Friday, May 28, 2021

Friday Favourites: This and That


On a recent walk a line-up of turtles sunned themselves on a log. Curiosity led me to look up the collective noun for turtles. So here we have a bale of turtles, or a turn, dole, or nest of turtles. I think I'll stick with bale. What a interesting turn of phrase. Regardless, did you notice the one turtle who is doing his own thing and not falling in line with the crowd? 

One of our children had a large birch tree trimmed and I asked for some of the branches. I'm using them as trellis supports for my sweet peas, which are very slow. This was taken a week or more ago, and they are beginning to clamber up the poles. I like the look of white birch with its papery bark and light colour. 

"Sometimes I treat my day like a miniature treasure hunt, to look a little closer at this diminutive world." (April Cornell)

While hiking last weekend, Tim pointed out this lanky fellow hiding behind a tree branch. It's uncanny, isn't it? We had to stand at just the right angle to see the illusion. 

I thought this an apt book to read on a boat and enjoyed it very much. It's set on the canals in England and addresses interdependence, transformation of a life, and other weighty issues in a thoroughly engaging story. I loved it. 

On our boating outing last weekend I found a number of natural frames within photos. After the first accidental few, I began looking for them and taking "framed" images deliberately. It was a fun exercise. 

This weekend is my parents' 67th wedding anniversary. We had so hoped to go and visit them, but travel restrictions were not lifted as I'd hoped. Soon, though. And it's good to be able to speak with them on the phone frequently. 

One restriction that has been lifted is indoor gatherings. We have seen our children frequently, but outdoors. Now we can gather with one other household indoors and I'm looking forward to that! I'm going to set the dining room table for the first time in 15 months. Hooray! 


  1. Lovely scenes. It is amazing what one can find when 'looking' for photographs. I love the framed views.

  2. First of all, I wish you a lot of fun with your family visit ... we are all excited here with us, there should be easing from June 3rd ... we keep our fingers crossed. Thanks for the book tip I found it on Amazon and thanks for your beautiful photos, I was very happy :-) Best greetings to you.

  3. I loved all your photos; my favorite was the "miniature treasure" one! Your blog is always so very interesting! Thanks for sharing.

  4. Happy 67th Anniversary to Your Parents!

    The guy hiding near the tree...amazing photo! Took a few seconds to figure it out.

  5. I am happy for you that you are able to gather with family! And I hope with you that you are soon able to visit your parents. Happiest of anniversaries to them!

    Your "lanky fellow" was a great find! I also love the photo of the bale of turtles, and the one who is doing his own thing makes me smile. :)

  6. I must admit at first I really thought there was a man behind that tree.
    I'm going to request that Anne Youngson book from the library. I think I'd enjoy it.

  7. I loved the idea of looking for a framed photo, I am going to give it a try and see what I can find. Loved the turtles, such a wonderful photo. Glad some of your restrictions are been lifted, it really does make a difference. Thank you for your concern Lorrie it was so thoughtful and touched my heart, all is well with both Gerard and I thank you.

  8. Your photos are lovely as always especially the bale of turtles. What a good idea to use birch branches as supports. My sweet peas are very slow too. Enjoy laying your table and seeing the family indoors. Have a lovely weekend. B x

  9. Silver birch branches look lovely and are useful as well. The turtles look as though they are enjoying the sun, that isnt a view we would find here.Isn't it strange what shapes there are in trees, driftwood and branches. I thought at first it was someone behind the tree¬

  10. Your photos are great! Love the one with the sun setting. Enjoy your weekend.

  11. Such a lovely post.Always.enjoy your photography skill and captions.
    So glad you are able to have yourfamilies in for dinner,even if it is one by one.Happiest Anniversary to your parents. Ontario is slowly opening for which I am grateful. I gathered with my 4 daughters outside distanced masked and following all theprotocols for the first time in 15 months. My heart was overflowing.

  12. Have a fantastic time reuniting and celebrating wonderful years of marriage!

  13. Hi Lorrie,

    Happy Anniversary to your parents!! That's wonderful that they have been together for so many years. I'm sorry you won't be able to visit them, but so glad to hear that your children will be able to eat inside at your house. :)

    Well, I love the picture of the turtles sunning on the log. :D I've seen them do that here and have always thought it was so cute. They're interesting creatures. I love birch bark, too. We have a different variety of birch trees here in the south -- river birch trees. They have that same beautiful bark though, but they don't grow nearly as big and tall as the ones up north.

    It looks like you are thoroughly enjoying and making the most of your retirement, Lorrie, and I think that's wonderful. Hope you have a lovely weekend!



  14. Hope you can see your parents soon. Sixty-seven years is such a milestone! Happy day to them!

    Love the bale of turtles. Every group has a rebel.

  15. Enjoy your family gathering around your dining table.
    That really is an illusion under that tree.
    Oh that turtle!
    What a great idea with the birch branches.

  16. That illusion with the tree is fun! I’m glad you will be able to gather indoors!

    Happy Anniversary to your parents! Mine are coming up on 62 years in July!

  17. Lovely photos and here's to a far lovelier future:)

  18. Your photos are so beautiful. Lifted restrictions are such a miracle. although I think they lifted rather quickly here. I am still masking up when out, I feel safer that way. Enjoy our family!

  19. Good morning, Lorrie. Such lovely photos. I do love the photo of the turtles and especially showing the one who isn't following along. I also want to tell you how much I have enjoyed your last two posts and so agree with you about traveling to France. Hopefully, one day we will get there.
    Back to this post. Lorrie, you do live in such an incredibly beautiful part of the world. It looks as though there is something of interest at every turn.
    Enjoy your family and setting your dining room table. It really is all about the little things and COVID has reminded us that they are the huge things.

  20. The sunbathing turtles made me smile.

    I also spotted the lanky fellow by the tree. Glad to hear that the restrictions are easing up in your area. Hooray for indoor gatherings!

  21. Beautiful naturally framed photos, Lorrie! That bale of turtles look like they could have hung around Fihstrap Creek here! A new word to use. =)

  22. Happy Anniversary to your parents.
    I do like all the photographs you've shared.

    All the best Jan

  23. Loved the turtles and the hidden man tree shot.


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