Tuesday, January 05, 2021

Quiet Beginnings


A bouquet of pale pink roses for you on a grey morning. I brought these roses home from the grocery store a couple of days ago. After Christmas decor is put away I always feel like the house needs something fresh and pretty. We left up the mini lights on the mantel, and the paper star garland across the mirror. On January's dark nights it's lovely to sit in the glow of soft light. 

I like to do puzzles and this one was a pleasure from start to finish. Although 1000 pieces, it took us just 3 days to complete. I just loved the colours and all those needlecraft items. 

In the kitchen/breakfast room mini lights still shine each night. 

I normally enjoy the quiet and slower pace of January after the festivities of December, but this year, sigh, it just all seems to be more of the same. Dark nights, grey days, lots of rain, and nowhere to go. 

Each year around November I wish I had a Christmas quilt. By then, however, I'm busy with sewing pajamas or other gifts and there's no time for quilts. Because of the quiet break this year, I decided it was time to make a red and white quilt. I pulled all the scraps of Christmas fabrics and started cutting, then stitching. I made a lot of progress last week and am pleased with the way it's turning out. 

School began again this week and time at the sewing machine has been severely curtailed, although I make time for a little bit of stitching. 

Outside my window it's quiet and still just now, but there is a wild storm blowing in from the Pacific later this morning. Ferries have been preemptively cancelled after the 9 am sailing. 

How is your year beginning? Have you begun any new projects? 


  1. I love the colors of your new quilt. It is going to look so pretty next Christmas. My biggest project is organizing and packing away my Christmas decor for next year. Then I will enjoy putting out my clock collection for January. You take care and enjoy those little fairy lights. They do help on dark winter nights. :) Kit

  2. There is nothing quite like the mixture of red and white fabric for a Christmas quilt. I can see yours is going to be very striking. I feel a little tingling in my hands towards some sewing, but am not yet sure what it will be.
    How pretty your corner with the fairy lights looks, a place to sit and feel comfortable and warm.
    Our schools shut this week and we are in complete lockdown, which I welcome. The new virus strain is frightening, and staying at home is by far the safest way to be.

  3. Such pretty roses and fairy lights Lorrie! I have never had enthusiasm for puzzles, but maybe some day... It is quiet here also, Christmas decorations have been put away except the lights. Tomorrow I’ll try to find yellow tulips. My first project of the year is listening to audiobooks in Spanish. To my surprise I understand very well and enjoy a lot. Perhaps some day in the future it is possible to travel again! I wish you lovely moments with your beautiful quilting project. Warm greetings, riitta

  4. You’re so ambitious with getting a head start on a Christmas quilt, Lorrie. I’ll look forward to the progress! Also, your vanilla version of Buche de Noel sounded like a refreshing change. Hopefully your Christmas next year, will be more normal. Happy New Year to you and Tim!

  5. Beautiful roses. I often treat myself to a bouquet around Valentines Day.I have no one who will get them for me so I give them to myself. Often this is more a photo prop than anything else.

  6. What gorgeous fabrics to the quilt and wonderful roses. Happy 2021!

  7. Your roses look beautiful and such a lovely colour.
    An amazing puzzle, they are always enjoyable to do.

    Here in England, UK we are once again in lockdown with schools, universities shut.
    The grandchildren have online lessons again. I know we miss seeing them, them but they miss seeing their friends and the class inter-action too. I'm hoping that lockdown will not be for too long - we shall see.

    My good wishes.

    All the best Jan

  8. Your lovely quilt looks cheerful as the roses. The puzzle is so pretty!

  9. My year is starting off well. I don't make resolutions, only plans. And, I have a bunch of plans in place. I love the idea of those beautiful roses to brighten your room. I brought my summer geranium in and it's still blooming like crazy. My best to you...

  10. I so lack motivation for much.
    I am writing a book about our virtual schooling with the grandies. It helps me to see all the positivies.

  11. What a unique puzzle! That quilt is going to be so pretty. Love those colors and patterns. Back to school already? I love mini lights and they live in my house here and there all year long. Of course in summer when it stays light till 9 they aren't as necessary. Our project for today was getting the fake tree out to the garage. We decided to keep it in tact and cover it with a plastic moving mattress cover and store it whole. Crazy? maybe? Love the pink roses you treated yourself to!

  12. This time of year, with the shortened days and muted light are tough for me. The weather has been miserable too.

    Hope the storm isn’t too bad and the rest of the school year goes without any problems.

  13. I bought a potted white azalea plant today when I got my groceries. My decor is still up, but I’m anticipating when it comes down I will need something fresh. And soon it will be tulips and we will make it through the gloom. ❤️ All the best back at school!

  14. You and Brenda inspired me to get twinkly lights last year!

    A few years ago, I was gifted two 1000-piece tea-themed puzzles. This may finally be the year that I attempt to complete them!

  15. Your roses are so beautiful. And the quilt will be delightfully Christmassy.

  16. Laundry is my project. I have been waiting on a part for my washing machine to make its way across the country from CA. It only took five weeks. What a nightmare!

    I like puzzles like that because there are distinct and separate sections.

    Your lights are very cheery. I will probably regret packing mine away. Tree comes down later in the week when darling daughter is here to help me.

    It has been gray and dreary here for a couple of days. Guess there'll be more dreary days coming since a storm is blowing in your way. They do eventually seem to wend their way here.

  17. Lorrie - I have to admit that we still have our Christmas decorations up - I think I might be able to convince the hubby to leave them until the end of the month!!! But it only postpones the "dullness" of winter - we have many cloudy days in the winter ...

    I have not started any new projects, but I did just order some new cross-stitch with a spring theme. That will bring some color to my days! Happy New Year to you!

  18. You have managed to handle January, but then it's less than a week old. I was thinking this morning how quickly January goes by. For us it begins with 3 birthdays on the 3rd, 4th, and 7th. Already I have every Saturday of the month booked. I'm finishing up the trim on one dollhouse and I'll start a new build. My DAR friends hope to gather to make Valentine cards for the residents in the Veteran's nursing home in Cheyenne, WY and soon it will be February. I still have my Christmas village to put away too, and as as Vee says laundry, only my washing machine is in one piece. No excuse here to wait. And we are waiting for the city to from Red to Orange--whatever that means. The girls are back in school but still on a hybrid schedule, Tuesdays and Thursdays an alternate Fridays on campus. The youngest grandson will have to stay home. I'm not sure what his school district to doing, but his parents have decided that he will continue home learning. The oldest grandson is still hybrid, too, I think. Look at the time. I've kept you long enough, Lorri. I love the quilt that you are making. It will be festive and beautiful.

  19. Lorrie, good morning! That puzzle grabbed me ... the colors, images, the whole thing! It seems like most puzzles I've done in recent years have had something to do with reading, book shops, and vintage kitchens. Interesting how we gravitate toward the ones that speak peace and joy to us!

  20. What a fun puzzle! Your Christmas quilt is going to be lovely. I am still working on setting up our home here in Florida. That is my project!

  21. Dear Lorrie,
    Your quilt is going to be beautiful. I love the patterns in the fabric.
    I'm busy painting ceramics. I don't know why but I have received 6 new orders from my Etsy shop. Etsy must have run a special promotion.

  22. I love your double tablecloth! I must copy that!
    I have begun a sock with a ruffle! I have lots of ends to weave into my last shawl....
    Very quiet here

  23. Hi Lorrie!

    I'm sorry I'm so slow to visit this week, but I had to take some days off from blogging. I love your pretty roses, your hanging stars, and the cheerful mini lights. I'll definitely be using some of our battery candles throughout the winter; it makes the longer nights feel so much cozier. We have had SO many days of rain and more rain -- it's enough to try the patience of a saint. Hal and I find that after awhile it makes us feel droopy and bored. I think starting your Christmas quilt is a lovely idea, and you'll have something so nice to enjoy this time next year. :) I haven't started any real projects, but as soon as I get my Christmas decs put away, I plan to return to my calligraphy work. I really enjoy that.

    Thank you for your visits this past year; I really appreciate your reading and commenting. I hope you have a good week, Lorrie!



  24. The roses are lovely as are your mini lights (I might try that). That's a pretty cool puzzle.

  25. Looks like that quilt will be lovely. Please keep us up to date on your progress - I'm anxious to see it. I've had a Christmas quilt in the works for years!

  26. I was SURE I had left a comment here earlier. I must have gotten distracted and clicked off without posting it. Love your quilt you have started. That is going to be beautiful!!!!
    Happy 2021!!! xo Diana

  27. Anonymous4:06 PM

    That puzzle is lovely. I purchased a lot of puzzles as gifts this Christmas,but I never have seen any one like that. The quilt is beautiful and so appropriate for Christmas. I can even see the quilt displayed for Valentine's Day. Wishing you and yours a Blessed,Healthy and Happy New Year.

  28. What lovely things for a fellow sewist to enjoy today. Your Christmas quilt will be beautiful and what a good idea to start now during the dark days. I have many many quilts over the years and enjoy both putting one out for the season, and also giving them to my children for their own homes. That is the prettiest puzzle I have seen in ages - the theme and colours are just delicious. Happy New Year to you, and enjoy the roses.

  29. I've never made a quilt but just found an awesome red and white one on sale at a Tuesday Morning discount store (they're all over the US don't know if you have them), it was marked down from $80.00 to $12.00 - who could resist? It's actually Queen size so can be used on the bed over the 2021 Holidays so packed away for next year, God willing!!!!!

    Love roses in winter. Puzzles are not our thing however received one for Christmas - a photo of us taken in garden on Bob's 80th last July made into a jigsaw! Just need a cleared table to set it up - might be fun. Would have preferred yours though!

    You hit the nail on the head Lorrie re: dreary days, rain and nowhere interesting to go. Decorations down and packed away - except gazebo tree which can stay up for awhile just with white lights - makes looking out into the back garden so much prettier in the dark nights.

    Hope this will be better year in the coming months - happy, healthy times are wished you, Tim and the family.

  30. Oh that red and white quilt is going to be beautiful. I adore the fabric. And yes, I hear you about the dark, long nights. I'm in the northeast and it's dreadful here right now. I still have the tree up in the living room. I put the others away, but I need a little sparkle somewhere...at least for a bit longer.

  31. Our year began with our very special guests still visiting . . . which was a lovely way to begin! Since they left, I have been taking down Christmas and also cleaning and getting my house put back together. Still tweaking our winter look, but it will definitely will include some lights here and there. I love your lights and your star garland! Your home looks so cozy and welcoming. Have fun with your quilt!

  32. Lorrie, I love your puzzle. I admire anyone who has the patience to complete such a project.

    Your roses are lovely and I know your quilt will be beautiful. I have a red and white quilt that my grandmother made. Quilts become such treasures.


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