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Finding Lost Things: Part Two

This is the second part of a 3-part story. You can find Part One by clicking here

         In the evening, after dinner was completed, Alicia sat in the living room, her hands loose in her lap, thinking about how she should be making lists and getting started on Christmas once again. Jill and Ben were upstairs, presumably doing homework, but possibly texting with friends. 

          Kevin came into the room. “What’s up, Alicia? Something’s been bothering you – you’ve been so quiet for the past couple of days.” He sat down as she began talking.

          Tears pricked Alicia’s eyes. “It’s Christmas – I feel so overwhelmed by all I have to do.” She started talking and it all spilled out – the loss of hope and joy, the feeling of too much to do, the inadequacy she felt and the way anticipation had turned to dread. “I don’t want to feel this way. I want to feel the way I did when I was younger.”

          Kevin said nothing for a minute. She was thankful that he didn't rush in and console her with platitudes. 

          “I know you do the most for Christmas,” he said slowly, “so why don’t we switch things up this year? I’ll do the shopping for the family, I’ll organize the dinner, and plan the events. You take time for yourself and do what you want to do.”

          Alicia looked at Kevin and laughed a little. “Oh, Kevin,” she said, “I don’t think so. I’d feel so useless and guilty.” To herself she thought, “there’s no way he could do it.”

          Kevin looked at Alicia and tilted his head, “You don’t think I can do it.”

          She blushed, but said nothing. 
          Kevin went on, “Let’s give it a try. My evenings are mostly free in December. Christmas is such a special time of year. I know you enjoy the traditions, and I do recognize all the work you do. Maybe it's time to share the work.”

          They left it there for the night, and Alicia was grateful for Kevin’s understanding even if she didn’t imagine for a moment that he would be able to carry out Christmas plans as they should be done.

          At dinner the following day, Kevin broached the subject again. “Ben and Jill want to help. We’ve made a plan and you can just relax. I’ve made lists.”

          Jill went to get the calendar. “See, we’ve got it all organized.”

          There were days marked for baking, for decorating, and for outings. Noticeably absent was the piano recital and Kevin's work party. Alicia raised an eyebrow as she tapped the empty squares and looked at her family.

          "I love playing piano," said Jill, "and I don't want to stop taking lessons. But the recitals just make me nervous and I really hate them. So I've asked my teacher to let me off the hook this year." She gave a cheeky grin. "So you don't have to go and endure the recital."

           "What about your office party?" Alicia looked at Kevin.

           "We'll skip it this year. Not everyone goes every year, and this will be our year to not attend." He shrugged. "It's not that much fun anyways."

          “Okay,” Alicia said slowly, “I guess we’ll try it. I can step in if needed, right? What about the baking and the presents and the dinner…?”

          Jill, Ben, and Kevin looked at each other.

          “Nope” said Kevin, “if we’re going to do this, you have to let us do it our way and not interfere.”
          Mostly silent Ben spoke up, “We know what’s important and what we can leave out for Christmas and we can do it, Mom.”

          Alicia’s heart opened with love as her excited children continued to show her the calendar they’d created for her. They’d included a movie with her best friend, a manicure one afternoon, a promise of hot chocolate and popcorn when the first snow fell, the puzzle they’d purchased for her to work on, and more.

to be concluded...


  1. I want to be Alicia, please!

  2. Such a gem of a husband!

  3. I didn't anticipate this turn of events - now looking forward to the climax.

  4. I do hope that she will enjoy her Christmas and not do what many of us would do which is to try and make sure it is all done "our" way which we might see as the right way!!. Like many of us she has made a rod for her own back and now is the time to let go and try doing things differently. Good luck to the family as they do their share and maybe realise how much has happened as if by magic over the years and enjoy your fee time Alicia. Looking forward to finding out what transpires.

  5. I agree with Marigold Jam. I have handed the reigns over to my daughters and although it was difficult to sit back they did a wonderful job and we all had a lovely time.

  6. Thanks for sharing this with all of us Lorrie. That is so generous and kind. You are a very good writer and this story is inspiringl!

  7. Good plan. Looking forward to seeing how it plays out!

  8. I feel a new career as author is looming for you! Can’t wait to read how it ends :)

  9. Wow, I am so looking forward to the third instalment.

  10. Loved the twist, but I don’t think they’ll be able to pull it off either. Ha!

  11. I remember that feeling of being overwhelmed, of not knowing where to start, wondering if it would all get done. I would have dropped dead of shock if RH had said he would take care of it all! And if he had, just like Alicia, I would have not believed he could do it.

    Write a book, Lorrie! You've made me want to buy it already!

  12. I want to trade places with Alicia!

  13. I'm wondering how this will play out …

    All the best Jan


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