Thursday, April 23, 2015

Five on Friday

1. I'm so glad tomorrow is Friday (I'm posting this Thursday night). It's been a long week. Report cards are done, classes went reasonably well although students are beginning to get squirrelly. 

2. A few photos from last weekend's boating trip. Youngest daughter with her niece (Miss S) and yours truly above, setting out on a beautiful morning. 

3. I still have so much to learn about the camera I bought last September (I can hardly call it my new camera anymore). But I was pleased with the diffusion behind the delicate branches in the above photo.

3.5 (I'm cheating a little.) The view through the trees on Portland Island. The beauty is almost overwhelming. Some days it feels as though my heart will swell out of my chest with emotion.  Thanks be to God for such a marvelous world.

4. The small views are no less amazing. Clusters of mussels, tiny curled snails, and barnacles of sundry sorts live in the intertidal zone.

4.5 Aren't these interesting? They look like little nosegays. I looked in a couple of field guides but couldn't find out what the plant is called. Does any reader know? 

edited to add: Thanks to Materfamilias for identifying the plant as Miner's Lettuce (Claytonia Perfoliata), an edible native plant. Interestingly, it was taken from North America to Europe where it became a "widespread edible weed" according to an article I read on line. Had I known what it was I would have gathered some for our dinner!

5. Just before sitting down to dinner on Saturday night. I had prepared a large quantity of Mexican shredded beef earlier in the week and frozen it. I put it into the slow cooker before heading out on the boat. When we got home we prepared the other ingredients and a salad and dinner was ready. The whole gang came over for that. Isn't the table runner pretty? It was a gift from our visiting friends who have recently moved back to the USA from Ecuador.

What's on your schedule this weekend? Our calendar is empty for the first time in a long while. I need to do some cleaning and laundry, but I also hope to do some sewing and gardening. We'll see. Maybe I'll just curl up with a book.


  1. Oh the weather looked great for boating. That dinner table is so inviting! Great job of planning ahead. I love these kinds of get togethers...
    Woohoo. I'm staying put most of the weekend. Church, a training after church and possibly a soccer game all on Sunday are the only things on the agenda.

  2. ahhh, I love everything about this post. You and daughter are so pretty...and I am totally lovin' Miss S.
    Your photos leave me so good. It seems to me you HAVE learned your camera...and very well.
    Your table with that colorful runner and all that good food is just delightful.
    and thank you for your wishes of me feeling better.

  3. Prettiness (or yumminess) in every photo, just what I needed this morning! And I too am learning about depth of field - it isn't always easy for me but how fun to get it right.
    Have a good weekend,

  4. How pretty your table looks, Lorrie.
    I'm preparing for a visit from my daughter, coming from Vancouver for a week. I'm so looking forward to seeing her.

  5. You have been quite busy. I will tell you that I do not miss at all preparing end of semester grades. It was always such a stressful time and everyone was so tired. Since several of my roses winter killed, we will make the 45 minute drive to a garden center for it's annual rose sale. It is quite an event, so we must leave early to arrive early. Your table looks pretty and festive, the food delicious,

  6. What beautiful pics. They really made my day. I'm afraid I have no idea what that pretty plant is, but I'd love to find out. It would look great in my garden. Blessings

  7. Such beautiful scenery, I know you really love how the boat can take you to spectacular places - and that's a really snazzy looking life jacket Lorrie. Auntie and Miss S look cozy - you are such pretty gals.

    That plant with the flowers peeking out of the leaves is gorgeous and I too have no idea what it is, but would like some! Your pix are really great - and I don't think many of us ever really get to know the full potential of these new techie cameras. I just try to get good pics on a wing and a prayer!
    Bet everyone loved your colorful table. . . . . . .and the food too!

    Enjoy your weekend, know you've earned some time to relax. We're off tomorrow night, crossing the pond, and will be sailing the River Danube soon - hope to get some good pix - weather may be a bit rainy but keeping fingers crossed. Hope WIFI is good but may not have much time for comments - anyway, will at least try to keep up with you and all blog friends by at least reading your fun posts!

    Happy weekend Lorrie -
    Hugs - Mary X

  8. The photo of the branch is my favourite, but they are all lovely!
    I learned a new expression today, "get squirrelly", I must remember that. :)
    Enjoy a well-deserved relaxing weekend!

  9. I loved what you said about the beauty you saw and how it makes you feel as if you could burst. I feel that too, at times!

    Your trip out was so nice, and your dinner together looks wonderful! We did a similar meal but with chicken yesterday! Delicious!


  10. Your table looks beautiful and delicious!

    There is always more to learn with photography, isn't there? But you do take such gorgeous photos! I, too, love the effect of the branch in front with the greenish softness in the background.

    I also love your first photo with your loves. Miss S is adorable.

  11. I'm pretty sure that plant is Miner's Lettuce, an edible native plant -- I looked up the hort. name and it's Claytonia Perfoliata. . .
    wonderful photos!

  12. A lovely day - and the table runner is certainly wonderful. Enjoy your weekend.

  13. Your dining table looks wonderful and I am betting that dinner was delicious!
    Miners lettuce is that plant indeed, and it is very tasty. Our friends in Gordon Head have it growing wild in their garden and harvest it for salads.

  14. I had to laugh at "students are getting squirrely". I am preparing for finals week and am squirrely indeed! :)

  15. Yes, "thanks be to God" ! and I''m happy you share it here. Have a great weekend!

  16. A lovely collection. I always admire the gentle way of life with you.
    Our weekend is free; I am looking forward to some comfortable me time, in and out of the house.

  17. Whatever you do, I hope that it is relaxing and restorative. Squirrely students make for challenging days. Beautiful photos!

  18. I think all these photos are wonderful. I must have missed your we camera post last year but it's evident you chose one that is capable of taking some beautiful pictures. The mussels and barnacles shot is beautiful. You look so relaxed and happy on the boat. Glad to hear report cards are finished. That was always such a great relief.

  19. I love putting the crock pot to use and coming back from a day of fun to a tantalizing aroma. The view that you shared and all the beauty in nature has made me thankful to our creator every day, no matter the season. It's nice to know others feel he same way.
    A nice family photo in the boat Lorrie, soon we'll hear the boats on our lake.

  20. Your table looks beautiful...that would be one of my favorite meals. And you look beautiful with these pretty ladies on the boat. Happy weekend my friend. Sweet hugs, Diane

  21. I love all your photos and #3's effect is one I wish my husband and I could learn. Sometimes it happens by accident but we can't remember how. That's very pretty table and I love seeing food on the table in pictures!

    I had a special treat today. Lunch downtown with my 3 sisters, the first time all of us been together at once in 3 years! Our husbands were there too. We put them at one end of the table and talked up a storm at the other end.

  22. These are so wonderful, so beautiful~

  23. Curling up with a book sounds delightful! :) Your photos are simply lovely, Lorrie. I love how unique and different each one is.

    Have a beautiful evening! Hugs!

  24. Beautiful table runner Lorrie--looks awesome! Mmm. Mexican shredded beef sounds very, very good right now! As usual, lovely photos of your world. God is indeed an amazing Artist-Creator. I can totally identify with your thoughts + feelings on the world He created:)
    PS: Sadly nothing on my weekend calendar, but maybe next week. Maybe.

  25. Oh, you do live in such a beautiful place! I'm glad you "cheated" and showed us picture 3.5. Breathtaking! And so nice to see that great picture of you Lorrie! Hope you're having a wonderful, relaxing weekend.

  26. Great 5. The boat ride sounded fun and what a gorgeous lake. I'd not heard of Miner's Lettuce before but I do think it's a very cute and interesting looking plant. Your table & the food looks awesome.

  27. Well, these are all great photos, Lorrie! I love your pretty table runner; the colors are so vivid and pretty. I would never have identified the plant you found; I've never heard of Miner's Lettuce, so I'm glad I learned something new. :) Love the photo of the marine life you captured, and the view of the mountains is spectacular. It looks like you're doing a good job with your new camera. My husband says I need to start using his DSLR camera, but I'm just so comfortable with my point and shoot. Love the picture of you and your girls! Your daughter is so pretty, Lorrie, and Miss S is just precious!

    Thanks so much for your visit today; I hope you have a wonderful weekend!


    Denise at Forest Manor

  28. Lorrie, what wonderful photographs, from Portland Island to your fabulous dinner table! You've got an eye for some great shots! I'm happy to meet you! Have a sweet Sunday~


  29. You took some beautiful photo's Lorrie! A lovely photo of you, your daughter and your little niece. Looks like a beautiful outing.

    Happy week!

    Madelief x

  30. Lorrie,
    I am so taken with these photos and the expression you used-"your heart will swell out of your chest with emotion." oh yes, those beautiful, wonderful feelings of thankfulness. Beautiful you and family.

  31. Beautiful photos. I too feel the same way about God's marvelous creation. What a generous and loving father he is! One can't help standing in awe of him.

  32. That is quite a festive table! :)

  33. That is quite a festive table! :)

  34. Such a peaceful post. So lovely to see you. You live in a beautiful part of our world. The mexican feast looks delicious and healthy.


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