Tuesday, June 09, 2020

Here and There

"Daisies are the friendliest flowers" says Meg Ryan's character in You've Got Mail. This past weekend we went hiking and walked through fields of daisies. It looked as though an artist had taken a paintbrush and spattered white paint over a grassy green background. The daisies and grasses bent and swayed in the wind. The beauty of it filled my well. Several deer enjoyed the daisies, as well. How still they stand once they noticed us. So watchful. 

There was also a stroll through a marina where Small Fry floated next to the dock. This beautiful wooden boat was someone's pride and joy long ago and the current owner is taking good care of her. 

At home in my garden the snap peas are flowering. It's been a cool few weeks and the garden is poking along. I'd pick these flowers and arrange them in a vase if I didn't want the peas they will soon produce. 

John Cabot is blooming with vigor, and there are many many more buds to open. Promises for later. 

I've been drying herbs - oregano and bay leaves. Some I dry in the oven with just the oven light on; others in the dehydrator. The other day I needed a bit of dried parsley for a recipe and put the sprigs between paper towel in the microwave. That was fast and easy, but probably not doable for any great quantity. 

I picked a fist full of daisies and arranged them with a few garden fillers - lavender, feverfew, and ferns. They make a cheerful display on the coffee table. I recently read a couple of quotes about the scent of daisies - one said, "She smelled of sun and daisies" and I thought "Ew" because daisies, as friendly as they are, do not have a pleasant fragrance at all. 

I'm counting down to the end of school. Just a couple more weeks. I've handed out final assignments and am beginning to write reports. I will be so very glad when this strange school year ends. Students and teachers alike are weary, more so than normal because of Covid-19, I think. And no one knows what September will hold - I feel for our administrators who have been told to plan for every stage. 

What's blooming in your gardens? Do you find it a place of solace? I do. Cares fall away as I weed and pray and think. 


  1. The garden is a great place to think and pray. Loved all the photos. Hang in there for the next 2 weeks. Wondering about what school will look like for next year....

  2. Yes, I have been enjoying my wee garden. I am grateful that I feel well enough this year to work in the garden, unlike last. I found my heuchera flopping about not doing well just this evening. I dug it up, dug a new hole, plopped it in, seated it well. Hope it does better, but mostly I was impressed with myself. 😊 I never would have imagined last year that I could work in my garden again. In fact, I told my doctor in March that I was sad about not being able to garden. God is good!

    Daisies do smell bad, like paperwhites, and marigolds. I know how awful marigolds smell because they're in the house with me waiting to be potted. Tomorrow, I hope! We have had cooler weather for the past few days (I like it) and will have cooler days for a while yet.

    I can tell that you'd welcome warmer days. Hope that they come soon for you.

  3. I love seeing fields of daisies.

  4. Lorrie - I am writing this from Ohio, where I am visiting my Mom. She was ill in April, and this has been my first opportunity to visit her since the restrictions eased. I took a long walk around my garden before I left on Saturday, knowing it would be transformed in the week that I would be gone. I imagine the columbines, salvia, apple trees and many others will be in full flower when I return on Monday! I wish you a peaceful summer. For who knows what Fall will bring?

  5. This is the time of the year for wildflowers. I've noticed a lot of Lupines as well as the Daisies.
    June also seems to be when the flowers in our gardens are at their best.

  6. Delightful images! We have some irises and wildflowers.

  7. I dont know how I could cope without my garden, and often think about families in high rise blocks. I find that hard to imagine.
    Everything in my garden has taken on a new life after some rain showers, and it is lovely to see the new blooms opening.

  8. Your daisy collage is delightful - great tips for drying herbs, especially the one using the microwave, thank you.

  9. Thank would have been a wonderful sight with the daisies.. we're trying to grow a wild area in our garden, we have poppies but no daisies yet.

  10. That field of daisies is so lovely. I have roses, lavender and hydrangeas blooming now.

  11. Cheerful daisies always bring a smile. Seeing deer is even better.

  12. Lovely photos, Lorrie. Daisies and deer are happy images these days. The rain is making everything grow. My nasturtiums are huge!

  13. Your bouquet of daisies paired with the lavender is so cheery. I don't think I've ever sniffed a daisy. I guess I just assumed they had no smell. I did plant a packet of seeds. If they bloom this season I will make it a point to take a whiff.
    Yes, I do find solace in the garden. Hydrangeas are currently coming into bloom here.

  14. Beautiful photos. Such a calming post. Schools here are done this week. our friend a teacher of over 30 years retires on Friday. We are so happy for him. Im hoping to have a great garden this year. My goal is to donate the produce to our food pantry

  15. Dear Lorrie,
    I love your photo of the Doe among wild grasses and daisies. So reassuring when the rest of the world is upside down.

  16. What lovely photos. Especially the Doe in the grasses and daisies. We're enjoying our garden at last. Things are starting to take off, even in the wind. Of course we hope nothing takes off for Kansas or anywhere else. But my poor dahlias, they are getting battered and they are so beautiful right now. Otherwise we are well, even in the garden. The Peace Rose is giving us great pleasure. And the pansies think the cool wet weather perfect as they are sprightly and cheery.

    Your school year is counting down for sure now. Still, I always found the last two weeks the longest of the year (when I was a student), so I imagine you are feeling the same about now. Soon and very soon....

    Wishing you a wonderful weekend, Lorrie.
    Brenda xox


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