seem to change things for us even though we're retired. I like it though...I like change. Enjoy your day!

  3. Those photos capture the beauty of the season's transition. You have explored so many peaceful natural areas this summer. September and October are my favourite months for planning new activities. It always seems like the time to create new routines and order. It must be a "back to school" state of mind.

  4. Your photos are a thing of beauty and a joy forever. A pleasure to read your lovely post.

    Our weather has definitely shifted and it's cooler out, I'm still not quite ready this year to relinquish summer thoughts. Fortunately our garden is in fine form and full of much blossoming. Although many flowers are long done, there are so many others that first come into their full flush at this time of year. So I'm still 'summerizing'. A few more days yet and then I'll probably be ready to sign on to Autumn with my whole heart.

    Wishing you grace and great joy for the new school year ahead, Lori! xox

  5. Your post gives me that feeling I once had come September. I enjoyed my years of teaching, though I have no desire to ever do it again. My life is as open as it ever has been. Not sure that I am spending it well, whereas I can say that you very probably are—to be responsible for pouring good things into those young minds. Remember this: never be dull! May this year be filled with good things: joy in the journey, students eager to learn, stimulating conversation and sparks of creativity.

  6. Such lovely Autumnal photos. We are having cooler weather here and leaves are falling now. It's a time to start tidying the garden. Summer has gone by too quickly.

  7. I have just returned from moving my Aunt (95) into an assisted living facility. I have enjoyed the hot days of summer, swimming, kayaking and leisurely enjoying long summer evenings. There are signs everywhere it is coming to a close, but since I am retired I try to stretch it out on until Sept 21st.
    September often feels like a new beginning. This year I
    have the mindset to go through every drawer, cupboard and closet and minimize. September will also be a "No spending month", except for food and necessities.
    Hope to do more reading, visiting with family and friends and extending summer, if possible.
    Have a wonderful school year, Lorrie.
    Always enjoy your posts.

  8. I love the changing of the seasons, autumn is my favorite. We home educate but just like we are ready for our summer break, when August comes around again we are ready to get back to more of a schedule. I love teaching, and learning. I’m looking forward to crisp days, and fresh air, changing leaves, and campfires.

  9. So many lovely photographs.
    I love this time of year, Autumn is a fabulous season and I'm already looking forward to seeing the changing colours of the season as we go out and about.

    Enjoy these last days of August and have a fabulous September.
    My good wishes.

    All the best Jan

  10. Lorrie, you always take such gorgeous photographs! I can not pick a favorite! Life as I know it won't change much with the season. My husband will be definitely spending more time outside raking leaves though. :-)

  11. Gorgeous photos . If shaping is your nemesis you need my hat pattern ! No shaping, no needle changes! Easy peasy!!!!

  12. Oh, I love your photos! Especially the sheep's wool, and the path under the big tree branch. How splendid that you got a picture of your kingfisher :-) A good-bye from summer....

  13. There seems to be a buzz in the air even if I'm not starting school--there's a freshness to new beginnings. I only work part time, which I did all summer, but everything else that stopped for the summer seems to be starting up the same week--right after Labor Day (the grands have already been in school two weeks.) I might enjoy things starting up a little more leisurely! This was a strange summer in some ways, so that could be part of the wish for a wee bit more. Hope you have a great start to the new year.

  14. I remember tossing those helicopters up in the air as a kid. Now I know their real names.

    I think I mentioned before that I live in a University town so the City's energy always changes when the students return.

  15. Such a lovely way to celebrate the end of summer, dear Lorrie. I hope the new school year is a good one.

  16. You sure know how to enjoy your area. So pretty. Yes, once Sept hits I retreat a bit more inside. My thoughts and energy go into my home. Happy September! :) Kit

  17. Whilst appreciating natures beauty around me at this time of year - the leaves turning gold, the berries ripening, the start of a new school year, I also feel a sense of loss for those long balmy summer days as they draw to a close.

  18. It's funny because I don't really have a change in schedule now that I am retired, but I still feel the stirring of change with the shorter days and a bit cooler nights. Then my grandson starting to school next week also puts me in a different from of mind.
    Your pictures are just wonderful, every one of them. Oh, a kingfisher! Wow! lucky you. That would be so exciting. I get excited just trying to capture the hummingbirds. Love your grass pictures too.

  19. Lorrie - we finally have blue skies again, but I can relate to the grey skies and unsatisfactory landscape shots. In this case, there is a silver lining - your spectacular photographs! Like others have said, I cannot choose a favorite - they are all so wonderful. Being retired now, September does not translate to a change in schedule. But we have already ordered our season ski passes, and we are organizing our fall planting - wild grass seed, prairie wildflowers and some tree transplants. It's an exciting investment that means waiting until spring to see the results!

  20. Your lovely photos from the weekend boating trip make me realize how we have a long way to go to have signs of autumn around here - especially with temps. remaining in the 90's all this coming week! I'm looking forward to some cooler weather for our upcoming trip!

    Mary x


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