Monday, November 19, 2007

The Brocante Home Puttery Treats Challenge


Alison, over at Brocante Home> issued a lovely challenge. I didn't think I'd get it done with all the craziness that's been happening here, but I did.

Here is the quotation from her Puttery Treats - and there are lots more to inspire you to savour the beauty of everyday.

"This is candle season. When it isn't cold enough for the fire, use a mantlepiece glittering with candles to trick the mind, simmer cinnamon on the stove, drink red wine and really good cheese. Gather all you've got: every candle, and holder and take a look at your stock. Throw out what’s past it's best and then go candle shopping- buy them in all shapes and sizes from tea lights to big fat pillar candles, but remember you don't have to buy expensive scented candles: scent can be layered in so many other ways (Tuck oil soaked cotton wool puffs behind hot radiators for a start). Ikea’s range of standard candles are extremely reliable and cheap enough to buy in abundance."

And here are my thoughts:

Today, after I tidied my classroom and planned tomorrow’s lesson, I got in my car to drive home. Darkness was creeping across the city and I had to turn on my headlights. The swish of tires on wet pavement and the monotonous flip flop of windshield wipers made me long for sunshine.
Lighting a candle on such a night pushes the darkness away. This evening I will read for awhile in the living room, cuddled into a soft blue throw while a white pillar candle casts its warming glow. With a cup of hot chocolate beside me, I am content.

A friend once suggested that having a lighted candle on the breakfast table gives the illusion of warmth on a wintery morning. There’s something special about the softness of the light. The flickering flame mesmerizes the family into lingering long at the table, enjoying each other’s company.

Candles in the bathroom are an easy luxury. I place a few votives on the countertop and light them while preparing for bed. I wrap myself in my robe and slowly clean my face by the soft glow of candlelight.
The dancing flames of tea lights set along the kitchen windowsill are reflected in the dark window behind. I simmer some dried orange peel, a cinnamon stick and a few cloves and whole allspice to fill the air with natural scents.
Tall tapers on the mantel combine with a few silver pieces and some crystal. Set against the navy blue wall, with delicate lace doilies underneath, the candles add easy elegance to my living room. I love to arrange vignettes throughout my house on which to focus my eyes. The small, carefully arranged displays most often include candles.
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  1. I love candles too. They are all over my house. I have never used any at breakfast though. The downside for me is that they make me cough so I cannot use as many as I would like to.


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