Monday, July 09, 2007



It seems like summer has been a very long time in coming this year. But at last, the hydrangeas are blooming, along with roses, daisies and a few cosmos. I love the colour blue and since hydrangeas are blue, they might be my favourite flower. Except for one thing - they have no scent. But a bouquet of fragrant white roses and blue hydrangea - ah, the perfect combination.

This is a busy week. Our youngest daughter, Ashley, is flying away on Saturday - to Africa. She's going for 3 1/2 weeks on a missions trip with our church. She's the last one at home and at 20, still comes and sits on my lap once in awhile. I'm going to miss her terribly but will look forward to her return and to hearing all about her trip.

So what's keeping me busy? I finished up a messenger bag for her to take as a carry on piece. Then we thought that she might like a little bag, just big enough to hold a few essentials, for when she goes to "town." So I've got that well underway, sewing machine needle broke. Serves me right for trying to sew over a metal zipper! I ended up having to take the bobbin thingamajingy out to retrieve the broken needle and now I can't get it back together. Frustrated with the whole affair, I gave up and will wait until my wonderful, handy, fix-anything husband gets home from work.

I could be cutting out a skirt Ashley decided would be nice to wear on the plane. But the fabric's in the dryer. Oh, is that the dryer warning I hear?
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  1. Beautiful Hydrangeas. I have a beautiful and unusual Hydrangea that is white and the flower is like a cone. Thatis one of the shrubs that was wrecked yesterday. I am disappointed because I could not get it to flower at all las tyear so move dit to a place it obviously likes better.

  2. oHHH, I love the blue hydrangea's. I miss them lots....when we lived in Langley, BC, we had tons of them growing outside of our condominium. I would dry them!! Good luck to your daughter.


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