Friday, May 07, 2021

Friday: A Changeable Day in May


This morning I walked to the library to exchange books. A few blocks along I realized I'd forgotten to tuck a mask into my pocket, so I returned home. While there I also changed my jacket for the wind was sharp and chill. On the way home I took a slight detour along the Bog - a wonderful park area in the midst of suburbia. Those dramatic skies held their water until I got home and then let loose with hail and lashing rain. 

The song of Redwing Blackbirds filled the air. Bright flashes of red show when the birds fly, and they always seem to elude my camera. This one was on the path just in front of me and stayed long enough for me to get this shot. 

After the rain and hail the sun came out, diffusing warm light in the garden. Wild violets are somewhat invasive, but they have restricted themselves to just one area of the garden so far, so I let them be. 

This weekend I'm looking forward to spending some time with this magazine. After my long walk this morning (about 4 miles in all), I sewed during the afternoon, working on projects that need to be finished before I begin others. I have a couple of lap quilts to get to the long-arm quilter, a baby quilt to bind by hand, and a small doll quilt to quilt and bind by hand. I enjoy the hand stitching and don't find it at all tiresome. 

We've been enjoying the fresh salads from the garden with spinach, radishes, and herbs. A squeeze of lemon juice, a drizzle of olive oil, and some salt and pepper are all that is needed to dress this produce. 

This weekend is Mother's Day - Covid-style once again. Contact with family will be minimal at best. Tim and I are planning a walk around Butchart Gardens on Sunday. I am so thankful for my own mother, and for all she is to me and the rest of her family. From her I learned to keep house, cook, sew, and love. She's a perfectionist and what she does is very well done. There have been many challenges in her life, especially early on, but she has demonstrated grace and faith throughout. 

Happy Mother's Day to those who will celebrate this weekend. 


  1. I'm glad you got back home before the rain and hail began. The clouds in that first picture sure are hanging low! You got a good shot of the Blackbird. I've rarely seen them on the ground.
    Enjoy your magazine and have a Happy Mother's Day.

  2. Good thing you got back before the sky let loose. I so often leave home without a mask. When I'm walking outdoors, I wear it on my wrist just in case but actually never put it on since I don't ever see anyone and if I do it's from a distance. You would think, though, after all this time, it would be second nature to grab a mask. I guess, seeing as it's not normal to wear one at all times, that it's not really sinking in even after more than a year. Your garden haul is looking so lovely and fresh. Lemon juice and olive oil is usually all we use for a dressing, along with different herbs and spices, of course, depending on what kind of meal the salad is going with. That blackbird is stunning. Enjoy your magazine and your walks.

  3. Dear Lorrie - Your current May weather sounds very similar to ours. We are taking a holiday break soon and I am crossing my fingers that it improves.
    Happy Mother's Day for Sunday and enjoy your walk around Butchart Gardens.

  4. Happy Mother's Day Lorrie. What a lovely Mother's Day, going to Butchart Gardens. I have heard of them many times, but have never been - one day, perhaps! That is a pretty blackbird, and a well shot photo. Enjoy that lovely magazine and have a great Mother'sDay.

  5. What an interesting mgazine you have, not one that I have come across. I love gazing at French homes!
    Have a lovely Mother's Day.

  6. We are hoping to get out again tomorrow. We have to get out before the weather is too hot here. And I really should work on a doll quilt and see if I can figure out how to bind a quilt! lol I would enjoy the hand quilting part of it. Happy weekend!

  7. Good morning, Lorrie. You are already reaping such a lovely harvest from your garden. Your radishes are gorgeous. I, too love the "My French Country Home" magazine. To, me it is a grand treasure. Love seeing the red-winged blackbird. They are so pretty and I enjoy seeing them in flight. Enjoy your weekend and a Happy Mothers Day to you, Lorrie.

  8. Your garden yield looks wonderful! Have fun quilting!

  9. Such good looking radishes. Those red winged blackbirds are flitting about here, too. Happy Mother's Day to you!

  10. Even though radishes are not my first choice, these do look very tasty. Happy Mother’s Day to you.

  11. Can't think of anywhere better than Butchart Gardens to celebrate Mother's Day - especially as they were created in a quarry by a woman who knew how lovely a garden can be with some strong workers to assist! I'll be thinking of you - just sorry you can't be with your sweet mother to enjoy the beauty of flowers and trees together. I wish her well and you a lovely day dear Lorrie.
    Your veggies look wonderful, nothing like freshly picked right from the potager outside the kitchen door!
    Mary x

  12. You have such an amazing day, i wish i could enjoy my weekend too . Anw i love all ur photos here

  13. Lorrie, I have missed you. For some reason I just realized that three of my favorite blogs were off my sidebar which is where I usually visit people. I have no idea why that happened.
    But it is all fixed now and I can pop in and see your beautiful area, read your wonderful books and just say hello. Stay safe.

  14. Enjoyed your lovely post as always, Lorrie. That sky was quite stunning, glad you got home before those lashings of rain and hail fell. To see that you have veggies from your own garden already, oh my, we're still along way off for that. They must taste absolutely heavenly. We had RAIN this weekend and we are delighting in the much needed moisture. From my window perch here in my study, the garden suddenly looks alive - the green is popping out all over now. (Big smile) Your magazine looks a real treat for an afternoon browse with tea. I just love the cover.

    Wishing you a beautiful weekend...
    Brenda xo

  15. I love Butchart Gardens. What a great idea.
    Happy Mother's Day!

  16. Happy Mother's Day, Lorrie!

    Your forgotten masks reminds me of my dreams where I'd be at a busy store and realized that I didn't have my mask on!

  17. We also had a nice walk by the sea yesterday. With our masks but it was a long time since I saw the sea!
    We also had rain and thunderstorm at the end of the day. It was suddenly too hot!
    I love magazines and I have bought my monthly magazines on Saturday
    I think I’ll do some sewing this week too.
    I wish you a nice week.
    ( here the blackbirds are all black)

  18. I celebrated the Mother’s Day in covid style, too. Got some flowers and telephone calls. Today it is a rainy day here, but from tomorrow on we’ll get summer temperatures. I & hubby are going to do some painting jobs outside and work in the garden. Wishing you a lovely week Lorrie.

  19. It will be nice when masks are not a necessary item of clothing! Your four-mile walk and then still energy left to accomplish things in the afternoon makes me realize how much older I am! A walk around Butchart Gardens sounds a wonderful way to celebrate any day. Some of the "grownups" in our families here are still waiting for their vaccine, so we had a covid-style celebration sunday also.

  20. Oh your 4 mile walk ! Wonderful . I may have walked miles this week iN San cristobal Mexico, but I loved it all . Being with my son again was amazing. Came home to columbine starting to bloom and orioles are back for spring. I think we have a real bird family in the house this year. We have been vaccinated so we could finally go see our son and his friends!! Strict COVID precautions are enforced in Mexico. Chiapas is doing very well with COVID. They have been green light.

  21. Thank you for this post regarding the month of May. Here in England it is the first busiest month of the year. It is the month for weddings, first communions, confirmations, graduations ceremonies, proms, and all school festivals and church festivals too. It is such a busy month. And plus your green salads was very green, healthy and a beautiful picture too. Very interesting post.


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