Wednesday, July 08, 2020

Little Things

It's often the little things in life that contribute to well-being. Some nights I lie down in my bed and think (or say), "I love this bed." My pillow is just how I like it. The cool air from the window blows across my face. The blankets are the perfect weight. All those little things add up. It's good to take the time and notice them.

Just now the frilly poppies bloom in odd spots in my garden. They self-seed and don't take too kindly to transplanting (although I've had pretty good luck doing so), and I let them bloom among the strawberries and onions as they like. That one snapdragon in the photo is a gorgeous colour, don't you think?

There was a family gathering on Sunday. Our Vancouver contingent is here for the week and we celebrated with a barbecue. Books were passed from one family to another, and here part of the donating family enjoyed reading a favourite story to the receiving cousin. 

The sweet peas have put out their first blossoms. I collected a small fragrant posy from the garden today - cutting sweet peas without compunction as the plants will make an effort to produce more, a Bolero rose and bud, a few cornflowers, and some lemon balm for green. 

Today, our 6-year-old grandson spent the day with me. We baked cupcakes. As he iced his he said, "When I'm finished icing this cupcake it will be glorious." 

Isn't that a delightful turn of phrase for a young man? I'm tickled every time I think of it. 

I am not a fan of orange in the garden, or in my house. However, a clump of bright day lilies has settled in next to a hydrangea bush in the front garden, and I have to applaud the pairing. 

More little things that have delighted me lately...

Lockdown sketches  - a charming way to remember these days

A video of how women got dressed in 18th century England (I'm delighted that clothing is much simpler now)

Tilda's World - fabric and quilts designed by a talented Norwegian, Tone Finnanger

I'd love to hear what little things are making a difference in your world these days. 


  1. A lovely positive post Lorrie. Sounds like the start of your holiday is going well with family staying too. The hydrangea and day lily is a perfect combination and such a gorgeous blue. My garden is keeping me sane at the moment like many. B x

  2. How wonderful to have family staying and to spend quality time with the little ones. The phrase your grandson used was a delight. Loved the stunning combination of the hydrangea and lily. Covid 19 has made me appreciate the simple things in life so much more it has opened my eyes to the beauty that we are surrounded by.

  3. I feel similar to you re: orange, but sometimes as in your photo it works. I have some orange tiger lilies soon to open and a purple verbena is busy snuggling up to it from behind. I hope the result is as good as yours.
    Thank you for the introduction to the lockdown sketches done by the lady from Surrey, they are charming.
    I am contributing to a journal called Plague20 which began in March - a daily record of twelve weeks of self isolation, social distancing, and lockdown from a variety of people around the world. Now the 12 weeks are over it is continuing on a weekly basis. At some stage, the future plan is for all the contributors to be able to meet one day.
    The idea for the journal was based on Daniel Defoe's: The Journal of the Plague Year, 1665.

    1. I enjoyed seeing the lockdown sketches and want to spend more time studying them. What a great idea to contribute to Plague20. I had not heard of the project before. However, I have been journaling my own experiences during these days of Covid-19.

  4. Glorious indeed!
    Orange isnt normally allowed in my garden but i have some dahlias which are flame coloured, and almost orange. /they look stunning against the delphiniums.

  5. It is so nice that you have a visit with your family. It definitely is small things that we give us pleasure right now. Glorious for a 6 year-old to express his delight so well.

  6. Dear Lorrie, what a lovely blog you have. I was delighted to read this post, and in doing so I found that you and I have the same poppy. My seeds came from a dear friend who lives in France. Her ninety year young neighbor told her they had been on her property since she was a young girl.
    I had to chuckle when I read your grandson's words. Especially since I love the word "glorious."
    Lorrie, throughout these difficult days, I have become even more grateful for our garden. Even though it is small it is a little piece of paradise to us. I read a deal and have been reading much about France and Poland during the war. I pray we never see such days again in this world, but our current days are quite scary.
    Speaking of the garden, I noticed your sweet peas. Oh, how I love them and their fragrance is so sweet, not to mention their dear blooms.
    Wishing you a wonderful July. Stay well.

  7. I like your frilly poppy. I tried to grow some different kinds of poppies this year and it didn't go well. I'm going to keep trying though! Your family times make me smile!

  8. How wonderful your garden flowers are such things bring colour and joy, as do garden visiting wildlife and letters and calls from friends things that have made me smile this week:)

  9. (Just a few blogs giving me fits...aren't you glad that yours is one of them? I'm employing a copy and paste method.)

    Must confess that I spend a fair amount of time watching all the vlogs that you tube has to offer...I'll spare you. Now you've tossed in a few more. That's fine. I do love them and now that I have mostly given Instagram and Pinterest the boot, I need more, and more, and more.

    Storytime is a charming photo with your little granddaughter showing great interest in the picture I'm guessing.

    Is your reply feature working?

  10. Just beautiful photos. WOW. The family reading together is a treasure.. The sewing link I sent to my sister in Arizona. Thanks

  11. I always love scrolling through your posts and seeing the beauty in your words and through your lens. That was the cutest saying by the six year old grandson! The cupcakes did look “glorious”! I’m not a fan of orange in my house at all, but out in nature, it’s a beautiful thing. Those frilly poppies of yours are so pretty. Thanks for sharing your loveliness with us.

  12. The cupcakes are indeed glorious and so is your Daylily. I think I have that one but it hasn't begun to bloom yet. Or maybe it has and I just haven't noticed. There's so much to notice and appreciate at this time of the year.
    I hope you're having a great time with family visiting.

  13. I have the exact same double orange day lilies next to a blue hydrangea - it does make a colorful corner! Sad they really do only last one day - morning glories too. I'm deadheading daily. Not familiar with the frilly poppies - very dainty and remind me of ballet tutus!

    Children are lovely and growing like your garden flowers Lorrie.
    Bed, such a restful place these hot days - I love crawling into mine each night under the linen sheet!

    Tonight I've noticed that photos are uploading the old Blogger way even though I'm in New Blogger. So much better and faster, hope they keep it like that.

  14. Truly it is the little things that make life so beautiful! I think how grateful I am for hot water each time I take a shower! And for the glorious array of colorful blooms in my world this time of year. I am soaking my color in the color, while it lasts! My hydrangeas haven't bloomed yet, I'm hoping they will soon. I am not a fan of orange either, but in the garden, it is striking. We have wild tiger lilies that bloom in the woods, and they thrill my soul when I see them. Glad you are enjoying your lovely summer days... we have so much to be thankful for! And I am glad you are able to be with your family again!!!

  15. It is the little things that are important, now and at all times. We don't always realise that they may become the big things at some point.

  16. Dear Lorrie,
    You have given such good advice. It is so important to take stock. Realize how everything around you is pleasing and comfortable and being aware of it.

  17. Beautiful photos
    Glorious...makes me smile and laugh
    Someone looks like she wants to know where her glasses are.

  18. Lorrie, Orange and purple are complementary colors so nature is wise. Works very well together. Nice to be able to see family! Have a great week! Sylvia D.

  19. These photos and your commentary on them are special to me.

  20. Lovely phrase indeed! Love all those flowers and the frilly poppies are a delight. How nice that you are enjoying your Vancouver family.

  21. Oh yes, it's often those little things that add so much comfort and delight to our lives. Had a sweet chuckle at your little fellow's comment as he's icing his cupcakes. I'm certain he had a glorious time working on his tasty creation.

    Wishing you a beautiful weekend, Lorrie.
    Brenda xox

  22. You are so right it's the little things that bring so much joy, your list and photos are spectacular, have a nice weekend.

  23. The iced cupcakes do look glorious.

    Tea (no surprise here) is what's helping me get through the Groundhog Days of the pandemic.

  24. I have been much more mindful of all I am grateful for these lower days. It is the little things in life that often bring the greatest joys.

    I actually love the color orange! I think it all goes back to halloween pumpkins and autumn leaves, but orange makes me feel warm and cozy. I also grow many marigolds from seed as they deer and rabbits won't eat them.

  25. PS: Your frilly pink poppies are amazing!

  26. I loved you blog . Very interesting and simple . I loved the baby tooo very cute she is

  27. And those cupcakes are indeed glorious! Your flowers are wonderful. It was funny when you mentioned your bed, I had the same thought as I curled up last night. Simple pleasures. I'm enjoying my cup of coffee and the sounds of the chickadees. Take care. Kit


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