Thursday, April 18, 2019

On a Quiet April Morning

I'm thinking about Easter and the preparations for the weekend. Heart and home. Yesterday, after school, my eldest granddaughter and I made some bags of Muddy Buddies as treats for our Easter celebration. We enjoyed chatting and playing together, and she stayed for dinner with us. Now 8, she is growing up so quickly and I cherish the time I have with her, and with each of my other grandchildren. 

The quiet of this morning is more to do with the soft and steady drizzle of rain and the gray skies than with what's going on in my head. There things are flying around with wild abandon as I make lists and flit from one item on my to-do list to another. Just now, as I sit in my chair and watch the rain fall and listen to the quiet of the house my mind calms. It would be a good day for curling up with a book, or some stitching, and a cup of tea. That will have to wait. 

The fawn lilies are now in bloom in the woods, mostly white, floating like stars just above the mossy ground. I spied a clump of pink fawn lilies in the rain. Erythronium revolutum. I believe I prefer the white ones. These lilies are native to the west coast of North America. There's always a little leap of internal joy when I see them emerge from their flat, spotted, close to the ground leaves. 

Last weekend's Lemon Tart. This is a close version of the recipe I used, from Laura Calder. It's not too sweet with a decided lemon flavour and just enough pucker to satisfy. I made a press-in shortbread crust, baked blind, that worked well. 

Last night, after I took Adria home, the evening light beckoned me to the garden. I cut lemon balm - it's a bit invasive, but I let it stay because it can fill in gaps nicely in the garden, and transplants well. Maybe too well. On my walk the other evening I picked the first sprig of lilac. Lilacs will be the next flower to rush into spring. 

It seems to me that spring is full of hurry. The flowers tumble over themselves, all in a commotion to bloom. Snowdrops barely fade before crocus and daffodil and muscari and hyacinth rush upon the scene, closely followed by tulips and anemones. Now the cornflowers are forming blooms, and tight rose buds will emerge. It's unstoppable. Hooray for relentless spring. 
I feel like I can't keep up. I'd like to enjoy each one longer, if I could, but no, we move on to the next beautiful thing. The bustle can be exhausting! 

A bunch of spray roses came home with me from grocery shopping yesterday. I thought they were pinker than they are, but the soft blush is still very pretty. I lit a candle this morning, thanks to the rain. 

We'll be celebrating our Easter dinner as a family on Saturday evening this year. That's what works best for in-laws. It's always good to be flexible even if it means tradition sometimes needs to be tweaked a little. Dinner will include a baked ham with TWO sauces - raisin sauce and sweet mustard sauce - because it's TRADITION. Scalloped potatoes, probably some broccoli, bright carrots, and a fresh green salad. Dessert is still not decided. I'm debating between chocolate mousse and an orange chiffon cake. When I put the question to Adria yesterday, she said, "why not both?" Smart girl, that one. 

Thanks for reading this rather rambling post. I wish you all a most joyous Easter as we remember the sacrifice of Christ, and the triumph of the Resurrection. 


  1. The triumph of Resurrection! I like that . . . that's what Easter is all about. Such a beautiful post :)
    Thank you for your prayers, we appreciate them so much and consider them a true blessing.
    God bless you.
    Connie :)

  2. Easter is such a time of renewal and hope. Your lovely Spring flowers are so indicative of the beginnings of Spring, the start of a new season.
    Here the tradition is slow roast Spring lamb for lunch, with family.
    Have a truly blessed Easter, Lorrie.

  3. Anonymous12:53 PM

    Such a beautiful post, in words and photos, we are having the very same Easter dinner, well not the same sauces but the rest, I’m cooking carrots and making a broccoli salad, I’ve decided on lemon meringue pie and blueberry pie for desert, I also like the way your lovely Adria thinks lol,

  4. A blessed Easter with your family. Saturday evening sounds wonderful and a perfect way to celebrate a wee bit early. Adria must be a wonderful help in the kitchen.

  5. Yes, springtime is awfully hurried and busy - no wonder autumn feels restful, and still not boring :-)

    Fawn Lily is a lovely name *and* a lovely flower, which I didn't know before.

    A blessed Easter, Lorrie! (Orthodox Easter is a week after you this year.)

  6. Dear Lorrie - you are wise to take every opportunity you can to be with and enjoy your grandchildren. All of mine have now either left university, or are in the middle of their degrees, and only one is left at school - 'where oh where' does the time go. However, when they are older there are still delights to be have, we are shortly going to our eldest granddaughter's home and she is cooking us a meal.
    I have many huge clumps of yellow Erythronium pagodas this year, I don't think I have ever seen so many previously.
    Happy Easter to you and all of your family.

  7. I always enjoy reading your bits and pieces. The roses are lovely and I like the faded color--yes, so much beauty to take in at this time of year. Our irises are popping out now and put on quite a show. For some reason I think of them as ladies in a choir. But they don't stay long especially if our weather is warm, which it is right now (but that could change!) Can't believe how your grandchildren are growing (and mine ...). So nice to have them nearby.

  8. We are totally in sync with this lovely post Lorrie dear. Just as I am getting ready to bake my Easter lemon bars (and yes, also clipping lemon verbena which walks all over the garden but is pretty), I'm stopping to watch a torrential rain fall battering the azaleas to the ground. We are getting awful weather here in NC again today, very frightening with tornado warnings again perhaps later or tonight.
    Your so pretty and sweet granddaughter - such a lovely pic - I know you have fun together in the kitchen.
    Your Easter plans sound perfect - enjoy your time with the family.

    Blessings always - Mary x

  9. Hope your Easter plans are going well and you have a chance for some quiet time. The lemon tart looks delicious. I know just what you mean about the hustle of spring. Lilac out here too but sadly it fades too quickly and I fear I will miss it at it’s best as we are away for a week or so. Typical! Enjoy your Easter dinner. B x

  10. A lovely post. Thank you.

  11. Isn't it amazing how quickly spring flies!! Have a wonderful Easter.

  12. A beautiful post …
    It is so special to spend time with the grandchildren and I too cherish each moment.

    Your photographs are always lovely to see.

    Easter blessings.

    All the best Jan

  13. Memory making with young ones, quiet moments alone, lemon tarts, and flowers in bloom... all sound like bliss to me.

  14. I agree, both desserts! Your menu sounds wonderful! We usually have turkey but my store did not have the kind we like, so I am roasting two chickens. And a springlike picnic menu with noodle salad and deviled eggs. Cool and rainy here too! Have a lovely Easter! Kit

  15. Happy Easter to all ! Yourvsweet post brings lovely memories of special granddaughter time. And beautiful (but rainy) Pacific Northwest Easters... That granddaughter your post reminds me of will spend Easter with her three boys at their grandparents (our daughter and SIL) . Enjoy it all... we always did,

  16. Happy Easter to you and your family.
    How special to have one on one time with a grandchild.
    It seems that I have not noticed fawn lilies much until this year and have only seen the white ones. So very special. Lemon tarts are so yummy. Yes, I must agree that once Spring decided to come along it is in a rush. Our lilacs are just about to bloom too.

  17. What a lovely photo of your grand! The whole post is lovely. We are in bloom here too

  18. I so enjoyed your "rambling" post. Such a sweet grandaughter and your lemon tart looks luscious.

  19. I'm looking forward to times like those with my grands. For now we enjoy the newborn sweetness and toddler busyness. I trust you had a lovely Easter celebration. The best thing to celebrate for sure. Happy new week to you.

  20. After a rainy Easter weekend, we're finally enjoying some sun and warm temperatures.

    I know what you mean about the never ending bustle. After the holidays, I'm usually eager to put the decor away. But this year, I'm leaving my Easter decor up for a while...after all, the Easter season runs for 50 days, right?

  21. So...did you do both desserts? :) Hope you had a wonderful and blessed Easter!

  22. Lorrie - I loved this "rambling post". It was like being at your side for a day or two, and being able to read your mind. As always, your photos are spectacular. So lovely in their simplicity and composition. You are a joy.

  23. Hi Lorrie,

    I enjoy a rambling post; it's like sitting down in person with the writer and enjoying a nice cup of tea or coffee. :) Your granddaughter is such a lovely young lady; she has a perfectly heart-shaped face and her haircut frames it so well. I'm sure you two had a fun time together. I like the copper pieces in your kitchen; I can't resist copper myself. ;)

    Those fawn lilies are charming; we're on the east coast of the U.S., and I don't think I've ever seen those here. You have a wonderful variety of flowers in your own garden; I especially love lilacs, but they grow better in colder climes than they do in the south. Would love to try your lemon tart -- I never met a lemon I didn't like. :D

    I hope you had a Blessed Easter, Lorrie, and thanks for sharing you stories with us.



  24. Oh, your granddaughter looks so grown up in the photo you shared! How quickly the years fly. It is a joy to see them growing into their own person though, isn't it? I enjoy the company of my growing grands!

    Your "traditional" Easter dinner sounds delicious! I am wondering if you had both desserts! ;)

  25. What a lovely, lovely post, Lorrie. I always enjoy your writing and the beautiful photos. It must be part of spring's charm that it is fleeting and needs to be enjoyed in a hurry, but I also with that it would linger. Hope you all had a wonderful Easter weekend.

  26. Did the sun come out for your Easter gathering? I was so glad it did for us
    and the kids played outside. I love being able to bring some fresh cut flowers in now.

  27. Yes, definitely, Adria is a very smart girl! I know what you mean about cherishing time with the grands, Lorrie. Your Easter menu sounded wonderful, and yes, it's important to be flexible in this life. I'm sure your Easter celebration was a blessed one.

  28. I love the Marinas. Rememberings to Ireland... Thank you for sharing the fine recipes.
    Happy MosaicMonday


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