Sewing Treasure


My husband's grandmother did amazing needlework. She was born in 1900 and died about 1988. I don't have much of her handiwork, but I treasure this sweet celluloid doll. It's a sewing box, small enough to hold just a few precious items.


The skirt divides to reveal 3 tatting shuttles, two celluloid and one metal.


A bit of tatting started by Grandma. Do any of you tat? It's something I would like to attempt one day.

I wrote this post on Friday and tried posting it, to no avail. So my brilliant words were lost and these are the replacement.
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  1. I love celluloid pieces. Your sewing box is something to behold, and very special. I have one that encases lipstick in the form of a mermaid. Goes very well in my china cabinet with my other goodies from the sea. xxoo


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