Friday, August 28, 2020

Friday Five - As Summer Wanes


Dahlias are old-fashioned flowers that bloom in such a variety of sizes and shapes. I find their symmetry and forms simply amazing. This week I took a walk around Butchart Gardens and the dahlias are in full bloom. So many bees buzzed around these flowers, too - you might see them in the centre of several photos. 

The dancing water fountain is always fun to watch.

Peach season is in full swing. They are sweet and juicy and so delicious with yogurt for breakfast. Zinnias brighten up the garden and I clip small bouquets for various corners in the house. 

I don't preserve as much food as I used to, but a few pints of peaches and some butterscotch peach jam now sit in the dark cool room downstairs, ready for winter enjoyment. The peach jam is made with brown sugar which gives it the butterscotch flavour. I think it will be delicious melted and poured over ice cream or cake, and also spread on toast. 

We've been eating outside these days, enjoying the lovely soft evening air. Soon it will be too cool to do this. Summer is so short and I'm hanging onto every bit that I can. 

Are you taking advantage of these waning summer days, or are you eager for autumn's arrival?


  1. Beautiful photos
    This time of year the joy of flowers increases our hold on to the last weeks of summer.

  2. Your peach jam sounds wonderful! We have had a lot of rain this summer, so dining outside has been few and far between.

  3. Hi Lorrie,

    I've just learned to love dahlias over the past few years, mostly from the gorgeous pictures I see online. You are certainly fortunate to be able to visit Butchart Gardens so often - what a wondrous place to see!

    I love peaches with yogurt, too. They're good with so many things. Your last picture of the table set for evening meal and the soft sunlight is so, so pretty! I'm glad you are enjoying and making the most of summer. Have a wonderful weekend!



  4. Wonderful pictures!I love sunny days!

  5. Lorrie, your preserved peaches are beautiful in their jars and the jam sounds wonderful. I used to make peach butter and it was glorious in the winter as I know your jam will be.

    The dahlias are so pretty and to me always announce fall.

    Happy last days of August!

  6. Beautiful summer images you captured. I would love a slice of fresh peach pie right now. My taste buds have a good memory of Marie Callendar's fresh peach pie! The collage of dahlias is so pretty. I'm enjoying the very cool mornings as summer wanes being able to do some weeding and watering without being hot! Hope the rest of your weekend is enjoyable!

  7. Gorgeous Dahlias and flowers. Also you just reminded me that I have fresh peaches in my frig which need to be enjoyed.

  8. Oh how pretty!!! But I am not in the least bit ready for fall. I usually Love that season. I think the fact that we cannot do many of my favorite things is doing this. No Fun Run at the barn. They are having it, but we don't think we can risk it. No Halloween at the barn week. No really cool forest ghost walk least we don't think they will do it. I may go IF they have it. You can be very far away from others on the trail.
    Paddle boarding will end. baseball. Oh dear.
    I better shake this off. It isn't even labor day. and
    we bought a little heater to let us stay out on the porch longer in the year...

  9. A beautiful post from lovely flowers to the canned fruit. So much beauty. I have not been to the Butchart Gardens in about 46 years.


  10. (Oh good! I remembered to compose elsewhere. That way, my comment is protected, unlike so many before. A few months ago, I would not give up. Lately, if one flies off, I just wave goodbye. Life's too short to fret over a silly comment.)

    It always makes me smile to see a beautiful collage. Dahlias make a wonderful many colors and designs.

    You are canning more food than I. It is a good feeling to have all those jars for the future when you need a taste of summer.

    I'm hanging onto summer as hard as I can. The weather has already cooled considerably so it feels far more like autumn truth to tell.

    Okay, time to get this out of NOTES and paste it at your place. Hope I've remembered everything.

  11. So pretty! Your peach jam sounds great. I have been buying fresh peaches for my cold cereal. So good!! Still loving summer. Cold weather will be here soon enough. Have a great weekend. Kit

  12. I'm so ready for Fall and the warm but not hot days. Loads of fresh produce ( we're going apple picking this next week). Your Butterscotch Peach Jam inspires me to make some too.

  13. Love your dahlia collage. Yes, we're holding onto summer as best we can, but it's slipping away. Yesterday had a definite nip in the air, and the temperature at night is steadily getting closer to that frost warning signal. Rick brought in our little lemon and lime trees last night, just in case. In a couple of days it will be September, then it can be autumn all it likes.

    Wishing you a beautiful weekend...
    Brenda xo

  14. Your dahlias are beautiful! The mornings are more autumnal right now. I really like September and October. There is a big question mark right now with no travel or Writers' Festival. I'm not sure what I will be doing.

  15. Butterscotch Peach Jam!!!! Oh mercy!!!!!!!!!!! That sounds so delicious.

    Love the old fashioned flowers.

    And the word picture, of the bees enjoying their Autumn bounty. ~smile~


  16. When I saw all those gorgeous dahlias I thought Butchart Gardens. I love it there, so beautiful. YOu are fortunate to have it nearby.
    Loving the peaches right now, but end up just eating them. I guess I need a whole box so I can can a few. The jam sounds amazing.
    Normally I am sad to see Fall coming along, but this year I just want the year to be over with. With the pandemic and politics it is just too much.

  17. Its a joy to see the dahlias, they are so pretty. I am hanging on to Summer for a little longer, the temperatures have dropped but the sun is still about. The jam looks so tasty and so nice to have a taste of Summer through the Winter months.

  18. You know my feelings about visiting Butchart - and if I lived closer (and wish I did!) I'd be right there with you - love that special place.
    My dahlias are nothing like these - but the few I have I'm enjoying - so pretty!
    Your peach jam sounds delicious Lorrie - love the idea of butterscotch flavor.
    Enjoy every day.
    Mary x

  19. As summer comes to an end it is good to take note of simple pleasures, the colourful dahlias, zinnias and preserves bridge the changing seasons perfectly. I may have to try making peach jam, t sounds delicious.

  20. What a beautiful mosaic! And I'm intrigued by the butterscotch peach jam.

    I've been thinking about the fall teas since July (!), but the temperatures have to cool down a little more before I crack open my pumpkin chai.

    I saw someone tweet that September is the best summer month!

  21. I'm going to have to add Dahlias to my garden! So beautiful!

    Peaches are my favorite. Nothing like a free stone peach in late summer!

  22. Lorrie - I love the taste of butterscotch. I may just have to pick up some butterscotch candy.

    Like you, I am holding on to every last shred of summer. I will enjoy autumn when it is here, but I am not ready for it yet! Beautiful photos, especially the peach in the window!


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